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Топики для 5 класса

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My family

My family is (not) big. There are 2(3, 4) of us in the family: mother, father, sister … . We are a close family. We get on well with each other. My mum is … years old. She is a … . She likes to cook and to read books. My dad is … years old. He is a … . He likes to watch football and read. I love my family.

My hobby

There are a lot of different hobbies: cooking, reading, dancing, listening to music and others. The most popular hobbies are collecting and reading. People do hobbies when they have free time. I have a hobby, too. I like reading (listening to music, playing football). It is very exciting! I spend much time on it. I would like to travel, too but I can’t do it now. When I grow up, I will travel abroad. Hobbies help us to choose a profession.

About myself

My name is … . I am … years old. I live in Moscow. I go to school. I’m in the fifth form. I am sociable and talkative. I speak a foreign language. It’s English. I like (to play computer games). I have a lot of friends. But I have only one close friend. I can (draw) well.


I live in Moscow. Moscow is the capital of Russia. It is a big and old city. It stands on the Moscow-river. There are a lot of places of interest in Moscow. There are many monuments. They are: the Kremlin, Red Square, Arbat Street and others. There are a lot of theatres and art galleries. Many tourists come to Moscow every year. I love Moscow.

My studies. My favourite subjects.

I like studying. I am in the fifth form. We have a lot of new subjects this year: Science, History, IT, Literature. We have much homework to do. We have many new teachers. My favourite subjects are … . They are interesting and exciting. At … lessons we … . At … lessons we … .
It’s fun!

School in Britain

The school year in Britain starts in September. At the age of 11-12 children go to the secondary school. Most pupils wear school uniform. The favourite colours for school uniform are blue, grey, black and green. The lesson lasts 40-45 minutes. British children have a lot of subjects: Science, PE, IT, Maths, English, Drama. They study foreign languages, too. French is usually the first foreign languages. They also learn a second foreign language: German, Spanish, Russian. British children have Christmas holidays, Easter holidays and Summer holidays.


London is the capital of Great Britain. London is a very old city. And it is one of the biggest cities in the world. London stands on the river Thames. London is famous for its places of interest. There are a lot of monuments, too. They are the Tower of London, the Houses of Parliament, Big Ben and others. A lot of tourists come to London to see its places of interest and monuments. London is a green city – there are a lot of parks.

Winter. Winter holidays.

I like winter. It is cold and frosty in winter. It is slippery. It is snowy. We can skate and ski in winter. We can play snowballs, make a snowman and toboggan. It is very funny. We have holidays in winter. I usually go for a walk with my friends. We enjoy being and playing together.

My friend

I have many friends but my best friend is … . She is … years old. She goes to the same school with me. We spend much time together. We have common interests. We like to … . … is independent and sociable. She can … . She lives with her … and … . I am happy to have such a friend.

My future job

There are many different jobs: a nurse, a librarian, a lawyer, a driver and others. It is very important to choose a right profession. Hobbies can help you to make a choice. I like … . That’s why I am going to be … . … should be … . It is a very important and interesting job. It is difficult, too. I must learn a lot to become a … . I will do my best to realize my dream.

Краткое описание документа:

Данные топики (темы) разработаны к переводному экзамену, который проводится в нашей школе в 5 классе. Данные топики разработаны на основе проходимых в 5 классе тем (Моя семья, Обо мне, Москва, Лондон, Как я учусь, Школы в Великобритании, Кем быть, Хобби, Зима. Зимние каникулы, Мой друг), и содержат необходимый лексический минимум. Темы являются приблизительными и дают учащимся представление, о чем они могут рассказать в рамках данных тем. Темы содержат пропуски, которые нужно заполнить в соответствии с индивидуальными особенностями учащихся. 5 класс в нашей школе занимается по УМК Enjoy English М.З. Биболетовой.

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