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Тренировочные тесты по английскому языку для подготовки обучающихся к ОГЭ.

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Тренировочные тесты по английскому языку для подготовки обучающихся к ОГЭ.

I was sitting in an arm-chair and watching my sister Alison. She was getting ready for a party. Alison was 15 years _________OLD_________ than me and she always treated me like a child. Alison took her jewellery box from the table. The box _________MAKE_________ of wood and had colourful stones on the top.
“You know you must never touch it, right?” Alison said.
“If the box was mine, I ________
ALLOW__________ you to touch it whenever you wanted,” I answered. Alison said nothing to that.
When she put on her jewelry, she looked like a princess. She moved gracefully as if her _________
FOOT_________ didn’t touch the ground. Alison kissed me goodnight and left. I tried to resist my curiosity but I _________NOT/CAN_________. I opened the box. There _________BE_________ lots of rings, ear-rings, bracelets and necklaces inside. I got them all out. The _________ONE_________ piece of jewelry I tried on was a silver necklace. After that I lost track of time. Suddenly I _________SEE_________ Alison. She was standing at the doorway and looking at me angrily. I _________NOT/KNOW_________ what to say. Many years have passed since that night. Now I am a designer – I create clothes and accessories. My sister likes my work very much. 

People travel a lot nowadays. Planes are considered to be the most _________COMFORT_________ means of transport but for some people airports can be a nightmare. There are _________END_________ queues when you check in and you waste lots of time if your flight is delayed. However, there are some airports where you can _________ACTUAL_________ enjoy yourself. For example, you’ll never be bored at Hong Kong’s international airport. There are thousands of people from _________DIFFER_________ countries here but the passengers never experience any problems because everything is well organised. There are attendants in red coats, who help you to get from one place to another. It’s very good for people with no sense of _________DIRECT_________. The attendants are always very polite and ________HELP__________. 

Jane liked going to the park with her mum. One day when they were there, she said, “There is so much rubbish on the ground.” They looked around. There were old ________BOX__________, waste paper and cans on the ground. Several benches ________BREAK__________. “You are right,” her mum said. “I wish people ________CARE__________ about the environment more.” “I do care about it but I _________NOT/KNOW_________ what I can do to help the park,” said Jane. Jane and her mum went home. In the evening she painted a picture of the park. At the top of the picture she _________WRITE_________ “PLEASE KEEP ME CLEAN”. The next day Jane and her mum went to the park _________EARLY_________ than usual. Jane taped her picture onto a big rubbish bin and started picking up rubbish. Some children ran over to see what was going on. They decided to help Jane. Soon all the rubbish was in the bags. “Good job,” Jane said, “We ________CLEAN__________ half of the park. If we come and complete the other part tomorrow, the whole park ________BE_________ clean and tidy. I hope people won’t throw _________THEY_________ rubbish here any more.” 

Axel is a 9-year-old Bulgarian orphan (сирота). He was adopted by a ________WEALTH__________ western family. His new father works as a ________BANK__________ in Sweden and he is quite rich. Axel _________REGULAR_________ wrote e-mails to the director of the orphanage, Jane Smitova. He told her that he was saving his Christmas and birthday money to help his friends. Axel said that he wanted the money to be spent on presents for his former playmates. Later Jane said “I understood that _________FRIEND_________ meant a lot to a small boy but I would never have imagined that Alex could be talking about such an _________POSSIBLE_________ sum of money. It’s so touching and we are going to spend it in a very _________CARE_________ way." The boy saved £6,000.

Once there were four children whose names were Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy. This story happened to _________THEY_________ when they had to leave their home city, London, during the war. They _________SEND_________ to the house of an old Professor who lived in the country, ten miles from the nearest railway station. He _________NOT/HAVE_________ a wife and he lived in a very large house with a housekeeper. He himself was a very old man with white hair which grew over most of his face as well as on his head. The children liked him almost at once. Only Lucy, who was the _________YOUNG_________ of them, felt a little afraid of him.  On their _________ONE_________ evening, after dinner, they said good night to the Professor and went upstairs. It was the largest house they had ever seen, so Peter suggested exploring it in the morning. When the next morning came, there was a steady rain falling.
"I wish the weather _________
BE_________ more cheerful!" said Edmund.
"Stop complaining, Ed," said Susan. "I think the weather _________
IMPROVE_________ soon."
"We were going to explore the house," Peter reminded them. He _________
EAT_________ a sandwich at the moment and was absolutely happy with the whole situation. Everyone nodded and at that point their amazing adventures ________BEGIN__________. 

Last year my friend Mia and I went on holiday to Thailand. We stayed in a _________FAME_________ resort which is popular with tourists. We were very _________LUCK_________ with the weather and we spent most of our days on the beach. The ocean was ________FANTASY__________ – the water was clear and warm.  Thailand is a former French colony and that’s why French is very popular there. Mia was delighted with this fact because she learns French, she wants to be a _________TEACH_________ of French, and she was able to practise the language there. She is also interested in architecture and she found some fine examples of the French colonial style in Thailand. It was an _________FORGETTABLE_________ trip for me too. I am a photographer and I took lots of pictures of people and nature. Several magazines found my photos ________INTEREST__________ enough to publish. I feel very proud of that. 

The phone woke Kim up. She answered the call almost immediately, after the _______THREE_______ beep, because she was expected her mother to call. But it wasn’t her. The voice on the other end of the line sounded familiar but Kim _________NOT/CAN_________ remember who it belonged to.
“Hello,” the lady said.
“Can I speak to Mrs. Len?”
“I’m sorry but she’s not at home. She’s out. She _________
WALK_________ in the park.”
It was very cold out-of-doors and everything _________
COVER_________ in snow but Kim’s mother walked in all weathers. She believed that it _________HELP_________ her keep fit and gave her extra energy. She actually looked younger than other _________WOMAN_________ of her age and that was probably because of her walking.
“Can I take a message?” Kim asked politely.
“No. I ________
CALL__________ her later. When is she going to be back?”
“She normally _________
COME_________ home at five.”
“Fine,” came the answer and the phone went dead.
Kim felt a bit hurt. “It’s not polite to break off a conversation like that,” she thought to herself. If I _________
BE_________ older, I would explain to that lady how to talk to people politely.” 

Ratatouille is an American cartoon. The name of the cartoon comes from a  ________TRADITION_________ French dish made of vegetables. The main character is a rat Remy, who is interested in cooking and dreams of becoming a _________SUCCESS_________ chef. Remy is separated from his family at the ________BEGIN__________ of the movie. So he finds himself in Paris, France. There his unusual _________FRIEND_________ with a poor boy begins. They both don’t care that most people hate rats and try to get rid of them. Remy wants to help the boy. He tries to teach him how to cook _________TASTE_________ dishes.  The story ends ________HAPPY__________ and the friends start a new restaurant. 

Dana Miller was a bus driver in the city of Philadelphia. Her working hours _________BE_________ from 10.00 pm till 6:00 am. It was a hard job and very few _________WOMAN_________ worked as bus drivers in those days but Dana loved her job very much. One of her regular passengers was a guitar player. Every Friday night he got on the bus carrying his guitar. The guitar _________MAKE_________ of wood, not plastic and Dana liked the way it sounded.
“You should come to see our show,” the guitarist kept saying to Dana.
“I ________
SEE__________ it one day,” Dana promised each time, but she never said when exactly she ________GO__________.
Another passenger who often used Dana’s bus was a Biscuit Lady. She worked at the biscuit factory and often _________
GIVE_________ Dana a small bag of biscuits. Dana _________NOT/LIKE_________ sweets and pastries very much, but she could never resist those biscuits – they were so fresh and tasty.
“How was _________
YOU_________ night?” Dana’s husband liked to ask her when she came home.
“Good music, good food and a great view of the city,” she cheerfully answered.
“I wish I ________
ENJOY__________ my work as much as you enjoy yours,” her husband said, “ but I’m going to have just another boring day at the office.” 

Many tourists find they don't like staying in city hotels. They prefer to avoid ________NOISE__________ cities completely. They are attracted instead to dramatic views of mountains and _________PEACE_________ valleys. If you like this sort of tourism, Mountain View Camp is for you. You’ll have an _________FORGETTABLE_________ vacation there. The Camp has a view over the ________IMPRESS__________ Hampson Valley. In the camp, tourists can rent either tents or bungalows. All the guests have free access to different facilities such as kitchens, bathrooms and playgrounds for children. The camp is a successful _________COMBINE_________ of both comfort and a green environment.  The tourists can also have lunch in one of the many restaurants and try European or _________NATION_________ cuisine. 

Emma lived in a big city and worked for a large company. Her days were usually very busy –  she _________CAN_________ hardly find half an hour for lunch.  However, at weekends she ________FEEL__________ bored and lonely. Emma had moved to the city because of her job. Only two months before she had thought she was the _________LUCKY_________ girl in the world. She had got a job most of her friends could only dream about. It was her _______ONE_______ full-time job. The company ________CALL__________ ‘Imagination’. They focused on Internet technologies. Emma _________NOT/KNOW_________ much about the Internet but her boss said that it didn’t matter. He also said that she _________BE_________ creative and had imagination and that was why she had a good chance of succeeding in the job. When Emma told her friend, Lucy Pitt, about the new job, Lucy said:
“I’m very happy that you _________
FIND_________ a good job. But I also feel very sad about it because you’ll go to the city and will forget about your friends.”
“I wish we could always be together but it’s impossible,” Emma said. “I promise that I _________
COME_________ to visit you as soon as I can.”

The best thing about shopping in London is that there really are hundreds of cool shops selling _________FASHION_________ clothes. Only here you can find a wide choice of _________ORIGIN_________ and unique shops. Sometimes you can buy _________FANTASY_________ things there. You can spend a whole day in a shopping centre, have lunch in one of the European or ________ENGLAND__________ restaurants, see a new film in the cinema and even enjoy a ________PERFORM__________. But be _________СARE_________ – London shops are expensive! Don’t leave all your money in the shopping centre. 

Kitty lived next door to me and we’d been friends since childhood. We learnt at the same school and _________WALK_________ there together. I was sixteen and she was four years _________YOUNG_________ than me. But we had a lot in common and enjoyed chatting on ________WE__________ way to school. Every morning Kitty knocked on my door and I had to be ready by that time – she _________NOT/LIKE_________ waiting for me. One day she didn’t knock. When I caught up with her at the bus stop, she _________READ_________ a magazine and didn’t even look at me. I _________NOT/CAN_________ understand what was going on.
“Hey, Kitty, what’s wrong? Why aren’t you talking to ________
“You yourself know why,” Kitty said angrily.
“No, I don’t. I wouldn’t ask you if I ________
“You went to the cinema with Lisa Parker yesterday,” Kitty was almost crying.
I felt puzzled and didn’t know what to say. The two _________
WOMAN_________ at the bus stop looked amused at our conversation and didn’t hide their smiles.

How do people learn the news? About a century ago people got _________INFORM_________ from newspapers since they were the only mass media that existed in those times. Radio and television seemed ________WONDER__________ inventions as they broadcasted audio and visual images. The Internet has changed the situation dramatically.  Now the audience has an opportunity to create the news, share their _______PERSON_________ knowledge and express their opinions. The Internet supposes interaction, which makes it very ________ATTRACT__________ to people. And what about the newspapers? Will they _________APPEAR_________ in the near future? I wish they wouldn’t as I like starting my day with a cup of coffee and a _________TRADITION_________ newspaper. 

Paul was going to be late for his morning class again. He _________NOT/UNDERSTAND_________ why it happened to him so often. This was going to be the _________THREE_________ time in one week and that was too much even for Mrs Pitt. She was the _________KIND_________ teacher in the world but Paul wasn’t sure that she would forgive him again.
“If I don’t invent a very good excuse, she ________
CALL__________ my parents.” Paul thought.
His parents _________
NOT/BE________ very strict people but they didn’t approve of Paul’s habit of playing computer games till late at night. As a result, he couldn’t make _________HE_________ get up in the morning and was regularly late for school. Paul quietly opened the door and _________GO_________ into the classroom. His classmates _________WRITE_________ something in their notepads and didn’t pay any attention to him.
Mrs Pitt looked at him and said in a flat voice: “You are late again, Paul. What _________
Paul was not ready with an answer.

In Andorra people live longer than in any other European country. It seems they have discovered the secret of a long and _________HEALTH_________ life. People in Andorra stay active and _________ENERGY_________ at old age. They attend gyms and public _________SWIM_________ pools for free. Exercise is one reason, the others are clean air and a diet based on vegetables and olive oil. People of all ages in Andorra are cheerful and ________FRIEND__________. They think that life is ________FANTASY__________ and they do their best to enjoy it. Andorra is the most _________PEACE_________ country in Europe – they haven’t had a war for 700 years.

Bella was a good student. She _________ENJOY_________ learning but she always started to feel very nervous when she had to write tests. That Monday _________NOT/BE_________ a lucky day for her and she realised it as soon as she came into the classroom.
“Oh, no! I _________
LEAVE_________ all my pens at home.” She turned to Jenny: “Have you got a spare pen?”
“Let _________
I_________ see,” Jenny opened her bag and pulled out a pen. “I’ve got this one. But it’s green.”
“Give it to me anyway,” Bella said. “If I don’t find a proper pen, I _________
WRITE_________ in green ink. I hope it won’t affect my grades.”
When the teacher handed out the tests, Bella felt even _________
BAD_________ than she had felt before. The test was really long – the tasks _________PRINT_________ on both sides of the page! Bella did the first task quickly, but the _________TWO_________ one was a real problem. Bella got panicky. Time ticked on but she ________NOT/CAN__________ concentrate on the tasks. 

What do you think is the most stressful and ________DANGER__________ job in Britain? Is it a police officer, a detective or a news _________REPORT_________? Well, statistics say it is a London taxi driver. It is a ________REAL__________ hard job as traffic is getting worse. If we sit in a traffic jam for a few minutes, we start feeling _________NERVE_________ and irritated. But imagine you had to do that every day as your job! And you have to remain _________CARE_________ and attentive in spite of everything. London taxi drivers have to have a good memory to be able to take a _________TRAVEL_________ from A to B without looking at the map or asking for directions.

Anna was glad that the academic year was about to finish. Like most _________CHILD_________ she was looking forward to the summer but not because she wanted to relax. Her plans _________BE_________ ambitious. Anna wanted to buy a professional digital camera and it wasn’t easy to save enough money.  Anna had already chosen the model she wanted. Her dad said that he _________GIVE_________ her the camera in a couple of years. But Anna _________NOT/CAN________ wait so long, she needed it right then. “If I _________HAVE_________ it now, I would be able to take part in the Professional Photograph Competition. Everyone says I’ve got talent,” she said to herself, looking at the magazine where an article about the competition _________PUBLISH_________. While she was reading the article for the _________TWO_________ time, a brilliant idea came to her –  why not take up a summer job as a photographer? She reached for the phone and dialed the number of the _________LARGE_________ photography agency in the town. “Hello, can I help you?” the woman’s voice sounded encouraging and Anna _________THINK_________ that she probably had a chance. 

Dublin is the capital city of the Republic of Ireland. It has an ________NATIONAL__________  airport with flights from London and European capitals. Dublin is a _________BEAUTY_________ and cosmopolitan city. If you walk along its different central streets, you will find a wide range of _______DIFFER_______ shops, bars and restaurants. If you like sightseeing, you can also visit the famous Dublin castle, one of the most _________IMPRESS_________ buildings in the city. Dublin is a green city. It is such a pleasure to walk there on a hot _________SUN_________ day. In the evening you can listen to _________TRADITION_________ Irish music played in the streets and in the pubs. 

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