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Тренировочные упражнения на отработку грамматического и лексического материала Модуля 2 по УМК Spotlight (5 класс)

  • Иностранные языки

Поделитесь материалом с коллегами:

Complete with the plural form of the word in brackets.


1)Crocodiles (crocodile) live in tropical and subtropical Africa, India, Southeast Asia, America and Australia in wet environments – 2)________(river), 3)________(lake) and 4)________(coastal area). There are freshwater crocodiles and saltwater crocodiles. They are 5)________(reptile). 

On the ground the crocodiles like to sunbathe with their 6)________(mouth) open and also make their 7)________(nest) and lay 8)________(egg).

In water crocodiles hunt. They eat 9)_________(snake), 10)________(antelope), 11)________(zebra), 12)________(fish), 13)________(turtle) and 14)_________(bird). They carry their prey to the bottom of the water to drown. There is a fact that crocodiles do not use their 15)________(tooth) to chew food. They usually swallow the food whole or in big 16)________(chunk).

17)________(dinosaur) are crocodiles’ 18)________(ancestor).


Circle the correct answer.


1)These/This presents are for my relatives. 2)Those/This scarf is for my father. 3)That/These gloves are for my mum. And 4)this/these teddy bear is for my little sister Mary.


Look at 1)those/this photo. 2)These/that are my friends Peter and Sarah. And 3)this/those is Peter’s cousin, Bob.


1)This/These shop is fantastic. Look at 2)that/those red trainers! 3)These/This cap is so cool! I’d like to buy 4)those/that handbag.

Put in have/has/haven’t/hasn’t.

  1. “……… you got a guitar?” – “Yes, I ………” .

  2. Ann wants to ride a bicycle but she ……… got a helmet.

  3. Where is my watch?” – “I don’t know. I ……… got it.

  4. Larry ……… got a red scarf. It is from his mum.

  5. “……… they got a digital camera?” – “No, they ………” .

  6. Ben ……… got green trainers. He likes green colour.

  7. What ……… you got in your handbag?

  8. We ……… got some foreign friends. They are from Australia.

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