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Тренировочные упражнения "Past Simple Active, Past Simple Passive, Present Perfect Passive"

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Past Simple Active, Past Simple Passive, Present Perfect Passive

(тренировочные упражнения)

  1. The active voice or the passive voice? (Past Simple)

  1. Christopher Columbus (discover) America in 1492. Nobody knows when this fact (discover).

  2. The Post Office Tower in London (build) in 1964. It (build) to make the telephone and television systems of British Capital better. Who (build) the Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow?

  3. The small island (not, show) on the map. Mr. Brown (not, show) me her garden when I came to visit her.

  4. Mr.Woodriff (paint) very good portraits when he was younger. A lot of strange animals (paint) on the wall. We couldn’t see all of them.

  5. Jonathan Swift (write) “Gulliver’s Travels” in the 18th century, “Battle of the Books” (write) by him too.

  1. Write sentences in the passive voice. (Past Simple)

  1. People grew this coffee in Brazil. 2. Someone made this piano in the 18th century. 3. Somebody sent a Christmas postcard to me. 4. Somebody bought a lot of vegetables and put them in the fridge. 5. Andrew took us to the living room. 6. People killed the last dodo many years ago. 7. They built a new hospital in our city last month. 8. People translated this book into many languages. 9. They taught reading in the first form.

  1. Use the verbs in Past Simple Passive or Present Perfect Passive.

  1. We didn’t know that the programme already (broadcast). 2. I hope that our little misunderstanding (forget). 3. I’m do angry because my party (spoil) by Max’s rudeness. 4. By early of June all exams (pass) and we could at last enjoy our holidays. 5. Jim looks so happy. Do you know that he just (offer) the leading role in a film? 6. How long, do you think, you (spy) on? 7. The novel I (give) is another spy story. 8. The film that was on was not new: it (show) many times.

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