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Тренировочные упражнения по английскому языку на тему "Косвенная речь"

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Ex.1 Fill in the gaps with say or tell in the correct tense.

A Richard (1) ...told... Sarah that he was having a party on Saturday night. He (2)….that it would start early but it would finish quite late. He (3) …. her to bring her sister along as well. Sarah (4)…. she was look­ing forward to going. Richard (5) ….her he would probably call again on Friday to (6)…. her the way to his house.

В What shall we do?' asked Carrie. It's raining out­side, so let's watch television,' I (1)………………..I turned on the television and Carrie (2)…..to me. Look! That's my favourite programme. Let's watch it.' 'To (3) you the truth, I

don't like it.' I (4)…… .

С Good morning. Mr Pearson,' (1) Bella.

Good morning, Bella,' he replied. I've got lots of letters for you to type today.' he (2)………………..to her. Alright,' Bella (3) . I’ll type them after I finish writing this report for you.'

Ex. 2 Fill in the gaps with the correct pronouns or possessive adjectives

  1. Mary said. 'I want to go out with my friends."

Mary said (that) ...she... wanted to go out with ...her... friends.

  1. Tom said, I have lost my keys.'

Tom said (that) had lost keys.

3 Bob and Marie said, 'We are taking our dog for a

Bob and Marie said (that) were taking …… dog for a walk.

4 Andrew said, 'My sister is coming to visit me next

Andrew said (that) sister was going to visit ….the following week.

  1. Mr Jones said, 'I need to buy a present for my wife.'

Mr Jones said (that)…. needed to buy a pre­sent for…. wife.

  1. Father said, 'I want you to wash my car for me.'

Father said (that) … wanted to wash car for

Ex. 3 Turn from direct into reported speech

1 'I can't find my bag,' she said.

She said (that) she couldn't find her bag.

  1. They are working in the garden,' he said.

  2. We got married six months ago,' she said to us

  3. I'll go shopping tomorrow,' he said.

  1. I bought a new car last week,' he said.

  2. 'We aren't doing anything next week,' they said.

  3. I can't go out tonight,' she said to me.

  4. 'I forgot to pay the bill,' he said.

  5. 'We've brought you a present,' she said to me

  6. 'I'll phone you tomorrow,' she said to Peter.

Ex.4 Read the reporter's questions and turn them into reported speech.

1 How did the fire start?'

The reporter asked how the fire had started.

2 “Who called the fire brigade?'

The reporter wanted to know

  1. 'Did you ask people to leave the building?' The reporter asked

  2. Was anybody injured?'

The reporter wanted to know

5 'How many fire-fighters are here now?'

The reporter asked

6 Have any of the houses been damaged?'
The reporter wanted to know

Ex. 5 Fill in the gaps with the verbs in the list in the correct form

order, tell, ask, beg, suggest

  1. 'Let's call Brian,' Susan said to me.

Susan ..suggested... calling Brian.

  1. Don't make any noise,' Mother said to us.

Mother us not to make any noise.

  1. "Please stay a little longer.' Kate said to her sister.

Kate her sister to stay a little longer.

  1. 'Fire!' the General said to the soldiers.

The General the soldiers to fire.

5 'Please, please forgive me,' she said to him.

She him to forgive her.

Ex. 6 Turn the following sentences into reported speech

  1. Be careful of the glass!

The fire-fighter told them to be careful of the glass.

  1. Stand back!

  2. Bring the light nearer!

  3. Pass me an axe!

  4. Go to the other side of the plane!

Ex.7 Turn into reported speech

Tom: 'We should advertise on TV."

Tom suggested advertising on TV.

2 Alison: "I'll help you organise the meeting.'

3 Alex: 'I can give you copies of the plan.

  1. Bob: 'Let's do some research on the subject

  2. Nick: 'I'll give you all the details next week.'

  3. Diana: 'Don't decide until you know the cost.'

Ex.8 Turn the following sentences from reported into direct speech

  1. Trevor asked me if I had posted the letter.

'Did you post the letter?" Trevor asked me.

  1. Sarah told me she was looking for a new job.

  2. Brian wanted to know what time the train to Leeds left.

  3. She said that she didn't like jogging.

  4. He said he would be back the following day.

  5. He asked how much my new car had cost.

  6. I asked Mane if she could do the shopping for me.

  7. Jill asked Roy to close the window.

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