Инфоурок Другое ТестыТренировочные упражнения по английскому языку Spotlight 8 Module 4 + формат ОГЭ, ВПР

Тренировочные упражнения по английскому языку Spotlight 8 Module 4 + формат ОГЭ, ВПР

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1. Choose the correct item.

1)   I don’t eat … because I don’t care for spicy food.

a)       chili pepper

b)      scrambled eggs

c)       mashed potatoes

2)   I need to buy a kilo of steak. Is there a … near here?

a)       bakery

b)      chemist’s

c)       butcher’s

3)   Her grandmother has a(n) … pair of earrings.

a)       gold, old, Russian

b)      old, gold, Russian

c)       old, Russian, gold

4)   Rose studies the reasons for people’s behavior. She’s interested in … .

a)       Health Science

b)      Psychology

c)       Sociology

5)   She works as a … from home.

a)       freelancer

b)      salary

c)       shift

6)   … Smiths left for their holiday to … UK from … Kennedy Airport.

a)       - , - , the

b)      The, - , the

c)       The, the, -

7)   What about this blue blouse? It … your skirt.

a)       fits

b)      suits

c)       matches

8)   He … in the city for ten years before he … to the countryside.

a)       had been living, moved

b)      was living, had moved

c)       lived, moved

9)   The window … yesterday.

a)       is broken

b)      broken

c)       was broken

10)   After Mary … , I began cooking.

a)       leave

b)      left

c)       had left

What’s the Solution?

2. Match the problems with their possible solutions

1.      Mood swings

2.      Lack of money

3.      Bad marks

4.      Loneliness

5.      Overprotective parents

6.      Pimples

7.      Shyness

8.      Bullying

9.      School rules

a)      Become more confident

b)      Take care of the skin

c)      Ignore the bullies

d)      Study more

e)      Control your emotions

f)       Try to obey them

g)      Try to earn some

h)      Make friends

i)       Find a compromise

Problem and Solution

3. Read the situations and use the words to make solutions to them

you compromise Have of finding a thought

Your friend's parents are overprotective. They don't let him do anything without their permission. You advise your friend:


don't friends Why try to make you

Your younger sister feels lonely and has nobody to talk to. You offer her:


should yourself You more confident in become

Your brother is too shy. He is afraid to talk to his classmates or teachers. You say:


you, emotions were I would my If  I control

Your son often has mood swings. You tell him:


idea skin a good to take your It's care of

Your best friend has pimples on her face. You advise her:


Формат ВПР.

4. Complete with the missing words:

dress, fitting room, fit, try, baggy, hanger, size, pretty, suits, buy, sale

Situation: Lucy, Tui and Jane are out shopping for a new dress.

Lucy: Come over here Jane and have a look at this _____.
Jane: Oh, yes! It looks lovely. Why don’t you try it on in the_____ _____?
Tui: It looks like it will _____ you.
Lucy: I better _____ it on. Last time I bought a dress it was _____ and did not _____ properly.
Tui: Let me hold the _____ while you try it on.
Lucy: Thanks, Tui.
Jane: If you need a different _____ just ask and I will get it for you.
Lucy: What do you think, does it look good?
Tui: Perfect! It fits you and you look very _____ in it.
Jane: I agree, it really _____ you, Lucy!
Tui: Why do you want to _____ a dress anyway, Lucy?
Lucy: I’m going to my brother’s 30th birthday party and I want to look my best!
Jane: There are some designer dresses over there that look nice as well.
Lucy: I think I will buy this one. Is this dress in the _____?
Tui: Yes, the label says it is 30% off.
Lucy: Great. Let’s go to pay for it, come on.

ОГЭ грамматика: The UK

5. Complete the text with the correct grammatical form of the given verbs

A short survey _____(take) place in the region where I lived last year. Several thousand people _____(ask) about their associations with the UK. More than 90% of them talked about London and some attractions like Big Ben, Buckingham Palace or Madame Tussauds. Only 5% _____(mention) Stonehenge and Loch Ness. The rest named tea, rain and the English language.

However, there _____(be) much more unique places in the UK that one can visit. One of them _____(call) the White Cliffs of Dover. The fascinating and huge white cliffs _____(locate)

 right on the coastline, facing France on the opposite side of the Strait of Dover. The cliffs are up to 107 metres high and they stretch for 13 kilometres. The White Cliffs can easily be seen from a distance because of the fair colour. The cliffs are actually almost white because of the chalk deposition. Nowadays, it _____(believe) that in the past sailors used the easily seen cliffs to navigate and identify the coast of England.





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