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Тренировочные упражнения по английскому языку Teens' Problems Categories

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1. Choose the correct item.

1)      Mary is … . She always looks on the bright side of life.

a)       sociable

b)      optimistic

c)       easy – going

2)      Nick is … . He looks nervous.

a)       tapping his foot

b)      scratching his head

c)       crossing his arms

3)      A: Thanks for coming!

B: …

a)       See you later!

b)      Well, thank you for inviting me!

c)       No, thank you.

4)      He usually … abroad in summer.

a)       travels

b)      travel

c)       is travelling

5)      Bob … on the phone right now.

a)       talking

b)      talks

c)       is talking

6)      This cheese … strange.

a)       is smelling

b)      smell

c)       smells

7)      Helen … her hair and she looks very different now.

a)       cut

b)      cutted

c)       has cut

8)      His clothes are dirty because he … his car for 3 hours.

a)       was repairing

b)      repairing

c)       has been repairing

9)      Sue is … than Sarah.

a)       tall

b)      taller

c)       tallest

10)   She’s my uncle’s wife. She’s my … .

a)       niece

b)      stepmother

c)       aunt

Teens' Problems Categories

2. Decide which category each phrase belongs to

over protective parents     mood swings         first love              bullying           strict teachers               lack of money                  bad marks                 school rules            shyness             loneliness               strict parents               pimples

Personal Problems

School Problems





Collocations about Problems

3. Complete the sentences with the collocations. Use the given words

verprotective        bad              rules                  mood                swings            love               parents            first           marks           school

a)      I hate those dull ________   _______. Why can't we wear what we want!

b)      I have _____   _____. I can't do anything without their permission.

c)      We don't know what to do with our son's _____    _____. One moment he's happy and then he starts getting angry.

d)      A: What's wrong with your daughter? She seems gloomy.

B: Oh, she's quarrelled with her boyfriend. You know, ______  ______ and all that stuff...

e)      My parents don't give me any pocket money if I get _____   _____ at school.


Формат ВПР. Лексика: School Problems

4. Choose the correct word for each gap to complete the textю








There can be a lot of problems at school which teens have to cope with. Too difficult school programme, too much homework, _____ teachers, dull school rules, bullying, and absence of friends are just some of the things that can influence students' _____ . So, what can be done to make the situation better? School authorities have to decide on the appropriate school programme. Teachers should not give too much _____ to revise the material. Parents have to be ready to help their children to do some difficult tasks or explain some material in case of necessity. There's also no need to have too many school rules which will _____ students' freedom. Still, there must be strict rules and restrictions concerning such a popular nowadays problem as _____. Plus, children must know that it's very important to ignore the bullies and not to respond to their offences. Have you or your children already dealt with any of the highlighted problems? What other solutions to them can you think of?

Формат ОГЭ.

5. Open the brackets and out the words in the correct from.

London is not only the capital of Great Britain and _____(north) Northern Ireland, but it's also one of the fashion capitals. There are top fashion brands of clothes.

Burberry. One of _____(famous) the most famous _____(Britain) British luxury brands with a rich history. It was founded by Thomas Burberry in 1856 in Hampshire. During the First World War the company made trench coats for military officers which have been popular for over 150 years now — all over the world.

The specific feature of Burberry is a checked print that _____(one) first was used only as a lining for outerwear, but later it changed, got _____(differ) different colour variations and became the "face" of the brand.

Today the company produces _____(luxury) luxurious clothes, shoes and accessories, and even cosmetics.

Alexander McQueen. Alexander McQueen, a Londoner and a fashion _____(design) designer, got his fame because of extraordinary shows and clothes _____(collect) collections. All his short life he was trying to raise sharp social questions.

Now the brand is a model of British elegance, and even Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, prefers the brand's outfits.



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