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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Тесты / Триместровые контрольные работы к учебнику "Звездный английский" 5 класс
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  • Иностранные языки

Триместровые контрольные работы к учебнику "Звездный английский" 5 класс


Test II


A Choose the correct item.

1 It’s not nice to ........ at people.

A stare B see C watch D view

2 I ........ dinner at 6 o’clock in the evening.

A catch B have C do D get

3 My mother’s brother is my ......... .

A grandfather B son C nephew D uncle

4 Sam ........ the Net every evening.

A surfs B listens C sends D plays

5 Hannah has guitar........on Tuesday afternoons.

A routines B chores C games D lessons

6The ........ to Puebla is fantastic with great views

of the mountain.

A route B coach C guide D map

7 Children must learn ........ table manners.

A important B good C traditional D strong

8 At night temperatures drop below ........ .

A boiling B freezing C chilly D cold

9 Let’s go to the new indoor ........ park.

A amusement B cinema C mall D museum

10 Kevin eats too much ........ food, like eggs and bacon.

A scrambled B steamed C sliced D fried

B Complete the sentences with the correct word.

shifts poisonous still quarter dawn

1 Be careful of ................... snakes in the jungle.

2 He goes to bed early, because he gets up at

........................... .

3 Most nurses work either morning or evening

................................... .

4 Keep ...................... so I can take a photograph

of you.

5 Lessons finish at a ............................... to four.

Choose the correct word.

1 We are going to watch the fireworks / parade


2 The village is near snow-capped / freezing


3 Carla is buying ten CDs; they’re gorgeous /half-price!

4 It’s foggy / raining outside; take your umbrella.

5 You can buy antiques at the flea / snack market.


C Choose the correct item.

1 Emma ........ Music at school.

A study B don’t study C studies

2 I enjoy Art, ........ I don’t like P.E.

A but B and C or

3 ........ walk to school everyday?

A You do B Do you C Does you

4 ........ MP3 player is this?

A Who B Whose C Who’s

5 Kat usually goes to the cinema ........ Saturday afternoons.

A on B in C at

6 Mary ........ cooks; she doesn’t like it!

A never B often C sometimes

7 We are going ........ a parade tomorrow.

A watching B watch C to watch

8 We miss you. Send ........ an email soon.

A us B them C it

9 You ........ leave the mall now. It’s closing.

A can B are C must

10 Can I have ........ oranges, please?

A a few B too many C a little

11 Anthony’s friends are meeting ........ at the mall.

A he B his C him

12 Steve ........ to play tennis this afternoon.

A goes B is going C go


D Read the text. In each question 1-6 choose the right answer, A, B, C or D.

What’s a holiday in the Amazon rainforest like? Well, come to Ariau Towers Hotel in Brazil and find out! The hotel is next to the beautiful Rio Negro, or “black river”,

and it is 60km from Manaus, the largest city in the Amazon. But it’s not the location that makes the hotel unique. The hotel is 10-20 metres above the rainforest floor. That’s right, it’s a hotel in the trees!

The hotel has got eight large wooden towers with rooms for guests and many small tree houses. Eight kilometers of bridges join the different areas of the hotel. So, when guests at Ariau want breakfast, they don’t go downstairs. They have to leave their rooms and walk along small wooden bridges to the Ariau restaurant!

So, what can you do high up in the trees in the Amazon rainforest? Well, like any normal hotel, Ariau has got big swimming pools, an Internet café and shops. And simply walking around the hotel is like being in a huge zoo! You can watch the colourful parrots and monkeys in the trees of the rainforest. Then there are extraordinary activities for guests to try. Guests can swim with dolphins, take a

boat ride to see alligators or go on a rainforest tour and learn which plants they can use as medicine.

At the end of the day, guests can have dinner in one of the hotel’s restaurants and they can try lots of delicious Brazilian meals. After dinner is a good time for guests to have a coffee in a tree-top café and watch the wildlife. Guests can sit outside, but they have to watch out for the playful monkeys. They like to eat the hotel food too!

At Ariau Towers, the staff want guests to feel welcome and have an amazing experience. Experienced staff that speak many different languages also teach guests about the importance of the environment and wildlife. Guests at Ariau have a great time. They can also learn something if they want, too!

1 The hotel is special because

A it is in a very big city.

B it is floating on a river.

C it is in the rainforest.

D it is high up in the forest trees.

2 To get their meals guests have to

A walk eight kilometres.

B walk to a different area.

C go to the ground floor.

D wait in their rooms.

3 The hotel has got

A dangerous animals.

B an animal park.

C a chemist’s.

D places to buy things.

4 In the evenings, guests can

A go on a rainforest tour.

B eat dinner in a café.

C see a film about animals.

D taste local dishes.

5 Guests at Ariau Towers

A learn about nature.

B go to classes about the rainforest.

C think the staff are amazing.

D learn a foreign language.

6 The above text is typical of

A a geography book.

B an adventure story.

C a tourist magazine.

D an environmental book

Everyday English

E Choose the correct response.

1 A: Have you got the time, please?

B: a At quarter past three. b It’s a quarter past three.

2 A: Do you go to the cinema often?

B: a Not really. b That’s OK.

3 A: What time do you want to meet?

B: a Let’s meet by the Internet Café.

b Is 3:30 OK for you?

4 A: Do you want to go to the shops on Friday?

B: a That sounds good. b No, it isn’t.

5 A: Don’t be late.

B: a That’s not bad. b OK, see you there.

6 A: Is 6:30 OK?

B: a Yes, I am. b Yes, it is.


F You will hear an interview with a tour guide. For each question (1-5), choose the best answer (A, B, or C).

1 The tour guide says it’s ………..

A cloudy outside.

B raining outside.

C warm outside.

2 The India Gate is a popular ………….

A monument.

B park.

C restaurant.

3 Red Fort is a good place to …………

A take pictures.

B have a picnic.

C start the tour.

4 At the Dilli Haat flea market you can buy ………….

A maps.

B food.

C music CDs.

5 Lodhi Garden is ……………………

A next to the India Gate.

B a place where people can


C a very noisy place.


G Read the rubric and answer the questions.

This is a part of an email you received from your English pen friend, Paul.

What’s the most popular market in your city? What can you buy there? Do you like it?

Write your email answering your pen friend’s questions. (50-80 words).

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Краткое описание документа:

В данной работе представлены триместровые контрольные работы к учебнику "Звездный английский" авторы: В. Эванс, Д.Дули, К. Баранова, В. Копылова, В. Мильруд для 5 класса. Каждая работа охватывает 2 модуля. Тест включает в себя проверку всех видов речевой деятельности и составлен с использованием материалов, представленных на сайте издательства "Просвещение"

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