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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Тесты / Триместровые контрольные работы к учебнику "Звездный английский" 5 класс
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  • Иностранные языки

Триместровые контрольные работы к учебнику "Звездный английский" 5 класс


Test I


A Choose the correct item.

1 My favourite ........ is reading.

A game B sport C class D hobby

2 My mother has got long, ........ hair.

A slim B straight C plump D full

3 Who is your ........ athlete?

A best B favourite C popular D famous

4 The colours of the UK ........ are red, white and blue.

A nation B flag C symbol D country

5 Anna is good ........ basketball.

A for B to C from D at

5 Go to the ........ and get me some medicine, please.

A florist’s B butcher’s C baker’s D chemist’s

6 There are a lot of plants in the ........ .

A beach B forest C desert D waterfall

7 There are floating ........ on the lake.

A deserts B mountains C islands D forests

8 Is there any milk in the ........?

A fridge B toaster C iron D cooker

9 You can buy ........ at the clothes shop.

A a dictionary B flowers C a jacket D bread

10 This skyscraper has got 105 ........!

A surfaces B floors C metres D flight

B Complete the sentences with the correct word.

dark dream hero landmark wealth

1 My .................... is to become a famous actress.

2 The Leaning Tower of Pisa is a famous ........... .

3 My .................... is the famous tennis player, Serena Williams.

4 In many cultures, gold jewellery is a sign of ........................ and beauty.

5 Many people from Africa have got .................... skin.

Choose the correct word.

1 Wash the dishes in the sink / bath, please.

2 There is a boat on the river / cliff.

3 Their house it friendly / cosy to the environment.

4 The city is home / house to three million people.

5 At the post office you can buy jackets / stamps


C Choose the correct item.

1 There is a poster ........ the wall.

A on B under C in

2 ........ a carpet on the floor?

A There are B There is C Is there

3 ........ cameras are very expensive.

A That B These C This

4 There are some ........ in the garden.

A leaf B leaves C leafs

5 Walk ........ the bridge and turn right.

A into B over C through

6 ........ is your surname?

A What B Where C How

7 Hockey is the ........ sport in Canada.

A popular C most popular

B more popular

8 ........ Simon play the guitar?

A Has B Is C Can

9 Anna and Celeste are from Italy. ....... are Italian.

A Their B They C We

10 This is Peter. ........ favourite sport is tennis.

A He B His C My

11 Carla ........ got long hair. It’s short.

A hasn’t B has C isn’t

12 ........ ’s she? Her name is Anna.

A What B How C Who


D Read the information about the Eiffel Tower.

Match the headings (A-I) with their correct paragraphs (1-8). There is one extra heading.










The Eiffel Tower is the symbol of Paris! Let’s take a look at this unique tower …

1…. The Eiffel is 324 metres tall. It’s a strong steel tower with 3 floors. From the ground to the third floor there are 1,665 stairs.

2…. Visitors can start their tour on the first floor at the “Cineiffel”. Here, they can watch short films about the history of the tower and see unique old photos of the tower and the city of Paris.

3…On the first floor there is also the Gustave Eiffel room. This is a large, elegant room. It has got 250 red chairs and a big balcony. This room is for special events, like award ceremonies and birthdays.

4…Next, visitors can go up to the second floor. This floor is 115 metres high. This is the floor for food! Visitors can eat a sandwich in a café. Or, for some real French food, they can go to the expensive Jules Verne restaurant!

5… For shopping, visitors can go to the second floor. It has got three shops. They can buy souvenir items, like cups, T-shirts and small models of the Eiffel Tower, for their friends and family.

6…Then it’s up to the third floor, the top of the tower. Here, at 276 metres high, the view of the city is wonderful. It’s a great place for photos!

7…On the top floor, visitors can also visit the office of Gustave Eiffel, the creator and the man behind the tower! Inside the office they can see a wax model of Gustave and his old office furniture.

8…Finally, visitors can go to the Eiffel Tower post office on the ground floor. They can send their friends and family a postcard with a picture of the Eiffel Tower. They can say hi from Paris in style!

Everyday English

E Choose the correct response.

1 A: What’s your new flat like?

B: a It’s on High Street.

b It’s pretty cool.

2 A: Our house has a view of the lake.

B: a It’s in a nice area.

b Wow! It sounds amazing.

3 A: What’s that?

B: a It’s a toaster.

b It’s great.

4 A: Is your house close to the centre?

B: a It’s number 25.

b Not that far.

5 A: Where’s the Internet café?

B: a It’s really cosy.

b It’s in Princess Street.


F You are going to hear five teenagers talking about their homes. Match the

speakers (1-5) to the statements (A-F). There is one extra statement that does not match.

A The speaker’s house is small.

B The speaker has got an amazing view of the city.

C The speaker has got a modern flat.

D The speaker’s house is in a very beautiful area.

E The speaker’s neighbourhood is very busy.

F The speaker’s home is very large


G Write a short text describing your dream house (50-60 words). Include:

  • where your dream house is

  • how many rooms your dream house has got

  • what is inside your dream house

  • what is the best thing about your dream house

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В данной работе представлены триместровые контрольные работы к учебнику "Звездный английский" авторы: В. Эванс, Д.Дули, К. Баранова, В. Копылова, В. Мильруд для 5 класса. Каждая работа охватывает 2 модуля. Тест включает в себя проверку всех видов речевой деятельности и составлен с использованием материалов, представленных на сайте издательства "Просвещение"
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