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Творческая работа для интернационального проекта "Immortality"


The project “Immortality”

Не лгать, не трусить,

Верным быть народу.

Любить родную землю-мать.

Чтоб за неё в огонь и в воду.

А если надо, то и жизнь отдать!

(А.Т. Твардовский.)

Not to lie, not to be a coward,

Be faithful to the people.

To love our mother earth.

To go through fire and water for it.

And if it is necessary, to give life for it!

By A.T. Twardowski.

Each year, May 9, I come to visit my beloved grandmother, to congratulate her on Victory Day. For me it is like a tradition to visit her on that day. It was May and I went to her place to congratulate her yesterday. My grandmother was very glad my see me. I gave her a small gift made by my own hands. Three cloves of red colored paper. I think that a gift made by one’s own hand is the best gift.

Then we had tea. Suddenly I noticed very old photos the military on the wall. I had never seen them before. I got immediately interested in those photos and I questioned closely about the people in the photos.

As it turned out one of the men in the photo was my grandfather’s brother, called Zakir. I asked my grandmother to tell me about uncle Zakir, who participated in the World War II.

"Your uncle Zakir was born in 1925. When the war started, he was only 16 years old. Nevertheless, as soon as he turned 18, he was drafted into the army. Within two weeks, he was taught to fire a gun. Then he was sent to the front to join the infantry. Infantrymen defended their positions in the trenches. They advanced to the attack three times. Unfortunately, he was wounded in his leg during the third attack. The wound was very strong. Zakir thought he died, but when he opened his eyes he found himself in a hospital. Many of the wounded and dying people lay next to him. There were busy nurses around them. One of them came up to your uncle. She ripped his pants and made bandage feet. Zakir said he could walk. He was given a stick to lean on it . After a brief treatment in a military hospital, he was sent to Russia by train. Your uncle cured there. Having lived in Russia for six months, he was called into the army again, in 1944. Because of his injured feet, Zakir was taught to drive a tank. He studied for two months. When he went to the front, he was a well-trained tanker. His tank was brewed by the enemies several times and once the tank heavily burned, but Zakir survived.

By that time, Russia got free from the Nazi invaders. Al people were happy and all were waiting for their relatives from the war, your uncle returned to his homeland in 1949. While he was far from in the war he wrote letters to your grandparents, we read together. Those letters told us about his military life, love and hope and belief in the victory. They were very touching. Unfortunately, the letters were lost during the flood in our area. But they are carefully stored in my heart. I'll always remember every line of the letters. "

I didn’t interrupt her till the story was done. And then I was sitting there, not breaking the silence, seeing her emotional pain. Her eyes were tearing when she told me about my uncle .

I belong to the fortunate generation that did not catch war. And this story has really affected me. My uncle fought for the peaceful future of our country, as well as other people of that time. Therefore, everyone should know about his life, be proud of him and talk about him to their children. They deserve eternal glory.

I want all the people on the Earth to live in peace. Our great-grandfathers gave their lives for the peaceful sky overhead. If each of us is good, peaceful and humane, we will preserve peace in our country.

I do not want war. I believe that we, the children of the twenty-first century are waiting for a bright future. Thank you for the victory, thanks to all who fought for us.

Done by the 9th form student

Khazirova Zarina

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