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Творческая работа " Хиппи"


Hippie is a philosophy and a subculture , which appeared in the 1960s in the USA. (picture1) The peak of popularity of the movement was in the late 1960s – early 1970s (picture2) .

Originally, hippies were protesting against the Puritan morality of some Protestant churches. They were against the war in Vietnam. (picture 3)

Hippies believes were:

  • the man should be free

  • the spiritual community is the ideal form of a hostel

  • change the soul

  • beauty and freedom are the same

The culture of “hippies” had own symbols and attributes. (picture 4). Their costumes had ethnic elements.( picture 5) Jeans were typical clothing.

One of the most famous symbols of hippies was the old brightly coloured bus “ Volkswagen”. (picture 6) Hippies went on such buses in different American towns and shocked their inhabitants.

The slogans of hippies were “Make love, not war”, ”Give peace a chance”, “All you need is love”( picture 7)

Hippies had long hair and listened to rock'n'roll. Many of them took drugs, lived in communes and did backpacking. Hippies were interested in religion. Many of them were vegetarians.

The hippie commune was the main form of selforganisation. They usually inhabited the empty houses in the towns and places which were away from civilization. The most famous commune was in San Francisco.

The image and culture of hippies were borrowed by some other youth subcultures, punks , for example. (picture 8)

The link between hippies and punks was made by Patty Smith “the godmother of punk movement” . The common ideas of punks and hippies are : the personal freedom, complete independence, the principle ”rely on yourself”.

The hippie ideology was supported by many musicians and singers of 1960s not only in the USA but all over the world. One of the most popular British group “The Beatles” wrote the song “All you need is love”, where they named the main principles of hippies of 1960.(picture 9) The famous hippies were Steve Jobs (picture 10), Selin Dion (picture 11), “The Rolling Stones”(picture 12),John Lennon and Yoko Ono( picture 13).

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