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Творческий проект Сказка "Бесконечная история"

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Кафедра иностранных языков

Творческий проект

Сказка «Бесконечная история»

в 4-ом классе

Учитель Городнюк Р.И.

Анапа 2014

Действующие лица

Король - Басакин Влад

Рассказчик – Бабаков Стас

Принцесса – Проскукина Виктория

Странник – Кшевскй Артём

Премьер министр – Арушанян Вазген

The unending tale.

Characters: the King, the King’ story – teller, the King’s daughter, the Prime – minister and the Stranger.

Story- teller: Once upon a time there lived a great King who had no work to do. Every day, and all day long, he sat on his throne on soft cushions and listened to stories. He never grew tired of hearing them.

The king is sitting on his throne on soft cushions. The King’s story – teller is sitting before him on a little stool. He has just finished his story. The King’s beautiful daughter and the Prime – minister are standing by the King’s throne. The King’s story – teller stands up and makes low bow to the King.

Story – teller: I have finished the story, great King.

King: I liked your story, but it was too short. (Gives a sigh.) Too short, too short. It makes me sad. I am always sorry hen a story comes to an end. (The story- teller bows again.) Be off, man!

Story – teller: Adieu, oh great King! (Hurries away.)

King (to the Prime- minister, who is standing by the throne): Listen to me, my true servant. Send word to every city and town and country place and offer a prize to anyone who can tell me a long story, and endless story.

The prime – minister takes out a piece of paper and writes quickly on it.

Prime- minister: I’m ready, my King!

King: read it aloud!

Prime- minister: “To the man that will tell me a story which will last forever, I shall give my daughter for a wife; and he will be king after me. But if any man ties to tell me such a story and can’t do it he will have his head cut off.”

King (clapping his hands): Excellent! Send the paper to all parts of the country at once!

The Prime – minister goes out.

King’s daughter: But, papa, nobody will try to do it. Nobody wants to lose his head.

King: Oh, be patient, my dear! Wait and see!

They go out. The story – teller enters.

Story – teller: The king’s daughter is very pretty and there are many young men who want her for a wife. But nobody wants to lose his head.

Again the King is on his throne. His daughter is standing near him.

King’s daughter: Oh, dear! Nobody wants to tell us a story! Papa, if it goes on like this, I shall never have a husband.

King: Patience, patience, my daughter! Nobody knows what may happen.

Story – teller: But one day a stranger from the south comes to the King’s palace.

The Stranger enters and makes a bow.

Stranger: Great King, is it true that you have offered a prize to the man who can tell a story that has no end?

King: It is true.

Stranger: And is it true that the prize is your beautiful daughter?

King: That is true too.

Stranger: I think I can tell a story that has no end.

King: We shall be glad to listen to you. Sit down.

Stranger (Sits down on a stool): Once upon a time there lived a king. One day he put all the corn of his country into a big barn. Then a swarm of locusts came over the land, they saw the barn, but they could not get in and eat the corn. They searched and searched and at last they fond a very small hole in the wall, just large enough for one locust to pass through. So the locusts decided to get in one at time. First one locust got in and carried away a grain of corn. Then another locust got in and in and carried away a grain of corn. Then…

Story – teller: So the stranger went on saying, “Then another locust got in and carried away a grain of corn.” Day after day, week after week, he kept on saying the same words. A month passed, a year I passed. At the end of two years the King couldn’t stand it any longer.

King: How long will those locusts be getting in and carrying away the corn?

Stranger: O, King, they have as yet cleared only one corner of the barn. There is still very much corn in it. King: Man, man, you will drive me mad. I can’t listen to your story any longer. Take my daughter. Rule my kingdom. But stop telling me about these horrible locusts. Story – teller: So the Stranger married the King’s daughter and the old King never asked again for a long story.

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