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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Другие методич. материалы / Творческий урок в 11 классе по программе “New Millennium” Защита бизнес-проектов по развитию городов России с привлечением иностранных туристов и инвесторов.
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  • Иностранные языки

Творческий урок в 11 классе по программе “New Millennium” Защита бизнес-проектов по развитию городов России с привлечением иностранных туристов и инвесторов.


Творческий урок в 11 классе по программе “New Millennium

Защита бизнес-проектов по развитию городов России с привлечением иностранных туристов и инвесторов.

The auction “the best business-project about development of Russia’s cities to draw attention of foreign tourists and investors”.

  • Hello, my dear friends! Today we’ve got unusual lesson of economy where you must present your projects and help prosperity not only tourism on the territory of the Russian Federation and flourishing development of the largest old Russia’s cities.

  • At the beginning of the lesson we’ll start with the warming up. At first, I want you to reply economic questions which are worth two £.

  • The first question: This person was called speculator in the USSR but now he’s named…On the screen you can see three variants of answer, will you choose the right one? A) excursionist b)businessman c)saboteur

  • The second question: Works, factories, building, trade organizations and service shops are… a) offices b)establishments c)enterprises

  • The third question: Money’s equivalent of good’s value is….a)price b)tax c)currency

  • The fourth question: if you want to have something material or spiritual it will be…a)devotion b)necessity c)spendthrift

  • The fifth question: the rich person who supports the sphere of art is…a)art-critic b)philanthropist c)patron of the arts

  • The sixth question: barter is exchange of… a)money b)opinions c)goods

- Now I offer the questions of four £. The first question: which of two actions you can call barter transaction? A)a man has bought a cottage and paid dollars for it; b)two men have concluded a contract

- The second question: what does the expression” run business” mean? A)help the poor and disabled b)study in the business school c)”earn money” as a businessman

-The third question: can you call money as capital which you have spent on cottage for all family? A)yes b) no

-The fourth question: what is the best name for money which you have spent on the plot for growing and selling strawberry? A) treasure b)capital c)finances

-The fifth question: what kind of property dominated in our country in soviet period? a)private b)property of social organizations c)state

Will you do the sum: the profit of an enterprise is 32%. How much money does the enterprise have to pay in the budget? A) 32 roubles b)32000 roubles

c) 3200 roubles

- The sixth question: what is the essential section of trade market? A)Stock Exchange b)trade exchange c)currency exchange

-The seventh question: a worker has concluded a labour contract with the enterprise where his salary will be 25000 roubles a month. How much money will this worker earn a month?

a) 21750 roubles b)25000 roubles c)some goods which this enterprise produces

- The eighth question: does the good’s demand depend on the size of customer’s income?

a) yes b)no

- The ninth question: who protects the law” About the defence of customer’s rights”?

a) shop-assistants b)shoppers c)state

  • I think we’ve warmed very well and now let’s start your presentation of business projects.

  • Before your presentations I want you to remind the contents of the business project. It consists of some parts: resume, the principal description of the project and its areas, the development of basic city’s sectors, workout of main tourist routes and rentable enterprises, organizational, manufacturing and financial plans, its budgeting and the staff.

  • What will we begin with? At first you must get a license and fill in the profile. If you wish to receive this license you will take part in the competition and answer several questions:

  • Will you give me the names of the oldest cities of Russia (the UK)? What is the number of population in Moscow (St.Petersburgh, London)… I want you to represent a sample business project.

  • Thanks a lot. Now you’ve got your licenses. So we’ll begin your show in such way: a) advertisement and slogan of the project, b)the title, c)the purpose, d) basic areas of investments, e)financial viability and the most exciting events or arrangements, f) the staff in your project. You have to express not only presentation skills, fluency in English, well-rounded knowledge in this sphere or ability to run your business.

  • It’s time to start our tournament.

  • ( The students represent their projects about development of ancient Russian cities).

  • Well done. While the jury is summarizing you can relax with the help of these tasks: what kind of life experience have you got today? What discoveries have you made at this lesson? Have you got any new ideas or business projects? Can we implement these projects in our cities?... The time is up. Will you listen the results of the competition!

  • The most exciting project is… because it….

  • The most prestigious project is…. because it…

  • The most profitable project is… because it…

  • Ok, you’ve made a good job and your grades are… bye-bye!

Краткое описание документа:

Творческий      урок     состоит   из    двух    частей  :   экономическая     игра     на     интерактивной     доске     и     бизнес-проектов     учащихся     по     разным     номиноциям.    Бизнес-проекты   рассказывают   об   архитектурном и   культурном   развитии   Липецка   и городов   Центрального   Черноземного   района. Номинации  позволяют  проводить урок  на конкурсной основе

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