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Quiz on Subjunctive Mood (Form 7, without keys)

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Write sentences beginning with I wish ....

F.ex: I don't know many people (and I'm lonely). = I wish I knew many people.

1. I don't have a computer (and I need one).

2. Helen isn't here (and I need to see her)

3. It's cold (and I hate cold weather).

4. I live in a big city (and I don't like it).

1. I can't go to the party (and I'd like to).

2. I have to get up early tomorrow {but I'd like to sleep late).

3. I don't know anything about cars (and my car has just broken down).

4. I'm not feeling well (and it's not nice).

Open the brackets and use the verbs in the correct forms.

5. I … (not buy) that coat if I were you.

6. I (help) you if I could, but I'm afraid I can't.

7. We don't need a car at present, but we would need a car if we … (live)

in the country.

8. If we had the choice, we … (live) in the country.

9. This soup isn't very good. It … (taste) better if it weren't so salty.

10. I wouldn't mind living in England if the weather … (be) better.

11. If I … (be) you, I wouldn’t wait now.

12. You're always tired. If … (not go) to bed so late every night,

you wouldn't be tired all the time.

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