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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Тесты / УМК О.ВУМК Афанасьева,И.ВМихеева английский язык учебник 7класс Unit 2 Test 2

УМК О.ВУМК Афанасьева,И.ВМихеева английский язык учебник 7класс Unit 2 Test 2

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УМК О.В Афанасьева,И.ВМихеева учебник 7класс

Unit 2 Test 2 Form 7

I. Choose the correct answer:

1. Clothes of 30 years ago look very …

a) modern b) helpful c) related d) old-fashion

2. His knowledge of the language is above …

a) rude b) average c) disappointed d) almost

3. A young child has a small …

a) dictionary b) vocabulary c) mother tongue d) the foundations

4. Tom, I think it’s time to get … … business.

a) on, to b) into, out c) along, with d) down, to

5. The news was a real shock and we can’t get … it.

a) up b) away c) over d) out

6. We need to buy … and …

a) fruit and vegetable b) fruit and vegetables c) fruits and vegetable d) fruits and vegetables

7.Who’s … boy standing … piano?

a) the, the b) a, a c) a, the d) the, a

8. … squirrel eats ... nuts.

a) a, the b) the, - c) the, the d) -,-

9. What do you feel about … to the gym?

a) going b) go c) goes d) is going

10. I can’t cope … this text.

a) for b) on c) with d) in

II. Give the plural:

1 belief 8 echo 15 lugage

2 wolf 9 potato

3 country 10 zero

4 boy 11 hero

5 dodo 12 photo

6 kilo 13 peach

7university 14 place

III. Translate from Russian into English:

1. У тебя есть словари.

2. Я могу запомнить 20 новых слов за один раз.

3. Мария так разочарована своим новым домом.

4. Не груби маме!

5. Ты понимаешь свои ошибки?

6. Вор удрал с нашими деньгами.

7. Моя собака и кошка ладят друг с другом.

8. Твой тест был намного трудней моего.

IV. Open the brackets to write the sentences.

1. How can you make a child (to learn) to be polite.

2. The boy felt somebody (to take) him by the hand.

3. We were made (to learn) a long poem by heart.

4. She occasionally (to go) to the seaside in summer.

5. I (to see) him the other day.

6. You (to fly) to the sea or (to go) by train?-I (to fly). My flight is tomorrow morning.

7. Jim (to laugh) always at lessons.

8. If you (to call) Bob, tell him I (to be) free after six.

9. Last summer we (to lie) in the sun and (to swim) in the river.

10. Water (to freeze) at -4 ˚C.

Unit 2 Keys Form 7

I. 1) d 2) b 3) b 4) d 5) c 6) b 7) a 8) b 9) a 10) c

II. 1. You have got dictionaries.

2. I can remember twenty words at time.

3. Maria is so disappointed at/ about her new house.

4. Don’t be rude to your mother!

5. Do you realize your mistakes?

6. The thief got away with our money.

7. My dog and cat get along with each other.

8. Your test was far more difficult than mine.

III. 1. beliefs 2. wolves 3. countries 4. boys 5. dodo(e)s 6. kilos 7. echoes

8. potatoes 9. zero(e)s 10. heroes 11. photos


1) learn 2) take 3) to learn 4) goes 5) saw 6) Are … flying, going , am flying

7) is laughing 8) call, will/shall be 9) lay, swam 10) freezes


Ex. 5 p. 26,Ex. 11 p. 28,Ex. 13 p. 31,Ex. 16 ,Ex. 28 p. 39,Ex. 29,Ex. 30

Ex. 32 p. 40,Ex. 34,Ex. 37 p. 43,Ex. 39 p. 44-45,Ex. 44,Ex. 45,Ex. 49 p. 51

Ex. 65,Ex. 66,Ex. 67

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