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Употребление прошедшего простого времени. Тема "Путешествие. Каникулы"

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Holidays Are Over

Test 1.

  1. Прочитайте три высказывания о каникулах. Соотнесите их содержание с утверждениями четырех школьников. Определите, как зовут каждого из детей.

Martin studied abroad.

Joan did a lot of shopping.

Donna didn’t like her hotel.

Sandra didn’t like bad weather.

Pupil 1_________________

Pupil 2 _________________

Pupil 3__________________

  1. In my summer holidays I went to Italy with my family. We visited its capital Rome. There are so many good places where you can buy different things in the centre of Rome. I bought a lot of clothes and souvenirs for all my friends. I also tried some very tasty Italian national food. Italy is a lovely country.

  2. I went to France for three weeks to learn French. There was school six days a week. We didn’t have lessons only on Sundays. We learnt a lot and made many new friends. I had so much fun that I am going back next summer. I miss the beach and the sun.

  3. My trip to Helsinki was very good. I liked the hotel and the city. But one thing was very bad. It was windy and cloudy almost every day. There were angry grey clouds in the sky. Sometimes it rained. I want to come back to Helsinki, but not in autumn this time.

  1. Дополните предложения подходящими по смыслу словами из рамки.

City capital town abroad hotel Square

  1. Many tourists come to Moscow. Almost all of them visit Red ____________.

  2. When people travel____________, they usually take a lot of luggage.

  3. Last year I visited a very big American ___________.I went to New York.

  4. London is the __________ of the United Kingdom.

  5. I prefer to stay in a big _________ in the city centre.

  6. The family lived in a small_______ not far from Madrid.

  1. Дополните предложения подходящими по смыслу глаголами из рамки, поставив их в нужную форму.

Write begin go meet take be

  1. Last week Sally________ her old friend Jim. They had a good time together.

  2. This weekend my mother and I are_________ to visit my granny.

  3. Why are you late, Doris? The lesson________ ten minutes ago.

  4. I ___________ this letter a week ago. I want to send it today.

  5. Jane and her family__________ not going to spend this summer abroad.

  6. Every weekend Anna’s mother___________ her to the cinema.

  1. Напишите открытку своему другу, соблюдая правила оформления открытки.

You are on holiday with your parents. Write a postcard to your friend Tom. Remember to write about (write 50-65 words):

- where you are; - what the weather is like; - what you do; - how much you like there, why.

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