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Упражнение на употребление глаголов в Present Simple

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Практическое упражнение на использование времени Present Simple

Откройте скобки и преобразуйте глаголы в Present Simple, где необходимо.

A woman's is never done

The mother of a family (to have) a lot of work to do in the house.All day long she is busy, doing one thing or another.When father (to go) to work, mother (to go) to work, too.

There is some dust on the floor every day.So we (to sweep) the floor with a broom or clean it with a vacuum-cleaner.There is some dust on the furniture, too,on the tables,armchars and chairs.We (to dust) the furniture with a duster.We (make )our beds ourselves,too,and try to keep our room clean and tidy.Mother (not to like) when things are lying all over the place.And we (to try) to keep our things in the right places.

Doing the rooms, cooking meals and washing up takes a lot of time.We want mother to rest.Mother (to take) some wool and a long needle and (to mend) the trousers.Then she (to see) that a button from my coat is gone.She (to take) some thread and (to sew) on a new button.Let's try our best to help our mothers!

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