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Упражнения для подготовки к ОГЭ. Говорение

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Task 1. You need to read the text aloud. You have 1.5 minutes to read the text

silently, and then be ready to read it aloud. Remember that you will not have

more than 2 minutes for reading aloud (www.fipi.ru).

Many lands that had once been swamps were drained or filled in. There are different reasons why people drained swamplands. Some were drained to fight diseases caused by insects that lived in them. Because swamps were considered unpleasant places in which to live and harmful to health, many people thought that unless they were drained the land was worthless.

Other swamps were drained to make new land. As the population grew and more land was needed, people drained swamps or filled them to make room for more farms and factories, more roads and airports.

Few people thought that it might be harmful to get rid of swamps. As swamps disappeared, other things happened. There were both more floods and more droughts than before. There were also more fires, for swamps had acted as firebreaks. Hunters noticed that there was less wild game. Wild life that once lived in the swamps was dying out, because it had no place to live.

Task 2. Take part in a telephone survey. You have to answer six questions.

Give full answers to the questions.

Remember that you have 60 seconds to answer each question.

Tapescript for Task 2

Electronic assistant: How old are you?

Student: ________________________

Electronic assistant: How much time a day do you watch TV?


Electronic assistant: What kinds of programmes do teenagers in your region prefer watching?

Student: ________________________

Electronic assistant: What kinds of programmes do you like best of all?

Student: _________________________

Electronic assistant: What disadvantages of watching TV do you consider the most dangerous?

Student: ________________________

Electronic assistant: What programmes would you advise your peers?

Student: ________________________

Electronic assistant: This is the end of the survey. Thank you very much for

your cooperation.

Task 3. You are going to give a talk about photography. You will have to start

in 1.5 minutes and speak for not more than 2 minutes.


Remember to say:

why people like doing sport

why doing sport is so popular today among teenagers

what sports competition you took part in

You have to talk continuously.

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