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Упражнения для самостоятельной работы "Артикли"



Exercise 1. Fill in the blanks with articles wherever necessary:

  1. It was hot; the old people said that it was … hottest spell, which the town had ever known.

  2. I made up my mind to see Strickland … following evening.

  3. I want you to explain to me why you won’t exhibit Dorian Gray’s picture. I want … real reason.

  4. “Henry is … best type of the American businessman”, he said, “and I think you ought to know him”.

  5. She was talking about thirty Africans who, at the request of the state department were being admitted to Whitehall in … coming semester.

  6. He picked a photograph album from one of … lower shelves, and came back across … room looking for the place in the collection.

  7. He sat back comfortably, in silence, allowing Dorlacker to make … necessary moves.

  8. He would do … right thing and allow her to divorce him.

  9. As spoke he opened the door and showed the way into a room, which appeared to be very richly furnished – but again … only light was afforded by … single lamp half turned down.

  10. It seemed … loveliest place she had ever seen.

Exercise 2. Fill in the blanks with the appropriate articles where necessary:

  1. I’d like to have … hamburger for … breakfast.

  2. Pushkin is … outstanding Russian poet.

  3. Can you play … piano?

  4. Will you play … chess with me?

  5. At … night I had … terrible headache after I had drunk … lot of coffee in … evening.

  6. There is … bend in the road.

  7. Thomas Banks is … last person I want to see.

  8. My favourite subject at school is … History.

  9. He knows … history of French Revolution well.

  10. Tom’s going to take … his fishing – rod.

  11. Could you phone later, please? – Jane’s having … shower.

  12. The rent is 50 dollars … week.

  13. We often go to … theatre and to … cinema.

  14. Yesterday Dad came home at 8 o’clock; we had … dinner and watched … TV. We went to… bed at 11 p.m.

  15. What … pity they haven’t come!

  16. I can’t find … letter, which I received this morning.

  17. By … way, have you heard anything from Tim lately? - … last year he entered … Oxford University.

  18. … President is going to open … new hospital in … capital … next month.

  19. Are you going to … country on Sunday?

  20. They usually go … shopping on Mondays, but last Monday they didn’t do … shopping.

  21. Dad came to … school to see my teacher yesterday.

  22. “Do this exercise at … school and that one at … home”, said our teacher in … loud voice.

  23. – Could you tell me … time, please?

- It’s … quarter past four.

  1. We are busy today, but we have … little time to spare tomorrow.

  2. The sweater was cheap. It cost only … few pounds.

  3. To tell … truth, I didn’t expect to see him.

  4. It’s … high time you stopped being so lazy.

  5. … earth goes round … sun.

  6. … life is hard in that climate.

  7. What … lovely song!

  8. It took me one and … half hours to get there.

  9. … half … dozen eggs, please.

Exercise 3.These are geography questions. Choose your answer from the box. Sometimes you need to use “the”.


Alps Kenya Red Sea United States

Amazon Asia Andes Switzerland

Atlantic Pacific Malta

Bahaman Tokyo Rhine

Chello_html_2337a3bc.gifairo Kenya Red Sea

  1. …. is the capital of Egypt.

  2. …. is between Africa and America.

  3. …. is a country in the middle of Europe.

  4. …. is a river in South America.

  5. …. is the largest continent in the world.

  6. …. is the largest ocean.

  7. …. is a river in Europe.

  8. …. is between Canada and Mexico.

  9. …. is in East Africa.

  10. …. are mountains in South America.

  11. …. is the capital of Japan.

  12. …. is an island in the Mediterranean.

  13. …. are mountains in central Europe.

  14. …. is between Saudi Arabia and Africa.

  15. …. are a group of islands near Florida.

Exercise 4. Put in “a/an” or “the”.

  1. I wrote to her but … letter never arrived.

  2. Britain is … island.

  3. What is … name of this village?

  4. Jane is … very nice person. You must meet her.

  5. We live in … old house near … station. It’s two miles from … center.

  6. Montreal is … large city in Canada.

  7. This is a nice room, but I don’t like … colour of … carpet.

  8. What is … largest city in Canada?

  9. Tom is in … bathroom. He is having … bath.

  10. “What time is it?” – “I don’t know. I haven’t got … watch”.

  11. Can you turn on … radio, please? I want to listen to some music.

  12. When I went to Rome, I stayed with … Italian friend of mine.

  13. You look very tired. You need … holiday.

  14. Don’t sit on … floor. It’s very dirty.

  15. “Let’s go to … restaurant this evening”. – “That’s … good idea. Which restaurant shall we go to?”

Exercise 5. Complete the sentences. Use “a/an” or “the” + one of these words:


bicycle kitchen

capital nice day

cigarette next train

play roof

dhello_html_7e7304a2.gififficult language small hotel

  1. Rome is … … of Italy.

  2. When we were in London, we stayed at … .

  3. Can you ride … ?

  4. What’s that man doing on … of that house? Is she repairing something?

  5. We went to the theatre last night but … wasn’t very good.

  6. Do you think English is … for people to learn?

  7. “Would you like … ?” – No, thanks. I don’t smoke.

  8. “Where’s Jack?” – “He’s in … . He’s cooking something.

  9. Excuse me, what time is … to London?

  10. It’s … today. Let’s go out.

Exercise 6. Put in “the” where necessary:

  1. _ sky is blue and _ sun is shining.

  2. What are you going to have for _ lunch?

  3. Our apartment is on _ third floor.

  4. Help! Fire! Somebody call _ fire brigade.

  5. Who was _ first man to walk on _ moon.

  6. What is _ largest city in _ world?

  7. Which city is _ capital of your country?

  8. Would you like to be in _ army?

  9. Do you live near _ sea?

  10. After _ dinner we watched _ television.

  11. “Where is your dictionary?” – “It’s on _ top shelf on _ right”.

  12. We live in _ country, about five miles from _ nearest village.

  13. Ann is coming to see us at _ end of May or _ beginning of April.

  14. “Is this book _ cheaper than that one?” – “No, they’re _ same price”.

  15. _ Prime Minister is _ most important person in _ British government.

  16. I don’t know everybody in this photograph. Who is _ man on _ left?

  17. It was a very nice hotel but I don’t remember _ name.

  18. I didn’t like her _ first time I met her.

  19. What do you usually have for _ breakfast?

  20. “Have you got any milk?” – “Yes, there’s some in _ fridge”.

Exercise 7.Complete these sentences. Use the words in the list. Use “the” if necessary.


breakfast radio

dinner sky

guitar sun

lunch television

police time


  1. “Can you tell me … please?” – “Yes, it’s half past six”.

  2. We had … at a restaurant last night.

  3. … is a star. It gives us light and warmth.

  4. Did you see the film on … last night?

  5. I was hungry this morning because I didn’t have … .

  6. … stopped me because I was driving too fast.

  7. “Can you play … ?” – “No, I can’t play any musical instruments.

  8. “What did you have for … ?” – “Just a salad”

  9. When I’m walking home I like listening to … .

  10. … is very clear tonight. You can see all the stars.

Exercise 8. Complete these sentences. Use the words in the list. Use “the” if necessary.


airport dentist

bank home

bed school

church station

cinema University


  1. I need some money. I must go to …… .

  2. Don usually goes to … on Sundays.

  3. Jane has a bad tooth, so she’s going to … .

  4. It’s late and I’m very tired. I’m going to … .

  5. Gary wants to study computer science at … .

  6. She loves films. She goes to … very often.

  7. My plane leaves at 8.30, so I must be at … at about 7.30.

  8. In Britain, children go to … from the age of five.

  9. I telephoned you last night but you weren’t at … .

  10. There were a lot of people at … waiting for the train.

Exercise 9.Put in “the” where necessary.

  1. I must go to _ bank today.

  2. I finish _ work at 5 o’clock every day.

  3. Mary has gone to _ doctor. She isn’t feeling well.

  4. What time do you usually get home from work?

  5. “Where are you going?” – “To _ bed”.

  6. “Where are you going?” – “To _ bank”.

  7. My children usually arrive _ home from _ school at 4.30.

  8. Do you live a long way from _ city center?

  9. What time do you start _ work in the morning?

  10. Would you like to go to _ theatre this evening?

  11. Would you like to go to _ University?

  12. “Where’s Fred?” – “He is in _ toilet”.

  13. What are you going to do when you leave _ school?

  14. Jim is in _ hospital. He’s going to have an operation.

  15. Do you ever go to _ church?

  16. Excuse me, can you tell me where _ post office is?

  17. Why is Angela always late for _ work?

  18. Why is he in _ prison? He didn’t do anything wrong.

Exercise 10.Choose the right variant.

  1. Potatoes/The potatoes are not expensive.

  2. This is good meal. Potatoes/The potatoes are very nice.

  3. Everybody needs friends/the friends.

  4. I never drink coffee/the coffee.

  5. “Where’s coffee/the coffee?” – “It’s in the cupboard”.

  6. Jan doesn’t go to parties/the parties very often.

  7. Tennis/The tennis is a very popular sport.

  8. We went for a swim in the river. Water/The water was very cold.

  9. I don’t like swimming in cold water/the cold water.

  10. You must visit the art gallery. Paintings/The paintings are very beautiful.

  11. Money/The money doesn’t always bring happiness/the happiness.

  12. English/The English is the language of international business.

  13. Children/The children learn things/the things very quickly.

  14. Excuse me, can you pass salt/the salt, please?

  15. I enjoy eating in restaurants/the restaurants.

  16. I must show you photographs/the photographs I took when I was on holiday.

Exercise11. Use the proper article.

  1. They have two children … boy and … girl, … boy is ten and … girl is only three.

  2. I’ve never had … car in my life.

  3. Do you remember … man who brought … letter?

  4. Did you lock … door?

  5. I used my shoe as … hammer.

  6. It’s … very interesting book.

  7. … teacher must love children.

  8. We planted … tulips and roses in our garden. … tulips are in full blossom now, and … roses have not broken out yet.

  9. … boys will be … boys.

  10. … boys have already come back.

  11. I think they are … students.

  12. Now let’s discuss … mistakes you have made in your tests.

  13. I like working with … students.

  14. I like working with … students who take their study seriously.

  15. I can’t read … articles written in small print without glasses.

  16. I didn’t have my glasses about me, so I couldn’t read … articles written in small print.

  17. He can make … keys to any lock.

  18. I’ve lost … keys to my flat.

  19. … elephants are the biggest of all … animals.

  20. He was smiling and made … jokes all … evening long.

  21. One can’t smile and make … jokes all … time.

  22. Have you bought … milk?

  23. … milk is in the fridge.

  24. Your watch doesn’t seem to be made of … gold.

  25. The truck uses … petrol, not … disel fuel.

  26. … meat is beginning to go bad.

  27. Do you want your coffee with or without … sugar?

  28. We wanted to take a swim in the lake but … water turned out to cold.

  29. Will you pass me … butter, please?

  30. Don’t sit on … grass – it’s wet.

  31. Medieval knights valued … honour more than … life.

  32. … honour of the family means a lot for the Spaniards.

  33. … knowledge of foreign languages is … great advantage.

  34. We need a secretary with … good knowledge of English.

  35. … sense of humor isn’t one of his best traits.

  36. He has … striking sense of humor; it’s a lot of fun to be with him.

  37. You have to learn … patience before starting to learn foreign languages.

  38. … courage of the Russian troops surprised the whole world.

  39. The Russian troops showed … great courage that surprised the whole world.

  40. He is lacking in … courage.

  41. People can’t go on for long without sleep.

  42. All you need now is … good sleep.

Exercise 12. Fill in the blanks with the appropriate article where necessary.

  1. I saw … man in … armchair at … window. He was reading … newspaper.

  2. … boy said that he wanted two candies.

  3. Is there anybody else in … waiting room? – Yes, … man wants to speak to you.

  4. Where is … briefcase? I put it on … table.

  5. Could you open … door, please? – I see … girl knocking.

  6. … advice you gave me helped … lot.

  7. I like to be in … center of everything.

  8. At … night I had … terrible headache after I had drunk … lot of … wine in … evening.

  9. Mrs. Pasty is … last person I’d like to meet.

  10. Tom’s planning to take … boat to go fishing on … Sunday.

  11. Could you phone later, please? Kate is having … bath.

  12. We often go to … theatre and to … cinema, but vary rarely to … circus.

  13. When … father came home, they had … dinner and then watched … TV. They went to …bed at 11p.m.

  14. What … pity they haven’t seen this performance!

  15. She can’t find … telegram, which she received this morning.

  16. Are you going to … country for weekend?

  17. She usually goes shopping on … Tuesdays, but … last Tuesday she didn’t do shopping. She had to go to the dentist’s.

  18. Could you tell me … time, please? – It’s … quarter past six.

  19. Do you usually go by … train or in … car there?

  20. What … lovely song! What … beautiful music!

Exercise 13. Fill in the blanks with the appropriate article where necessary.

Geographical names:

  1. They traveled by car around … Europe last month.

  2. … Great American Lakes are … Lake Huron, … Lake Superior, … Lake Ontario, … Lake Michigan and … Lake Erie.

  3. … north of … Scotland is known for its beauty.

  4. Are … Urals higher or lower than Alps?

  5. It was Burns who wrote “My Heart’s in … Highlands”.

  6. … Mediterranean sea washes … Europe, … Asia, and … northern coast of … Africa.

  7. What oceans does … Panama Canal connect? – I suppose … Atlantic and … Pacific Oceans.

  8. … Seine flows through … Paris to … Atlantic Ocean.

  9. We get coffee mostly from … Brazil and … Columbia.

  10. … Alaska is the biggest and coldest state in … USA.

  11. Where are … Canaries situated?

  12. … United Kingdom consists of four pats: … England, … Scotland, … Wales and Northern Ireland, or … Ulster.

  13. … Himalayas are the highest mountains in … Asia.

  14. I went to … German Republic last summer, but I haven’t been to … Netherlands yet. Of course, I would like to see … Hague.

  15. … Thames is not the longest river in … Great Britain but it is rather wide and navigable.

  16. … America consists of two parts, … South and North America, doesn’t it?

  17. In … north there are … Cheviots. These are mountains, which separate … England from … Scotland.

  18. … Brazil is the largest country of … South America. … Amazon, the widest river in … world, flows here.

  19. What city is the capital of … Philippines?

  20. … Republic of … China is the third largest country in … world after … Russia and … Canada.

Abstract nouns and names of materials:

  1. … life is impossible without … water and … air.

  2. You can’t swim in the river. … water isn’t warm enough.

  3. She hurried in and found … coffee almost boiled away.

  4. … oil is lighter than … water.

  5. He has … deep knowledge in mathematics.

  6. You can’t do any work without … knowledge.

  7. … life is … complicated matter.

  8. … Browns lived … quiet life somewhere in South Carolina.

  9. The Moslems don’t eat … pork.

  10. … water is short in deserts and can be found in oases.

  11. This is … coffee I’m so fond of. I don’t think there is … better coffee than this.

  12. … coffee is cultivated in the south of the island.

  13. It seems to me Englishmen show … deep distrust of strangers.

  14. He wanted to give his son … good education.

  15. … air was fresh and cool.

  16. Nothing can travel faster than … light.

  17. He can give you … good piece of … advice. He is fond of giving … advice. But … advice he gave us did not help.

  18. The patient was making … noticeable progress.

  19. You can be satisfied with … progress you have made.

  20. Our plane ran into … heavy weather.

School, college, etc.:

  1. He had a headache and didn’t go to … work yesterday.

  2. “What did you get in … literature?” – the mother asked her daughter when she came … home from … school.

  3. It was twelve o’clock but Andrew was still in … bed.

  4. Could you give me a lift to … college?

  5. In summer they seldom go to … college.

  6. I like to stay at … home on cold evening.

  7. Have you heard anything from John lately? – Yes, he graduated from … Cambridge University.

  8. The queen is going to open … new hospital in the capital next week.

  9. Mom came to … school to see my teacher yesterday.

  10. “You must do this exercise at … school and that one at … home”, said our teacher in a loud voice.

  11. I left my bag in … hospital when I was visiting Judy.

  12. What a strange building! – It’s … prison. It was built in the last century.

  13. When I came to … prison to see my cousin, I found out that he had escaped two days before.

  14. Look at this man. Can you imagine that he was in … prison five years ago?

  15. Let’s meet at … church. It’s on the left of … university.

  16. I went to … church last Sunday but I couldn’t pray. There were two many people in … church.

  17. The doctor hoped that the patient would not stay in … bed for a long time.

  18. Look at this ring. What a fine piece of … work!

  19. They called a plumber to … prison to repair bad taps.

  20. The parents were waiting for their children outside … school.

Proper names:

  1. … Mall is a wide avenue leading from … Trafalgar Square to … Buckingham Palace, the residence of the English kings.

  2. The center of … City is represented by three buildings: … Mansion House, … Royal Exchange and … Bank of … England.

  3. When will he arrive at … Heathrow airport?

  4. … Bolshoi Theatre is famous for its ballet performances.

  5. What is on at … ”Pushkinsky”?

  6. People coming to London often do shopping in … Oxford Street.

  7. … London Zoo is situated in … Regent Park in London.

  8. … Princess Diana stayed at … Hilton Hotel.

  9. If you are interested in churches and historical places, you should by on means see … Westminster Abbey, … Houses of Parliament, … St. Paul’s Cathedral and … Tower.

  10. … British Museum is famous for its library, one of the richest in the world.

  11. The English parks - … Hyde Park and … Kensington Gardens where you forget that you are in the big city, struck me most of all.

  12. Julius Caesar founded … Tower of London.

  13. Where do you live? – I live in … High Street.

  14. On … Wednesday … “Financial Times” published an article about the situation in … North Korea.

  15. Are you going to stay at … St. Marcus Hotel? – No, at Plaza Hotel.

Nouns denoting parts of the day and names of seasons:

  1. It was … evening.

  2. It was … warm summer evening.

  3. … evening was pleasant.

  4. Let’s meet in … evening, I’ll be very busy in … afternoon.

  5. It was … early morning.

  6. It snowed at … night.

  7. We started early in … morning.

  8. What do you usually do in … autumn?

  9. The Russians like winter with plenty of … snow and … frost.

  10. Nature is so beautiful in … spring.

  11. In this country … spring is rather wet, … summer is sometimes hot, … autumn is windy and muddy, … winter is seldom cold and snowy. How can people live here? I prefer … summer all the year round.

  12. She still remembers … autumn when he first told her of his love.

  13. Nothing can be more beautiful than green forests in … early spring.

  14. It was … late autumn.

  15. … autumn of 1996 was very warm and sunny.

  16. … spring and love make people feel young.

  17. In Great Britain … winters are not severely cold, while … summers are rarely hot.

  18. It was pleasant to drive back in … late afternoon.

  19. Bart sat beside her through … night, holding her hand in his, as though his strength could hold her back.

  20. The bed has already made up for … night.

Exercise 14. Translate into English:

  1. Будьте добры, передайте мне соль, пожалуйста.

  2. Вечер был влажный (damp) и прохладный.

  3. Был холодный и ветреный (windy) день.

  4. Вино слишком сладкое. Я люблю сухое вино.

  5. Погода плохая. Ночь была очень холодная. Я не хочу гулять в такую холодную погоду.

  6. Она нашла такую хорошую работу.

  7. Человек приручил (domesticate) собаку много лет назад.

  8. Это неожиданная новость.

  9. Он обладает обширными знаниями в области медицины.

  10. Кипр и Мальта - известные туристические центры.

  11. Она прожила трудную жизнь.

  12. Нефть используют для производства (production) бензина.

  13. Шотландия гористая (mountainous) часть Великобритании. Самая высокая гора - пик Бен-Невис.

  14. Где они остановились? – В отеле “Континенталь”. Это на Хай – стрит.

  15. Я всегда считал ее очень привлекательной девушкой.

  16. «Он очень красивый молодой человек, но недостаточно умен», - подумала Магда о Барте, когда впервые увидела его.

  17. Его не заинтересовали новости, которые мы ему сообщили.

  18. Кристина, которая стояла рядом со мной, сказала: «Это позор».

  19. В эту ночь небо было покрыто облаками, и луны не было видно.

  20. Леди Ривет была стройна и очень хорошо одета.

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