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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Тесты / Упражнения для закрепления грамматики по теме : инфинитив или герундий"

Упражнения для закрепления грамматики по теме : инфинитив или герундий"

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Infinitive or –ing form

  1. Is there anything in that new magazine worth _____.(to read/ reading)

  2. Although I was in a hurry, I stopped _____ to him.(to talk/talking)

  3. I really must stop ______.(to smoke/ smoking)

  4. Would you mind ______ the front door? ( to close/ closing)
    You should remember ______ him. He’ll be at home. (to phone/phoning)

  5. Do you enjoy ______?(to teach/teaching)

  6. All parts of London seem ______ to different towns and epochs.(to belong/belonging)

  7. Why have you stopped? Go on ______. (to read/reading)

  8. The teacher asked us some questions and went on ______ us about the climate of England.(to tell/telling)
    When we had finished ______ the waiter brought the bill.(to eat/eating)

  9. My elder brother went to college, and I hope ______ there too.(to go/going)

  10. My car needs a service badly, and Tom offered ______ me with it.(to help/helping)

  11. Avoid ______ and you’ll feel better soon.(to overeat/overeating)

  12. I can’t help ______ about that awful accident.(to think/thinking)

  13. The Brains want ______ Boston this week.(to leave for/leaving for)

  14. I’ll always remember ______ you for the first time.(to meet/meeting)

  15. I decided ______ my holiday in France.(to spend/ spending)

  16. I enjoy ______ very much.(to travel/traveling)

  17. We might manage ______ a lot of interesting places there.(to visit/visiting)

  18. I dislike ______ around in the car.(to tour/touring)

Participle 1 or participle 2

  1. The stranger’s…face was kind. (smiled/smiling)

  2. The news…by my friend was exciting. (brought/bringing)

  3. Football… all over the world is one of the best….games. (played/playing),(loved/loving)

  4. At 9 o’clock the…work was lying on my boss’s desk. (finished/finishing)

  5. Have you noticed the ….window? (broken/breaking)

  6. The class was busy…(worked/working)

  7. There was no sound except the sound of ….pages. (turned/turning)

  8. The trees….in front of the school were ….to us as a present. (grown/growing), (given/giving)

  9. How can I love someone…my birthday?(forgotten/forgetting)

  10. This dish…with a lot of tomato ketchup is one of my favourite.(eaten/eating)

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