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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Другие методич. материалы / Упражнения к учебнику Афанасьева 5 класс "Образование вопросов"

Упражнения к учебнику Афанасьева 5 класс "Образование вопросов"

  • Иностранные языки

Поделитесь материалом с коллегами:

Общие вопросы (General questions)

  1. Answer the questions:

Do you like cycling?

Does he play football?

Did you stay at home yesterday?

Will you come at 6?

Are you busy?

Were you at home yesterday?

Was there any milk in the fridge?

Were there any shops in the street?

Can you swim?

Can you fly?

Could you swim when you were five?

Must we go to the cinema?

Have you got a bike?

Альтернативные вопросы (Alternative questions)

  1. Answer the questions:

Does he live in Moscow or in St. Petersburg?

Do you like tea with milk or with lemon?

Did he go to Italy or to Spain last summer?

Does he know French or English?

Is he in Paris or in Madrid?

Is she reading a book or reading a magazine?

Were they at home or at work?

Was he selling vegetables or fruit?

Have you got a flat or a house?

Can you speak English or French?

Must we do it now or tomorrow?

Разделительные вопросы (Disjunctive questions)

  1. Answer the questions:

We like sweet, don’t we?

I go to school, don’t I?

He speaks English, doesn’t he?

They built a house, didn’t they?

They have got a house, haven’t they?

He has got a pet, hasn’t he?

You can speak French, can’t you?

We must go there, mustn’t we?

He is at home, isn’t he?

She is speaking, isn’t she?

You are 12, aren’t you?

I am not eight, am I?

He isn’t a student, is he?

They are not swimming, are they?

You can’t drive, can you?

We don’t live here, do we?

She doesn’t know it, does she?

We haven’t got a computer, have we?

Специальные вопросы/ вопросы к подлежащему (special questions/questions to subject)

  1. Answer the questions:

Where do you live?

When does he come back?

What did they know?

What can you see?

Where was he?

Who is coming to us?

Why were they sleeping?

What did you bring?

Where does he want to go?

Who lives in this flat?

Who went to the park yesterday?

Who has got a pet?

Who can swim?

Who must go there?

Who is at home?

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