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Упражнения на отработку Present Continuous и Present Simple

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Упражнения на отработку времен

Present Simple и Present Continuous (Progressive)

Упражнение 1. Вставьте подходящие глаголы в форме Present Simple или Present Continuous. teach have (2) drive leave It’s 17,30am. Suzanne Wells is in her kitchen at home. She (1) ________ breakfast. She (2) _______ breakfast at this time every morning. She (3) ___________ home at 8.30am every day and (4) __________ to work. Suzanne is a teacher. She (5) ___________at a school in Canberra. Spend come teach (2) not speak It's 10.00 am now and Suzanne is at school. At the moment she (6) ________her class of 8-year-old children. All the children in her class (7) ________ from Canberra. Many of the children (8) ______ English at home. So Suzanne (9) ______ a lot of time teaching English. She 10 _________English to the class now.

Упражнение 2. Постройте вопросы, используя времена Present Simple или Present Continuous. Дайте ответы. 1 you | often | wear | jeans? 2 you | wear | jeans now? 3 it | rain | now? 4 it | often | rain | in your country? 5 you | study | English every day? 6 you | study | English at the moment? Example: 1. Do you often wear jeans? –Yes, I do.

Упражнение 3. Используя информацию из предыдущего упражнения составьте шесть предложений о себе, используя Present Simple или Present Continuous. Example: 1. I often wear jeans. or I don’t often wear jeans.

Упражнение 4. Используйте глаголы в скобках в форме Present Continuous или Present Simple 1. I __________English exercises twice a week. (to write) 2. My friend ________ his homework in the afternoon as a rule. (to do) 3. My sister __________ her homework now. (to do) 4. Don’t shout! The baby _________ . (to sleep) 5. The baby always___________ after dinner. (to sleep) 6. What_______ you _________ now? (to read) 7. What books_______ you_______for your literature lessons? (to read) 8. What _________your mother usually________ for lunch? (to cook) 9. ________ she __________a cake now? (to cook) 10. — _____________ (You, to see) that man over there? — Which man? The man in the brown jacket? — No, I___________ (to talk) about the man who __________(to wear) the blue shirt. — Oh, that man!— ____________ (You, to know) him? — No, I _____________( not to think) so. — I ___________(to know, not) him either.

Упражнениe 5. Используйте глаголы в скобках в форме Present Continuous или Present Simple 1. My wife normally __________ (work) at home, but she __________ (spend) this month in Italy. 2. Most days, Tom usually__________ (cycle) to work. 3. When________ the lesson __________ (start) today? 4. What’s your brother doing? He __________ (do) the crossword in the newspaper He __________ (do) it every day. 5. I’m afraid I’ll lose this game of chess. I__________ (play) very badly. I usually ______much better (play). 6. What’s she doing? — She __________ (mend) her husband’s socks. She always__________ them. (mend) 7. Yes, you can borrow my dictionary. I __________ (use) it a lot, but I __________ (not / use) it now. 8. We __________ (not travel) by train very often. 9. She ______________ (be) particularly generous this week. 10. It _____________ (snow) right now. It’s beautiful! I ____________ (like) this weather.

Упражнениe 6. Используйте глаголы в скобках в форме Present Continuous или Present Simple 1. The river___________ (flow) very fast today — faster than usual. 2. You ___________ (always to complain) that waiters are rude! 3. I ___________ (walk) to school every day. I ___________ (take, not) the bus. 4. You ___________ (always to borrow) money! 5. That’s worrying because the number of people without job___________ (increase). 6. Robert is a vegetarian. He ___________ (eat, not) meat. 7. ___________ (you, cook) your own dinner every day? 8. Holidays abroad ___________ (become) increasingly popular. 9. Are you in a hurry? — No, I ___________ (walk) quickly because I’m cold. 10. Where’s your father? — He ___________ (be) in the bathroom. He ___________ (shave). 11. The neighbours forever___________ (slam) doors and___________ (shout) during the night. 12. My sister ___________ (to take) part in the competitions almost every weekend.

Ответы. Упражнение 1. 1. is having, 2 has, 3 leaves, 4 drives, 5 teaches, 6 is teaching, 7 come, 8 don’t speak, 9 spends, 10 is teaching

Упражнение 4. 1. write, 2 does, 3 is doing, 4 is sleeping, 5 sleeps, 6 are you reading, 7 do you read, 8 does…cook, 9 is she cooking, 10 do you see / am talking / is wearing /do you know / don’t think /don’t know

Упражнениe 5. 1. works /is spending, 2 cycles, 3 does the lesson start, 4 is doing /does, 5 am playing / play, 6 is mending/mends, 7 use /am not using, 8 don’t travel, 9 is being , 10 is snowing /like

Упражнениe 6. 1 is flowing, 2 are always complaining, 3 walk / don’t take, 4 are always borrowing, 5 is increasing, 6 doesn’t eat, 7 do you cook, 8 are becoming, 9 am walking, 10 is /is shaving, 11 are forever slamming and shouting, 12 takes

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