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Упражнения на словообразование в английском языке

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Поделитесь материалом с коллегами:

Измените слово в скобках так, чтобы оно грамматически соответствовало предложению. 

1. He was (patience). He couldn't wait any more. 
2. I'm not so (enthusiasm) about Mary's idea. 
3. I (suspicious) Dan of stealing the money. 
4. He opened the door (slow). 
5. Stop being (fool). 
6. Ron behaved (fool) at the party. 
7. It was an (extreme) funny story, everybody laughed. 
8. They (celebration) his B-day party on Wednesday. 
9. Andrew is a (mischief) boy. 
10. Mrs Campbell is a (talk) woman. 
11. The (humid) in this region is very high, it often rains. 
12. Miss Sally is a/an (resist) woman, she is really beautiful. 
13. The article (glamour) a new model of the Ford car. 
14. Penguin is a (fly) bird. 
15. The scientists are discussing the problem of (globe) warming. 
16. The news (sad) him, he felt unhappy. 
17. This test is (photocopy). 
18. The stars on the American flag (symbol) the number of states. 
19. The FBI (inform) told that the crime had been committed 3 days before. 
20. The workers decided to (broad) the pavement. 
21. Our next (contest) is from Sweden. 
22. Mr. Bellop (organ) the audition next week. 
23. His actions are (mature), he behaves like a child. 
24. We are (definite) late. 
25. He (special) in Eastern languages. 
26. Nobody noticed our (absent). 
27. The melon is (juice). Can I have some more? 
28. Mark's business is (profit). 
29. Helen (button) her coat, hang it up on the hook and made for the room. 
30. (Darwin) say that Darwin's theory revolutionized the science. 
31. I was (prepare) for such an answer, it came as a shock. 
32. Mrs Edwin likes talking on (religion) topics. 
33. She was scared to death, her face (white). 
34. Mrs. Andrews came into the room to (quiet) the little ones. 
35. I was getting (easy), nobody called, I felt worried. 

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