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Упражнения по английскому языку на тему "Future Tenses"

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Упражнения по теме The future indefinite (simple) tense

Ex. 1. Put the verb in brackets into the Future Indefinite.

1. He (be) here soon. 2. The dress (be) ready tomorrow. 3. They (be) at the station in time for the 10.30 train. 4. I (know) the result in a day. 5. I (be) twenty years old next year. 5. They (remember) you well. 7. When he (come) back? 8. When he comes, I (apologize) to him. 9. I (not see) this beautiful city again. 10.1 (recognize) his pictures anywhere.

Ex. 2. Put in when or if.

Example: If it rains in the morning, we won’t go swimming.

1. I’m going to England next week.____________ I’m there, I hope to visit a few museums. 2. Frank might return this evening.____________ he does, can you cook him some meal? 3. I think he’ll pass his exam. I’ll be very surprised_____________ he doesn’t pass it. 4. I hope to be on time. But_________ I don’t make it, go without me. 5. I’m going shopping.____________ you want anything, I can get it for you. 6. I don’t feel well tonight. I think l’l| go straight to bed ________ I get home. 7. I’m leaving for Canada tomorrow. I’ll write to you_____________ I get there. 8. I want you to come to the party but_________ you don’t want to come, you needn’t.

Упражнения на Future Continuous

Choose the right variant.

  1. I shall go/shall be going to the party when my brother arrives.2) Will you pass / will you be passing me the books from him tomorrow?3) I’m sure Tom will give up/is giving up the job.4) Jack isn’t free on Monday. He will write/ will be writing at home.5) Jim is going to study from 7 till 10 this evening. So at 8.30 this evening he will learn/will be learning new words.6) While I shall read/ shall be reading this poem she will play/ will be playing the piano.7) When you call him he will sleep/ will be sleeping.8) I hope the next mail will bring/ will be bringing news from home.9) Her homework is not finished. She will work/ will be working at it.10) At what time will you be/ will you being at home?

Упражнения на Future Perfect

1) I (finish) my work by 5 o'clock. 2) He (finish) his job by 5 o'clock. 3) he ( finish) his work by 5 o'clock?

4) We (finish) his work by 3 o'clock.

I will have been waiting for her since 10 o’clock until she agrees to join us

Я буду ждать ее с 10 часов до тех пор, пока она не согласится присоединиться к нам

Упражнения на Future Perfect Continuous

We (sing) all day long until you call us to have lunch .

They (have) fun since 6 o’clock when we come .

You (wait) for more than 2 hours when her plane finally arrives

They (talk) for over an hour by the time Thomas arrives

James (teach) at the university for more than a year by the time he leaves for Asia

Future Perfect

Future Simple

Future Continuous

Future Perfect Continuous

Shall/will +have+Past Participle

Shall/will + Verb

Shall/will +be+V-ing

Shall/will +have+ been+V-ing

Однократное действие в будущем, которое завершится к определенному моменту, который может быть указан как обстоятельством, так и другим действием.

Однократное предполагаемое действие. Момента и времени протекания не существует.

Длительное действие в будущем. Момент протекания, время точно указано.

Длительное действие в будущем, которое продолжается до определенного момента. Время протекания точно указано.

I shall have translated this article by 10 o’clock. – Я переведу эту статью к 10 часам.

I shall come there next year. – Я приеду туда в следующем году.

It will be raining tomorrow morning. – Завтра утром будет идти дождь.

By the 1st of September she will have been teaching at this school for 25 years. – К первому сентября будет 25 лет, как она преподает в этой школе.

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