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Упражнения по теме "Modal verbs"

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1. Complete the following sentences using the most appropriate forms of the verbs.

1. Jack has got a headache. He … sleep well recently.
a) can’t
b) couldn’t have
c) hasn’t been able to
2. I … sleep for hours when I was a little girls.
a) could
b) am able to
c) can
3. Tom … play tennis well but he … play a game yesterday because he was ill.
a) couldn’t, could
b) can, was able
c) can, couldn’t 
4. I didn’t want to be late for the meeting. We … meet at 5 sharp.
a) were to
b) had to
c) could
5. Where are my gloves? — I … put them on because it’s cold today.
a) can’t
b) have to 
c) needn’t
6. You … take an umbrella today. The Sun is shining.
a) needn’t 
b) mustn’t
c) can’t
7. I’m sorry, you didn’t invite me to your birthday party. You … invite me next time.
a) must 
b) should
c) need to
8. Well, it’s 10 o’clock. I … go now.
a) can
b) has to
c) must
9. You … smoke so much.
a) would 
b) can’t
c) shouldn’t
10. We have got plenty of time. We … hurry.
a) must
b) needn’t
c) should
2. Translate the sentences into English.

1. Вы должны бросить курить.
2. Вечеринка была замечательная. Вам следовало прийти.
3. Ты можешь решить эту проблему.
4. Тебе следует навестить своего больного друга.
5. Тебе следовало навестить своего больного друга, но ты не навестил.
6. Не хотите еще чая?
7. Я вынужден был сделать это.
8. Я не знаю, почему мы спешили. Нам не нужно было спешить.
9. Я бы хотел пойти с тобой.
10. Ты можешь делать все, что хочешь.
11. Ольге нужно уделить больше внимания занятиям по английскому языку.
12. Я не уверен, но возможно он неправ.
13. Ему разрешили взять машину своего отца в прошлую пятницу.
14. Я могу считать до 50 на испанском.

3. There is a mistake in each sentence. Correct the mistakes.

1. Actors may learn a lot of dialogues by heart.
2. Your glass is empty. Must I refill it?
3. Would I introduce Mr. Brown to you?
4. My sister can to play a few musical instruments.
5. Some years ago I didn’t can speak English.
Упражнение 5

Вставьте глаголы may или can.

1. … I come in? 2. Let me look at your exercises. I … be able to help you. 3. I … not swim, because until this year the doctor did not allow me to be more than two minutes in the water. But this year he says I … stay in for fifteen minutes if I like, so I’m going to learn to swim. 4. Libraries are quite free, and any one who likes … get books there. 5. I … come and see you tomorrow if I have time. 6. Take your raincoat with you: it … rain today. 7. Do you think you … do that? 8. I … finish the work tomorrow if no one bothers me any more. 9. … we come and see you next Sunday at three o’clock in the afternoon? 10. What time is it? – It … - be about six o’clock, but I am not sure. 11. Only a person who knows the language very well … answer such a question.


Упражнение 6

Вставьте модальные глаголы may (might) или  can (could).

1. … you help me? 2. I … imagine her speaking in public: I knew that she was so shy. 3. Something was wrong with the car: he … not start it. 4. A fool … ask more questions than a wise man … answer. 5. She asked me if she … use my telephone. 6. … I use your pen? 7. … I find a pen on that table? 8. You … read this book: you know the language well enough. 9. You … take this book: I don’t need it. 10. … help you? 11. … I ask you to help me? 12. The school was silent: nothing … be heard in the long dark corridors. 13. Waiting … be endless, you know. 14. … you tell me the nearest way to the city museum? 15. They … think that I am too weak to take part in the excursion, but I am strong enough to do any kind of hard work, indeed. 16. He knew this period of history very well: he had read everything on the subject he … find in the rich university library.

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