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Упражнения с картинками на темы "Завтрак", "Школа", "В парке", "На работе", "Увлечения"

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Describing pictures

I. Look at the picture and do the tasks (in teams or individually). Use the words: I think… I consider… Maybe… I suppose…

  1. For 1 minute think of as many words as you can, the place, the number of people or animals, other things.

  2. Describe people’s appearance and feelings.

  3. Say what the people are doing.

  4. Say where they are.

  5. Say what they are wearing.

  6. What seasons are in the picture? Prove it.

  7. People’s occupation.

C:\Users\ДНС\Desktop\Ситуативные картинки\Having a rest.jpg

II. Complete the story: Yesterday I was tired. I was cleaning, cooking and doing lessons. I fell asleep very fast and I had a strange dream. I came home from work and saw …

III. Ask 4 (5,…) (general, special, alternative, tag, subject) questions to the picture.

IV. Speak about every person in the picture what he/she usually does and what he/she is doing now.

Describing pictures

  1. Complete the story :

In the picture I can see …

There are … in the family. They are in …

It’s … (time) and the family is … They are having … for breakfast.

The parents are busy with …

Their little son who is about … years old, has eaten … and is ready to … But his parents

C:\Users\ДНС\Desktop\Ситуативные картинки\family_having_breakfast_iStock_000019460169XSmall.jpg

  1. Make up a story using the prompts :

Morning- family – parents and their little son – kitchen – breakfast – busy – speak on the phone – hurry to work – a babysitter – spend the day – meet the family in the evening

Describing pictures

  1. Give general details about the picture.

  2. In teams it’s possible to compete in making up the list of words| word combinations (maybe on a definite topic – nature, people, place) for 1 minute.

  3. In teams describe the people or the situations about them; make up dialogues between the friends. Give your own predictions using:

  • Maybe ...(the children are classmates and their teacher is on the bench; they’re groups of friends;)

  • I think ...(It’s summer and kids are having a rest and their parents are shopping.)

  • The atmosphere is peaceful/depressing ...

  • I (don't) like the picture because ...

  • It makes me think of ...

C:\Users\ДНС\Desktop\Ситуативные картинки\ParkSceneA.gif4. Ask questions like: Who is wearing glasses? (The girl in a yellow dress.) Who is fishing? (The boy in a red cap.) Who is eating cotton candy? (The boy in a blue shirt.) Who is walking the dog? (The girl in a red dress.) The questions can be asked by the students.

5. Teams name each other a word (a thing in the picture) and they should say a word combination or a sentence: a balloon – a red and a blue balloons or A boy with blond hair is holding balloons.

  1. Describe the activities children can do in the parks (every weekend in summer, now)

Describing a picture

  1. Choose the statement and convince everyone that it’s true (3-4 sentences):

  1. These pupils don’t have the school building in the country.

  2. It’s hot in the school. That’s why the schoolchildren are outside.

  3. The pupils are punished.

  4. The pupils missed a lot of lessons and did bad at school. They have to study after school.

C:\Users\ДНС\Desktop\Ситуативные картинки\Outside school.jpg

  1. Make up a story using the plan:

  1. A country children live in.

  2. Problems with a school building.

  3. Pupils’ attitude to lessons outside.

  4. School uniform and school things.

  5. Advantages and disadvantages of schooling outside.

Describing a picture

  1. Answer the questions:

*How long have you been studying English? Do you study well? * Do you need it for your future job? * What possibilities do you get knowing a foreign language?

  1. Complete the sentences :

  1. These people are in … (place)

  2. I think they are … (occupation)

  3. They look …

  4. They are … (doing)

  5. They are … (character)

C:\Users\ДНС\Desktop\Ситуативные картинки\2_female_adult_students_with_teacher.jpg

II. Make up sentences using the words to make a story:

foreign language course; posters;

three times a week; work abroad;

hard-working; ambitious;

experienced; be involved in;

be responsible for … great results

  1. Give some titles to the picture and choose the best one.

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