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Урок английского языка "Christmas Party"

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Christmas  Party


( Рождественский КВН )

Цели и задачи:


- овладение учащимися умениями применять на практике полученные знания;

- совершенствование навыков восприятия и понимания речи на слух;

- активизировать навыки чтения и произношения;

- повторить правописание слов;

- расширить кругозор учащихся.


- развивать социокультурную компетенцию учащихся посредством ознакомления с традициями Англии и США;

- обучать общению;

- развивать память, внимание, логическое мышление;

- развивать языковую догадку;

- развивать творческий потенциал учащихся;

- повышать мотивацию изучения иностранного языка.


- воспитание чувства ответственности перед коллективом;

- совершенствование навыков работы в команде.


- карточки конкурсных заданий и игр в конвертах;

- компьютер, презентация;

- доска;

- шарфы (2) и варежки (2 пары);

- конфеты-карамель;

- подарки, открытки, новогодние плакаты и стихи.


Ход мероприятия:


I.                   Greeting.

       My best congratulations on the occasion of the coming holidays. I’m glad to see you and today we are having a “Christmas Party”. Now listen to one of the favourite songs of the holidays “Jingle Bells” and divide into two teams. Choose your captains and find the name of your team in one of the envelopes. Make the words from the letters and get to know it.


2 envelopes with letters for “December” and “January”- winter months when we celebrate the most joyful  holidays and get presents.


II.                Contests:


  1. Now you will get the cards with the “winter” words. You should rearrange them as fast as you can according to the alphabetical order.


holiday                                  present                              send

            sweet                                     party                                 flower

apple                                      snowman                          chocolate

tinsel                                      chimney                            sledge

celebrate                                star                                    winter


  1. Captains’ contest.

Now the captains will get “winter” poems. But some of the words have gone. So, your task is to fill in the missing words to complete the poems. Let’s see, who is the best poet?



Snow on trees, on the roofs,                         

A snowman in the yard.                                                 

Frost on windows, ice on ponds.                                 

            It’s a Christmas card!


            At the same time – the teams fill  in the missing letters into the words:

            snowman                       New Year                            winter

            February                        Santa Claus                          Rudolph

           cold                                presents                               reindeer

            Christmas                       December                            sleigh


NB     listen to the song “Happy New Year” while doing tasks 1, 2.


  1. Let’s check up your imagination. You should guess the following riddles. The teams read the riddles one by one in turn for each other:


You can’t hear me, but you                             This is the season  

Can see me all around                                      When children ski

Falling softly from the sky,                              And Father Frost

I’m white upon the ground.                             Brings the New Year Tree.

What am I?                                                       (winter)



He comes at night                                            The little old woman

(Oh so they say!)                                              Has 12 children:

Then does his job                                              Some long, some short,

And goes away.                                                Some cold, some hot.

Who is he?                                                        Who is she? 

(Father Frost)                                                    (A year)


This is the season                                                Higher than a house,

When vegetables grow,                                       Higher than a tree -

I come to the garden                                           Oh, what can it be?

And make water flow.                                        (the sky)



This is the season                                                 This is the month

When fruit is sweet,                                             When mornings are dark.

This is the season                                                 And the birds do not sing

When school-children meet.                                In the woods and the park.

(autumn)                                                               (December)


  1. A game: “Santa Claus Scramble”.

You will pass the bag with the letters – pick a letter in chain. The first team to combine their letters to spell SANTA CLAUS wins.


  1. Christmas Quiz.

Do you know a lot about Christmas traditions? Answer the following questions to make it clear. Who know more is the winner. Answer in turn. If you do not know the answer the other team may give the right one.

·         He’s old, fat and likes to wear red clothes. He brings children their presents on Christmas Day.

·         It’s cold and white and falls from the sky.

·         This is the name of a Christmas carol -  Silent …?

·         What is the name of the day before Christmas Day?

·         What is Santa Claus’ favourite colour?

·         Many people go there on Christmas Day. They go there to pray, and to sing carols.

·         It’s green and brown. People put presents under it and open them on Christmas Day.

·         On Christmas Day, we say Happy Christmas! What is another word for Happy?

·         On January first, we say Happy New …?

·         What kind of animal is Rudolph? Rudolph the red-nosed what?

·         This is something you make with snow. It looks like a man.

·         How does Santa Claus enter a house? He comes down a what?

·         Many people eat this delicious bird roasted on Christmas Day.

·         You can see this at night high in the sky.

·         What season does Christmas come in?

·         Children and adults receive these on Christmas Day.

·         Who helps Santa Claus with his work?

·         In what month does Christmas fall?

·         This is something the mailman brings at Christmastime. He puts it through the letter-box.

·         It’s sweet. We eat it on Christmas Day.


  1. Word search (Reindeer).

You know that Santa Claus loves Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer best. But he also has 8 more reindeer, good and lovely gays. Now you will try to find their names among the letters.

(Cupid, Dancer, Comet, Blitzen, Vixen, Dasher, Prancer, Donner – on the blackboard).


  1. Snowman game (+ song “I Made 3 Round Snowballs”)

Choose any member of your team to be an artist. He or she will listen to my instructions and draw a snowman on the blackboard but with the eyes closed.

Instructions dictation:

·         First,  draw three the 3 circles on top of each other like a snowman.

·         Draw the 3 buttons.

·         Draw the eyes, nose, mouth.

·         Draw a hat.

·         Draw stick arms.

Now open your eyes. You can vote who did the best.


  1. Candy Relay (+ 2 pairs of mittens, candies).

Every team will make a line. The first player is given a pair of mittens. Everyone is given a candy. At a signal, the first player in each team puts on the mittens, unwraps the candy, and pops it into their mouth, the second player does the same, and so on down the line. The team that finishes first wins.


III.             Making conclusion and greetings.


      It seams to me all of you were equally good, active clever and creative. Thank you for the fun we’ve got. Now’s the time to finish our festival. You can greet each other with the coming holidays, give the cards and presents. Christmas is the time for tasty cakes, chocolate, sweets and nice presents in the stockings or under the Christmas tree.

New things to learn,

New friends to meet,

New songs to sing,

New joys to greet.

           New things to see,

           New things to hear,

           New things to do

           In this New Year.


Song “We Wish You a Merry Christmas”.



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