Инфоурок Английский язык КонспектыУрок английского языка в 7 классе на тему "Хобби"

Урок английского языка в 7 классе на тему "Хобби"

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Сценарий урока по учебному предмету

«Английский язык», 7 класс


Класс: 7

Тема урока: Хобби

Коммуникативная ситуация урока: Занятия выходного дня

Форма работы: парная, индивидуальная.

Цель урока: формирование лексических навыков в рамках коммуникативной ситуации урока «Хобби».


1.     Образовательная: способствовать созданию условий для формирования у учащихся языковых знаний и речевых умений по теме «Хобби».

2.     Развивающая: содействовать развитию памяти, внимания, мышления, воображения учащихся.

3.     Воспитательная: способствовать развитию познавательного интереса к предмету через содержание учебного материала.

Дидактическое оснащение: учебное пособие “Английский язык. 7 класс. Часть 1” (Л. М. Лапицкая и др.), рабочая тетрадь “Workbook -1, 7 (Л. М. Лапицкая и др.), наглядный и раздаточный материал.


Ход урока


1. Организационно - мотивационный этап.

1.1 Введение в тему урока и определение целей.

Good morning, children! Take your seats, please, and get ready for the lesson. It’s very nice to see you. How are you today?

1.2 Речевая зарядка. Развитие навыков говорения

What is a hobby?

Is it interesting to have a hobby?

What can people collect?

What do people usually learn when they collect things?

What hobbies do you know?


2.     Операционно - познавательный этап.

Have you ever heard about kite-flying? Look at this picture. It is an interesting hobby, isn’t it?

Scan the questions after the text and say what kind of hobby it is. Right it is about an old hobby in  England., about kite-flying. Now read the text very carefully. Try to grasp both the main idea and the details. Find answers to all questions.

Thank you. Find irregular verbs in this text, please.

3. Организационно - деятельностный этап.

Today we are going to have some more practice in listening comprehension. Divide into groups of five. Each group watches an extract from the film “Minsk” and complete the following summary of the text. Would you like to visit this wonderful city? A pupil from each group is to tell us about St. Petersburg. The summary will help you.

Your  hometask  was to prepare projects about your hobbies  Let’s speak about your hobbies.

Whose story is the most interesting? Why?  Whose story was the shortest/ longest? Who made no mistakes? What hobby is the most interesting/useful/exiting/expensive?

Thank you very much. Most of your projects were very interesting .I think you’ve learned a lot of useful information.  Continue your work with projects. Now look at the following list of leisure activities.

 Doing a sport                                                 Going to the theatre

Going round a market                                        Going to a rock concert

Going to an opera                                               Reading a book

Growing flowers                                                Visiting an art gallery

Visiting a museum                                              Going to a disco club

Playing the guitar                                                Fishing

Having a picnic                                                   Rollerblading

Horse riding                                                        Cycling                                                   

Choose one or more of these that you have done and describe the experience. Why did/ didn’t you enjoy it?

 Put them in your order of preference. What kind of activity do you prefer?

 Are there any others, which are not on the list that you like?

Work in pairs. Act out a conversation between two friends discussing their hobbies. But first of all, repeat the phrases after me, please.


4. Рефлексивно - оценочный этап.

In conclusion, I’d like to say that it’s very interesting to have a hobby. Hobbies help us to learn more about our planet, to be more intelligent and        well-educated. We should all have a hobby and our life will be more interesting. Did you like our lesson? (дети высказывают свои мнения об уроке) Your marks for the lesson are the following (учитель оценивает работу учащихся на уроке, в том числе объявляет отметки и за грамматический тест). Now, please write down your hometask: write the composition about any old hobby in Russia, сontinue your work with projects. . Have you got any questions? The lesson is over. Good-bye.




Приложение 1

Choose the correct word to describe things and people’s feelings.

Variant 1

1. Tom is ________ in motorsport. He finds it _________. (interesting/interested)

2. I’m so ________ by collecting stamps. It’s _________ to learn a lot about the world. (amusing/amused)

3. Reading books is not ______ . I am never _______  with it. (boring/bored)

4. My Mum was  _______ at the news. (surprising/surprised)

5. Cycling is an ________ hobby. (exiting/exited)

Variant 2

1. It was not ________ for Tom to do the tests. (interesting/interested)

2. Our teacher was _________ with Nick who was not a prodigy. (disappointing/disappointed)

3. Pupils were _________ because their marks were not good. (depressing/depressed)

4. George didn’t have a brother or a sister. He was ________ to tears. (boring/bored)

5. Looking after his Grandma wasn’t the most _________ way to spend a Saturday morning. (exiting/exited)

Приложение 2


   Kite-flying is an old hobby in England. Many years ago people in London liked kite-flying. In our days young men and old men, women and children take their kites to the parks and threw them up into the sky. The kites are of many colours. Some of them are square and others have three corners. Some kites are like boxes, some look like balls or flowers. Many people, and children too, make their kites themselves. They make kites of paper, and fix bright ribbons to them. Some people buy their kites in the shops.

   In some countries kite-flying is a sport. People have competitions in kite-flying.

Kite-flying – запуск бумажного змея

to throw (threw) – бросать, кидать

to fix – укреплять

ribbon – лента

1. In what country do people like kite-flying very much?

2. What do kites look like?

3. What are kites made of?

4. Can you make a kite?

5. Have you ever seen a competition in kite-flying?

Приложение 3

1. St. Petersburg is one of the most  __________ cities in the world.

2. It was founded by ___________  in ________  .

3.The city is situated  in ___________ .

4. Its population is _____________ .

5. __________ attract thousands of tourists from every corner of the world.

6. St. Petersburg is the  _________ largest city in  ________ .

Приложение 4

Dialogue 1

Harry, let’s play football in the yard.

I’d love to but my leg hurts.

Well then, how about walking in the park? The weather is nice today.

That’s a good idea, but I hate hanging out in the park. It’s a waste of time.

In my opinion you are just lazy!

No, I’m not. Besides there is an interesting film on TV in the afternoon. I get pleasure from watching old comedies.

As for me I prefer playing sport to watching TV. Playing football or tennis is a change from school,  isn’t  it?

You are right, Tom. But remember tastes are differ.

Dialogue 2

(Mary is speaking by telephone)

- Bob? This is Mary. How are you?

- Fine. And  you?

- Fine too. What are you doing?

- I’m listening to music. It’s really relaxing. In my leisure time I enjoy listening to rock music. Do you like rock music?

-  I like music, but I  don’t  like rock. I get pleasure from  growing  flowers. I’m so amused by this hobby. There are many beautiful flowers in our house.

- Do you have  any orchids  in your collection?

- Yes, there are  some orchids, they are nice. Would you like to see my flower collection?

- That’s a good idea. Thank you.                     














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