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Урок английского путешествие и туризм

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Date: Lesson: 35

Grade: 9 A, B

Theme: Travelling and tourism


1. Enrich vocabulary by the theme “travelling”, review grammar – need + gerund, train skills of reading, listening and speaking using theme.

2. Develop students’ skills of reading and speaking, listening through the dictation, to form inside motivation to learn English and use the got knowledge in practice.

3. Bring up respect to foreign culture and each other working in groups, to increase the view on the world.

Types of the lesson: combined

SWAT: Student must discuss questions about the travelling, use gerund in daily speech.





Good morning, children. I`m glad to see you. How are you today?

Who is absent?

What`s the date today?

What`s the weather like today?

But what do they travel for?

Where do different means of transport carry passengers?

What do we usually buy when we are going to travel?

Where do we usually pack our things?

Where do we go if we want to travel by train and by plane?

Why is it pleasant, interesting and useful to travel?

Warming up

Fishbone “Travelling”

Phonetic drills

Every country has its customs.

There is no place like home.

The wider we roam the welcomer home.

East or West, home is best.

Answer the general questions, ask each other by the chain

Student make the fishbone “type of travelling-transport”

Read and translate

Dialogical education

Critical minding



Travel brochures


Arrange trips










Give new words using pictures of presentation

Work with presentation



Make up word combinations

Make the sentences

Match the words

A – students make up sentences

B- students make word combinations

Students work in pair

New approach in education

Dialogical education

Gifted children


Watch video about travelling


  1. Review rule gerund

  2. Learn need+ gerund

  3. Test

Name the gerund

Learn and give the examples

Make the test –double check

Critical minding

Leadership in education




  1. Dictation “Travelling ”

  2. Translate the proper names

  3. Translate 3 sentences

Write down the dictation

Write our proper names – group B

Translate the sentences by group A

Leadership in education

Age ability in education

Gifted children



Make the analyze with

I like … It was difficult with…”

Home task:

Learn the words, write down 5 word combination with adjectives

Students make the analyze write opinion on the poster


Individual work

  1. Vetsel D, Bitenov A, Ryzhkova K, Malahova E, Kameneva K

  2. Bodin A, Fazylhanov N, Nurlanov A

Group A: students make up sentences, work with task 3

Group B: students make word combinations, work with task 2


My travel experience would begin in New York, known as one of the world's most modern cities because of its high buildings and its dynamic spirit. From New York I would cross the Atlantic Ocean to England. In London I would explore the British Museum and visit the shops and pubs along King's Road in Chelsea. My next stop would be Amsterdam, an attractive city because of its steep narrow houses and canals lined with trees. Flying on to Coppenhagen I would eat Danish open-faced sandwiches and be entertained at night clubs in Tivoli Gardens. Having seen enough cities by this time I would head South to the Italian Riviera. Portofino, a handsome fishing village resembling an opera setting, is one of the most charming vacations sports in Europe.

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