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Урок английского языка для 6 класса "My summer holidays."

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Күні/ Date:

Сыныбы/ Grade: 6

Сабақтың тақырыбы/ The theme of the lesson: My summer holidays.

Сабақтың мақсаты/ The aims of the lesson: Formation of knowledge of pupils of a subject "Past Indefinite time. Affirmative offers".

1) To provide assimilation by pupils of this subject during a lesson.

2) To cultivate attentiveness at pupils.

3) Development of skills of drawing up offers.

Сөздік/Vocabulary: Buy, have, stay, walk, sunbathe, take, spend, go

Грамматикалық тақыры/ Grammar theme: Past Indefinite time. Affirmative offers

The procedure of the lesson:

Organization moment:

T: Hello, children! Sit down!

How are you today?

I’m glad to see you!

Who is on duty today?

What date is it today?

What was your home task?

Check h/w: ex. 24-26 on p.17-18.

Warm-up: This one is great for over excited Ss who need to burn off a bit of energy.  It's also good for classroom commands and numbers.  Stand the students in a line and call out instructions: "Jump 10 times", "Turn around 4 times" etc.  Other good ones to use are: run (on the spot), hop, hands up & down, touch your (body part), stand up & sit down and star jump.

The main part: The theme of our lesson is "Past Indefinite tense”. Today we are going to learn the grammar rules and do some exercises to practice the tense.

Past Indefinite tense

Обозначает действие предмета, которое произошло в прошлом в неопределённый момент.

Оно образуется при помощи 2 формы неправильного глагола или окончания ed.

Указатели времени в Past Simple:

Yesterday- Вчера

Last week- На прошлой неделе

Last month- В прошлом месяце

Last year- В прошлом году

years ago…- … лет назад


Eg.: I went to school yesterday.

        I visited my friend last week.

Ex. 1 p. 19 Complete the countries.

Austria Russia

S____________ F ___________

Belgium Holland

C___________ I____________


E___________ J ___________

Ex. 2 p.19 Match the picture with the words.

How can people travel?


1 2 3


4 5 6

  1. By ship____ b. by bus ______ c. hiking _______

d. by plane _____ e. by car__________ f. by train_________

ex. 3 p. 20 Complete the verb phrases.

What can people do when they travel?

Buy have stay walk sunbathe take spend go

Stay in a hotel ___________ sightseeing ____________money/time

_____ souvenies _________ photos __________ on the beach

______a good time _________ around the city

Ex. 4a Read the text and pick up the verbs in the Present Simple.

Colin’s grandmother is 74. Her name is Ann White. She lives in Bath which is a small town in the UK. She loves her grandchildren. They are students in Bath. She looks after her pussy cat. She often thinks about her past. Her grandchildren often visit her and help her. They love her very much.

Ex. 5 p. 20 Complete the chart. Use the verbs in the texts.

Present Simple

Past Simple





Ex. 6 p. 21 Listen and practice.

[t] [d] [id]

Looked lived started

Worked died visited

Danced earned ended

Ex. 7 p. 21 Put the verbs in the correct columns.

Ex.9 p.21 Work in groups of three or four. Tell your partners about your grandparent’s past life.

Home work: To learn the new words, grammar material and ex. 4b, 8 on p. 21.

Reflection/ Marks: Today we found out how to greet people. Now remember and say all the words of greeting.

The marks for the lesson are …

The lesson is over! Good-bye!

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