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Урок английского языка 7 класс казахский язык обучения

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Мұғалім: Абишева Лилия Рафаэльевна

Пәні:Ағылшын тілі

Сыныбы:7 сынып

Сабақтың тақырыбы: Музыка

Сабақтың эпиграфы:“Music is the universal language of the world”
H. Longfellow

Сабақтын мақсаты:Оқушылар музыка әлемі жайында қосымша мәлімет алады, және осы тақырып төңірегінде білімдерін жетілдіреді.

Оқушылар сыни көзқарастарын дамыта отырып ағылшын тілін үйренуге деген қызығушылықтарын арттырады.

Сабақтың түрі:білімді жүйелеу мен жинақтау сабағы

  1. Ұйымдастыру қезені:

Teacher: Good morning, dear students! Nice to meet you. I hope you are well today

-Today the leader of our organizational moment will be…

-What day is it today?

What date is it today?

Who is on duty today?

Who is absent? Are you ready to work today?

So, let the music begin! I invite you to start with your favourite song “Introducing Me” (by N. Jonas) for everybody to have a good mood.

I think you are ready for our lesson and have a good mood. Today we are going to speak about a very interesting kind of art. Look at the blackboard, please and try to guess what art it is.

Our today`s lesson is dedicated to music. It`s impossible to live without it, it follows us everywhere, it is in our hearts, feelings and souls. And as H. Longfellow said – “Music is the universal language of the world”.

Топқа бөлу «Pop», «Classic»

2. Сабақтың мақсаттарымен және міндеттерімен таныстыру:

Today we`ll speak about your favourite music,

have Brain-storm Activity,

sing songs,
discuss the text with the INSERT Method,

work with presentations,

make cinquains about music.

3. Ой қозғау, кластерлер.

Teacher: Now, let`s have brainstorm activity.

I ask you to divide in two groups. The first will brainstorm all the adjectives that come to your mind when you listen to different kinds of music. The second will speak about the influence of music on people. Work in groups, please. ( топппен жұмыс – 2 топ келесі кластерді толтырады):


Are you ready? Now I ask _ to speak for your group.

Student 1: In our opinion music can be (топ жазған сөздерді оқиды): romantic, boring, appealing, eloquent, fascinating, catchy, touchy, sweet, complicated, relaxing, unforgettable, breathtaking, overwhelming…

Student 2: We have discussed how music can influence people. So, our decision is (топ басшысы оқиды): - Music is a part of our life; It can provoke wonderful and complex feelings; It makes people happier, can support them; Music can give us positive emotions, cheerfulness, pleasure; Music promotes loving feelings; It can`t leave us indifferent; Music relates to our hopes, dreams, joys and disappointments…

Teacher: Thank you for your expressions. At the end of the lesson you will use them to make cinquains.

  1. «Интервью».

Teacher: There are different kinds of music, but tastes differ, you know. I asked _ to be our class correspondent and prepare the interview to learn your musical preferences. (Бір оқушы журналист болады):

Student 3:

_, what sort of music do you prefer?

What about you, _ ?

Now I`ll try to guess, _, you like jazz, don`t you?

Is there anybody who is fond of folk?

_, and what music do you listen to when you have free time?

_, what kind of music is your joy?

_, what about you?

And what is your preference, _?

I see. Thank you for the interview.

Teacher: So, what are the results of your survey?

Student 3: Well, my classmates` musical interests are different. Some of them prefer dance music, rock and rap. The others are fond of hip-hop, soul and classical music. But pop music takes the first place. Frankly speaking, I`m for pop too. By the way, what music do you prefer, (мұғалімге сұрақ қояды)?

Teacher: Oh, I`m an old fan of the legendary British pop group, I mean the Beatles. You know, my parents adore them and know many of their songs. I grew up with the Beatles` songs, and may be that is one of the reasons why I like English and music so much. I will tell you more about the Beatles after checking your homework, OK?

Оқушылардың топтарды ауыстыру.

Моцарт, Чайковский, Калдаяков

  1. INSERT арқылы текстпен жұмыс жасау .

40 В. А. Моцартың симфониясың тындау.

Do you know that music has a medicinal effect on people? At home you read the text about its incredible power and exactly about the influence of this composer. Who is he? (Mozart)

Your task was to work at the text with the INSERT Method (and I do hope that your reading was really effective.



  1. Music is not just entertainment. It is medicine for both the brain and the body. Don Campbell is an expert on The Mozart effect and the incredible power of music. He says that all kinds of music, from Mozart to jazz, from Latin to rock can affect our learning and our health.

  2. Many people use music to help them feel relaxed after a busy day at work. Music can also reduce the stress of being ill, especially by reducing pain. The director of Baltimore Hospital says that thirty minutes of classical music has the same effect as ten milligrams of the painkiller Valium.

  3. Campbell also says that music can help you concentrate but you need the right kind of music for you mood. And you need to listen for about ten minutes before you start studying. Perhaps your mind needs relaxing or maybe you are tired and you want to feel more energetic. So you should choose the appropriate music to help you. You can use many different kinds of music to help you concentrate. Mozart’s music is very popular, however, because it is very organized and it makes your brain more alert and imaginative.

  4. Music helps you to study better and it can also actually make you more intelligent. In one study, students who listened to Mozart before doing a test got much higher marks than those who didn’t. Many students also show that children who learn to play a musical instrument before the age of twelve have better memories for the rest of their lives.

  5. As for me, I grew up listening to classical music. Mainly Beethoven, Mozart and a lot of Italian opera, and this is what I love listening to in the evening. Also I’m really into jazz music, especially singers like Louis Armstrong and Nina Simone. I would love to sing like them or play an instrument, the piano or the guitar. So, yes, I love music but not all types.

I remind that you were to fill in the table:


I know this fact


New information


Not clear, have questions

  • If you know the given information – you put a V ( tick) opposite the sentence.

  • If the information was new for you – you marked it with a +.

  • If something was not clear to you – you were to put an? mark and ask questions.

Show me your marks and notes. Let`s begin with the first column.

What was familiar to you? (бірінші сұраққа жауап).

What was unfamiliar, new for you? (екінші сұраққа жауап).

Have you got questions to the text? What was not clear to you? (үшінші сұраққа жауап).

OK, students, you`ve managed doing this task, I`m pleased with you.

  1. Үй жұмысын түсіндіру. «Thick» and «Thin» questions.

Now it`s just the time to write down your homework. Карточка мен жұмыс.Сұрақтарға жауап беру


You know what a “camomile of thick and thin questions” is, don`t you? Work with your texts again at home and ask as many questions as you can with the help of this camomile. For me to be sure that you can do it let`s translate some examples from the slide

  • 1. Моцарт туралы не білесің?

  • 2.Кәзіргі уақытта музыка және өткен жылдары музыканың айырмашылығы неде?

  • 3.Классикалық музыканы тыңдағанда қандай ой саған келеді?

There you will find some information about the Beatles.

  1. Презентация арқылы Beatles туралы әңгімелесу

Teacher: Well, students, I promised to tell you about the Beatles. I`ve prepared the presentation about them. (Beatles туралы презентация).


Pop songs often use words and phrases which are slang or are not grammatically correct. Match the words and the phrases

9.Рефлексия. Teacher: It`s the end of the lesson and the time for reflection, students. We have discussed much today. Did you like our lesson? I wonder what feelings and thoughts you`ve got now. Please, express your opinion in your cinquain poetry. You know its structure.

Cinquain poetry:

1word (a subject or a noun)

2 words (adjectives) that describe word 1

3 words (action verbs) that relate to word 1

4 words (feelings or a complete sentence) that relates to word 1

1 word (a synonym of line 1 or a word that sums it up)

Here is the example:


fantastic, romantic,

inspires, enriches, conquers

It wakes up in the morning


Work in pairs and then present them, please.

Балалар ұсынған синквейндер:


emotional, quiet

relaxes, inspires, lives forever

reveales feelings we usually don`t have

Tune of our hearts


ancient, various

makes happy, pleases, calms down

helps us to relax

Our life


gentle, soothing

will rush, calm down, charm

the Queen of my heart



various, everlasting

supports, inspires, relaxes

It saves our souls

Forever young


amazing, beautiful

attracts, connects, inspires

Music makes us happy

Our life


pleasant, romantic

calms, cheers up, connects

I adore modern music


  1. Бекіту

Teacher: What have you got acquainted with during today’s lesson ?

Home task: topic “My favourite singer”

During today’s lesson   got acquainted with…

I have : found out that…



Teacher: Dear students! I`m very grateful to you for the lesson. You`ve worked hard and I will give only good and excellent marks to all of you! Good – buy!

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