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Урок английского языка на тему "Carol`s kitchen" (5 класс)

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Plan of the lesson

Date: 16.11.2015

Grade 5 «Ә»


Carol`s kitchen.

Common goals

To learn to speak on the topic and to learn to use new words and grammar activity.

Learning results:

This lesson helps pupils to speak about things in the kitchen and they can to use the construction `there is-there are`.

Type of the lesson

Formation and reinforcement of knowledge

Methods of teaching

Verbal, practical, demonstrative, problem

Form of the organization of the students’ activities

Individual, work in pairs and groups


Markers, posters, cards, pictures.

Organization moment


-What day is it today? -What season is it now?

-What date is it today? - What month is it now?

Psychological spirit to the lesson. (жылу тренингі)

Dividing into groups: according to the words (there is-there are)

Checking of the home task.

To learn new words


Presentation of new words

a cooker

a dishwasher

a washing machine

a sink

a radio

a cup

a fridge

a cupboard

a plate

Work in pairs

Make up sentences (odd the following sentences)

1st group

  1. a living there is room.

  2. bedroom there is a.

  3. is there bathroom a.

  4. there dining is a room

  5. is a there kitchen.

2nd group

  1. a living there is room.

  2. bedroom there is a.

  3. is there bathroom a.

  4. there dining is a room

  5. is a there kitchen.

Continuing grammar theme

There is/ There are

Бұл грамматикалық құрылым бір нәрсенің бір жерде орналасқаны, тұрғаны, бар немесе жоқ екенін анықтау үшін қолданылады.

Сұрақтар инверсия принципі бойынша құрылады, бірақ қарсылықты мағына not демеулігін қосу арқылы жасалады.

Are there any people on the bus stop?

There isn’t any milk in the fridge.

Pair work

Speaking: make up a short dialogue

Is there a sink in your kitchen?

Yes, there is. No there isn’t.


Group work


Ex.4 p.79 read and point. “Carol’s kitchen”

It’s a modern kitchen. It’s nice and clean. There’s a washing machine, a fridge and a cooker, but there isn’t a dishwasher.

There are a lot of cupboards in the kitchen. There isn’t a carpet on the floor. There is a radio. There isn’t a clock in the kitchen. There aren’t plates and cups in the sink.

Describe your kitchen

For every group was given a picture of the kitchen, they must describe it using as many words as possible for 3 minutes.


Conclusions and marks

Work with talented pupils

Complete the words with the missing letter:

A s_n_ a d_shw_sh_r

A f_i_ge a ki_c_en

A c_oke_

Үлгірімі төмен балалармен жұмыс (Work with incompetent pupils).

Hot chair” –game

Оқушылардың біреу орындыққа отырады, сынып оған жаңа сөздердің аудармасын сұрайды.


You were very active today! Well done! Try to remember our new vocabulary. Please show me a red apple if you understood the theme


Your marks for today…

Home task

Learn words and to draw your own kitchen.

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