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Урок английского языка на тему "Colors"

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Разработка урока английского языка в 1 классе по теме « Colors»

Учитель английского языка ГКУ «гимназии №2 имени Шокана Валиханова с ДМЦ» Югай Алена Александровна


The theme of the lesson: Colors

Objective of teaching: acquaintance of pupils with new lexical units on a subject. Acquaintance to interrogative structure and structure my favorite color. Formation of skills of oral speech in a standard situation. Development of skills of the correct pronunciation of new lexical units.

The planned results:

The subject: to be able to request information on the interested a subject and adequately to react to it.

The personal: to show interest in studying of English, the valid and polite attitude towards people during communication.

The system activity: to apply creation of the speech statement according to problems of communication in an oral form.

Visual aids: The English textbook, copy- book pictures with colors, cards, CDs

Plan of the lesson.

  1. Organization moment:

Teacher: Good morning, dear children! I am glad to see you.

Children: Good morning, our teacher. We are glad to see you!

Teacher: thank you, sit down, please!

  1. Message of a topic of the lesson:

Today we will get acquainted with the words designating colours; we will learn to call them.

  1. Updating of basic knowledge:

Children, look who to come.


Greet an owl.

- Good morning, owl!

- Good morning, children! How are you?

- Children yesterday I went to toy store with my friends. Guess, what toy was pleasant to me most of all.

- Robot?

- No

- Car?

- No


- No

- Yo-yo

- Yes it is correct, it was yellow yo-yo

And after shop we went to cafe and hardly frozen. My friends told Yummy!

And today we will get acquainted with a sound which is in these words.

[j] Yes, yellow, yummy, repeat [j] [j] [j]

This is another sound [u:] [u:] [u:]

Let’s practice! Listen and say after me:

[u:] blue, two, room, school.

4. Work on new material. Let’s learn new words. I will say them and you to repeat them after me. It is red. It is yellow. It is blue. It is green.


Work with the textbook.

Exercise 1. Look, listen and learn. We learn colors. The teacher shows pictures on which are represented the yellow sun, a green leaf, red balls, the blue sky



Exercise 2. We will listen to a song about colors. Pay attention how it is necessary to speak when you like this or that color. If something is pleasant it is necessary to tell me it is pleasant.

I like red and I like blue.

I like yellow and green.

I like red and I like blue.

I like yellow and green.

Exercise 3. Now we can call colors of subjects. Look at the picture and call colors of subjects.

Exercise 4. Children we got acquainted with what question of color and learned to answer it. Thus we will add that this color is your darling.

-What color is it?

It’s red. It’s my favorite colors. Look! It’s red. It’s my favorite colors. repeat after me.

For fixing of structure and for control of assimilation of knowledge I suggest playing game "Dunne"

- Our heroes will help us with it. The Bota, having seen a sphere in Moonу's hands, asks what it colors. Moonу answers a question, having added that it is its favorite color.

- What color is it?

- It is yellow. My favorite color

- What color is it?

- It is blue. My favorite color

- What color is it?

- It is green. My favorite color

- What color is it?

- It is red. My favorite color

Exercise 5. Dialogue in couples

And now I suggest you to present myself on their place. Let’s try work in couples. Put out school supplies on a school desk, take one of subjects of favorite color and ask a question what color is it? And answer in this question.

Gymnastics Look, listen at me and repeat after me

Pick up, put down, stand up, and turn round

Clap left, clap right, clap up, clap down.

Look left, look right, look up, and look down.

Turn round, sit down, and touch something …brown!

Point to your teacher, point to the door,

Look at the window; look at the floor, 

Stand on your left leg, stand on your right. 

Now sit down, touch something…white.

Put your hands and touch your toes.

Cross your fingers, hold your nose.

Bend your knees and shake your head,

Stamp your feet, touch something…red.

Work in a notebook

Exercise 1. Children, look at big empty blots. They are numbered from 1 to 4. You have to paint them according to flowers which are numbered from 1 to 4

Exercise 2. To listen and lead round the correct answers in a circle

  1. It’s red

  2. It’s yellow

  3. It’s blue

  4. It’s green

5. Reflection.

"Mood bouquet". Now all pupils receive paper flowers: red and blue. On a board the vase is represented. "If you liked the lesson and you learned something new, then fix your flower to the vase, the blue one – if you didn’t like the lesson, the red one – if you liked the lesson.

6. Result of the lesson. What discovery for yourself was made by you at today's lesson?

Let’s remember words which we studied today. Good fellow’s children. You well worked and now let's say good-byeе!

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