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Конкурс "Законы экологии"

Урок английского языка на тему Food. Fruit and Vegetables.


Разработка урока по английскому языку для 5 класса к учебнику А. Несвит

Meals. Fruit and Vegetables.

Урок разработала

учитель английского языка сош №35

Отрошенко Е.А.

Г. Николаев 2015

Тема: Продукты питания. Фрукты и овощи.

Цели: Ознакомить учащихся с новыми лексическими единицами, научить использовать их в монологической и диалогической речи

Развивать речевую интуицию, коммуникативные навыки, внимание, память, общеизученные умения и навыки

воспитывать культуру общения, воспитывать интерес к изучению иностранного языка.

Оборудование: учебник, тетрадь, словарь, картинки, презентация, приложение

Ход урока

I. Greeting

T:. Good morning children, I am glad to meet you. . I think you’re well. I hope we’ll have a wonderful time together. Let’s begin our lesson. Today we’re going to have a talk about food and meals. You’ll learn the new words and find out what food we must eat to be healthy, how to make your healthy diet and speak about the right food, our habits of eating.

II. Phonetic dill in the form of puzzles

T: Now tell me please what you can see on the slides and practise some sounds.

[ æ ] [ ʌ ] [ i: ] [ aı ]

( Приложение 1)

T: What’s this? D:\Zona Downloads\школа\конкурс\урок №1\i (1).jpg[ æ ]

Pls: It is an apple

T: What proverbs and tongue twisters you know about apple.

P1:  An apple a day keeps the doctor away.

T: That’s right and what’s this? D:\Zona Downloads\школа\конкурс\урок №1\i.jpg [ ʌ ]

Pls: It is butter.

P1: Betty Botter bought some butter, but she said “This butter’s bitter.
“If I put it in my batter, it will make my batter bitter.”
So, she bought some better butter, better than the bitter butter.
When she put it in her batter, the butter made her batter better.

T: You are absolutely right, and who knows what is this? D:\Zona Downloads\школа\конкурс\урок №1\47058649.jpg

Pls: It is a coffee

P1: A cup of proper coffee in a copper coffee cup

T: Look at this nice picture, what is there? D:\Zona Downloads\школа\конкурс\урок №1\morozhenie.jpg[ i: ]

Pls: Ice cream

P1: I scream you scream we all scream for ice cream

T: Good, very nice.

  1. The main body

  1. Lexics

Do you like playing? As for me I do. Now I want you to play the game “Good expert”.

Who knows more products and names of food? You may use Ex. 1, p. 56

Pupils name all the products which they know and see at the picture
2) Curious talk.

I am so curious by my nature and I’d like to know some interesting information about you. Please answer my questions:

T: How many meals a day do you have?

P1: I have three meals: breakfast, dinner and supper.

T: What is your typical breakfast?

P2: I like a sandwich with ham or cheese, and a cup of tea.

P3: As for me I like sausage with eggs and cocoa for breakfast.

P4: I usually eat bread and butter, yoghurt and juice for breakfast.

T: What is your favorite food?

P5: My favorite food is spaghetti with meat

P6: I like pizza.

P7: I prefer the fried potatoes and a bottle of Cola.

T: What does food mean for people? What food we should eat in order to be strong, healthy and good looking?

P1: I think food is very important for us. We cannot live without food. Our minds and bodies depend on it for the energy.

T: Are all kinds of food good for us?

P2: Of course not. We should eat only healthy food.

P6: We shouldn’t eat everything. We must choose the food which is good.

T: Of course you are absolutely right.

  1. Guesses and puzzles (introduction of the lexics)

T:And now you are to guess the new words which will be the key to the text

T: Either

Cl: Either

T: Try to understand the meaning of the word. Look at the blackboard. There is some sentences. Translate them and guess the meaning.

Ex: I like fruit. My friend likes fruit too.

But I don’t like bread. He doesn’t like bread either

Cl: The meaning of this word is . «так же»

T: You see we use the word “either” in the meaning «так же, то же» in the negative sentences.

T: And now look at the slides and guess the next word.(Приложение №2)

Сornflakes. D:\Zona Downloads\школа\конкурс\kan_sekerinizi_duzenlemeden_zayiflayamazsiniz_6.jpg (Слайд)Can you guess the meaning of this product? (Pupils say the translation of this word) I think that all of you like to eat them. Now write down this word in your vocabularies.

T: The next slide is D:\Zona Downloads\школа\конкурс\6ab322ee48f646433681a2086ed3fa0f.jpg

Cl: Bones.

T: Cornflakes make your bones and teeth strong.

T: What can you see on the following slide?D:\Zona Downloads\школа\конкурс\73757.jpg

Cl: Vitamins

T: Vegetables and fruit have got a lot of vitamins.

T: Look at the picture. What is this? D:\Zona Downloads\школа\конкурс\2060576.jpghello_html_m4990cad1.jpg

Cl: Wealth.

T: There is a good proverb: Good health is above wealth. And that is true. I think that good health is our wealth and in order not to lose this wealth we must eat the right food!

4)Physical exercises:

T: If we eat a junk food we will be fat and will not have forces to continue our studying. Do you want to be fat? Neither do I. So stand up please, let’s have physical warm-up

(Pupils stand up and do physical warming up with the song «Healthy food will make you smile» Приложение №3)

5) Reading:

T: Are you ready to know what food you have to eat? Now let us read the text “Eat the right food”. Your task is to read this text and choose the main sentences and define the idea of it.

(Pupils read the text attentively and then do the task)

6) After reading activities:

P1: We should eat bread, sugar, cheese and meet because these products give us energy.

P2: We should drink milk because it helps us to grow

P3: Some products as vegetables, eggs and cornflakes make our bones strong.

P4: We must eat different kinds of food such as vegetables and fruit because they have got a lot of vitamins.

7) Video:

T: How clever you are! Now let’s watch the video where a small boy will tell you about healthy and junk food. And then name me healthy and unhealthy products. (Приложение №4)

Healthy products are (P1, 2, 3) tomato ,apple, orange, milk, cheese, carrot, water melon and bread

Unhealthy products are (P1, 2, 3): cake, pizza, hamburger, crisps.

8) Consolidation of the knowledge

T: You have card on your desks. There are some common ideas about food. Your next task is to match words with the correct definitions, read them.

1. Eating carrot is a) getting colds

2. Fish is good for b) live long

3. Eating cheese at night makes you c) good for eyes

4. Garlic keeps you from d) sleeping

5. Drinking coffee keeps you from e) your stomach

6. Yogurt makes you f) dream

7. An apple a day keeps g) the brain

8. Warm milk will help you h) the doctor away

9. A cup of tea settles i) go to sleep

Keys: 1c, 2g, 3f, 4a, 5d, 6b, 7h, 8i, 9e.

9) Differentiation. Work in groups

T: I divide you into 3 groups. The first group will add the words from ex 1p.59 to the following columns:




The second group will add the words from ex 1p.59 to the following columns:

Dairy products



The third group will tell us what food we should eat for breakfast, dinner and supper in order to be strong and healthy

IV Reflection

Did you like the lesson? What did you like best of all? I have got some smiley cards for you. I am going to know your opinion about the lesson. Please come to me and choose your card. (Приложение №5) D:\Zona Downloads\школа\конкурс\урок №1\0_4a6d_69065064_XL.jpeg D:\Zona Downloads\школа\конкурс\урок №1\2265304662.jpg D:\Zona Downloads\школа\конкурс\урок №1\1778352_stock-photo-poker-faced-smiley.jpg

All of you have worked hard today, you will get only good marks.

V.Home task:

The first group will write 10 sentences about their usual meal at home

The second group will write 7 sentences about their usual meal at school canteen.

Приложение №1 карточки для фонетической разминки

D:\Zona Downloads\школа\конкурс\урок №1\i (1).jpgD:\Zona Downloads\школа\конкурс\урок №1\i.jpg

D:\Zona Downloads\школа\конкурс\урок №1\47058649.jpgD:\Zona Downloads\школа\конкурс\урок №1\morozhenie.jpg

Приложение №5 смайлики настроения

D:\Zona Downloads\школа\конкурс\урок №1\0_4a6d_69065064_XL.jpegD:\Zona Downloads\школа\конкурс\урок №1\2265304662.jpgD:\Zona Downloads\школа\конкурс\урок №1\1778352_stock-photo-poker-faced-smiley.jpg


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