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Урок английского языка на тему "Праздники"

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Муниципальная общеобразовательная школа – интернат

Ямальская школа – интернат среднего (полного) общего образования

Открытый урок по теме:

My favourite holiday”

10 класс.

Учитель: Гуцун Светлана Борисовна, учитель английского языка МОШИ Ямальская школа-интернат среднего (полного) общего образования с. Яр-Сале Ямальский район ЯНАО Тюменская область.

Яр-Сале 2015

Основные цели и задачи:

Активизировать в речи учащихся лексические единицы темы “A time to celebrate”.

Развивать умение находить и отбирать необходимую информацию.

Развивать интеллектуальную, эмоциональную и мотивационную сферы труда.

Формировать умения и навыки интеллектуального труда.

Развивать умения делать монологическое высказывание по аналогии с прочитанным, аудирования.

Расширить знания учащихся об обычаях и традициях стран изучаемого языка.

Методы: метод проектов.

Оборудование: компьютер, мультимедийный проектор, экран.

Формы работы: индивидуальная, групповая, фронтальная.

Ход урока.

T: Good day, dear friends! I am glad to see you again. The topic of our lesson is “My favorite holiday”. Our lesson is not a traditional one. The class was divided into four groups. Each group has prepared the project about favourite holidays. Now we’ll watch your presentations and than decide which project is the best?

Holidays are very important and pleasant part of our life, and I think that everybody has the most favourite holiday.

We also speak about Special days in English-speaking countries, review adverbs and listen to the story about Christmas day.

Are you ready? Let’s start our lesson.

1.Защита проектов подготовленных учащимися.

The first group.

St. Valentine’s Day.

St.Valentine's Day has roots in several different legends. One of the earliest popular symbols of the day in Cupid, the Roman good of Love who is represented by the of a young boy with a bow and arrow.

Three hundred years after the death of Jesus Christ, the Roman emperors still demanded that everyone believe in the Roman goods. Valentine, a Christian priest, had been thrown in prison for his teachings. On February 14, Valentine was beheaded. The night before he was executed, he wrote the jailer's daughter a farewell letter signing it "From Your Valentine"

Three hundred years after the death of Jesus Christ, the Roman emperors still demanded that everyone believe in the Roman goods. Valentine, a Christian priest, had been thrown in prison for his teachings. On February 14, Valentine was beheaded. The night before he was executed, he wrote the jailer's daughter a farewell letter signing it "From Your Valentine"

St. Valentine's Day is now a day for sweethearts. It is the day that you show your friend or loved one that you care.

You can send candy to someone you think is special.

Most people send "valentines", a greeting card named after the notes that St. Valentine.

Valentines can be sentimental, romantic and heartfelt. They can be funny and friendly. If the sender is shy, valentines can be anonymous.

Americans of all ages love to send and receive valentines. Handmade valentines are by cutting hearts out of colored paper. Valentines can be heart-shaped, or have hearts, the symbol of on them.

Your can write a short rhyme inside the heart:

Roses are red.

Violets are blue,

Sugar is sweet,

And so are you!

The second group.

The day of deer-breeder.

We live in Yamalo – Nenetsky autonomous region. YNAR is located in the Far North of the Russian Federation and in the north of the continent of Europe. The peculiar thing is the magnificent sight of polar lights and the fact that we live on the Polar Circle.

The native people of YNAR are nentsy, khanty and komi. The peculiar thing is the magnificent sight of polar lights and the fact that we live on the Polar Circle.

Men work in fresh air in tundra and women bring up children and sew clothes from deer’s skin for their family. The most important annual ceremonial period in the Nenets social calendar is the celebration of the Day of Deer-breeder. It provides the local point of the year.

It is a period characterized by preparations for the kaslaniye to the north during summer days close to the Cara Sea. At the beginning of April all deer men from tundra gather together for their traditional meeting. The authorities honor the best deer-breeders.

There are sport competitions: deer races and races on “Burans”, national wrestling, national jumps. On this day you can see plenty of nenets people: women and children in yagushkas and men in malitsas. Their clothes are unusual and picturesque. There is a lot of music and dancing.

I think it is the best holiday for native people, because it’s very colourful and specific.

The third group.

My birthday.

Birthday is a remarkable holiday for all children, also for adults.

It is pleasant for each person to receive congratulations from the close friends. Especially, if this gift is made by the hands. If to look at this gift at once you will recollect that person who has presented you of him.

Day a birth usually is celebrated with houses. We invite my friends and relatives to the party.

They bring flowers, books and sweets as birthday presents. We usually celebrate birthday on Sunday. Relatives usually buy a dress or a suit.

This day do not manage any actions. People usually carry various competitions.

Friends sing the song: ''Happy birthday to you'' and I blow all the candles out.

During the lively party sing songs, dance, make jokes, play games and talk about our life, hobbies and the future. After having tea we dance. Watch TV and tell stories and funny jokes.

Cheerfully lead (Cheerfully carried out) birthday, is well kept in mind.

The fourth group.


Christmas is almost always the happiest day of the year. Children like to think of it as their own holiday. But for everyone it is a very special time. At Christmas, we follow old customs. We feel the magic of the season. And we try to care more deeply for others.

Christmas gets its name from a special service or mass held in churches on Christmas day. Christ’s Mass, or Christmas, celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ. Long ago in the Holy Land, the angel Gabriel appeared to Mary. He told her that she would be the mother of Jesus. Then Mary and her husband Joseph went to Bethlehem. The cite was so crowded that they had to stay in a stable. There Mary gave birth to Jesus and laid him in a manger. A manger is a feedbox where farm animals eat their day.

Christmas stories.

The gift of the magic.

Before Jesus was born, most people were pagans. This means that they prayed to the sun, the moon, and many different gods of nature. Late December can be a cold, dark time of the year. December21 is the shortest day. No one knows the exact day when Jesus was born. Some early churches celebrated Jesus’’ birth on different dates through the year - in March or May or December. But by December25, the days get the longer again. Jim and Della were poor, but they had two things of which they were proud: one was Della’s beautiful long hair, and the other was Jim’s fine pocket watch (which had belonged to his father before him). When Jim came home on Christmas Eve, he couldn’t believe his eyes. He had loved Della’s hair, and now it was so short she looked like a boy. Now it was Della’s turn to give Jim his present, the gold watch chain to go with his father’s watch. Jim looked at the chain and smiled. “Della we’ll have to put our Christmas gifts away for a while. You see, I sold my watch to get the money to buy those combs for your hair. Let’s just put our Christmas supper up, and enjoy what we do still have, which is- each other”.

The wrong Joy.

On Christmas morning Billy woke up and limped downstairs to see what Santa had brought him. There, sitting under the tree, was a brand-new red bicycle.

You see ever since Billy had hurt his leg, He could barely walk. Now, he didn’t really want to walk (he told himself), and riding a bike was out of the question! He went outside and tried that coasting back and forth, up and down the block, pushing against the sidewalk, first with one foot, then with both.

“Maybe I can just pedal to the school yard,” Billy whispered to himself. “Maybe this wasn’t the wrong toy at all.” Billy grinned “By next Christmas,” he said out loud, “all I’ll need is a bell!”

2. T: English-speaking countries have also some Special days. Dear friends, look at the screen and try to choose the right answer.

Special days in Britain.

1. A New Year’s resolution is…

a) something you will try to do better next year;

b) A card you send to your family and friends to wish them happy New Year;

c) a kind of cake eaten on January 1st.

2. Independence Day is…

a) is when England united with Scotland and Wales and Northern Ireland;

b) is the same day as the day World War 2 ended;

c) doesn’t exist in Britain.

3. Mother's Day is…

a) when mothers get presents and cards;

b) when mothers do not have to go to work;

c) when mothers send presents and cards to their children.

4. Remembrance Day is…

a) when we remember the Royal Family;

b) when we remember those who died in the World Wars;

c) a public holyday in November.

5. Good Friday is…

a) when we give thanks for English saint-Saint George;

b) when we celebrate the Queen’s birthday;

c) the Friday before Easter.

6. Every year a New Year tree is represented to London by people of..

a) Finland;

b) Norway;

c) biggest car factory.

3. T: Let’s review the adverbs.


Наречия мы образуем от прилагательных при помощи

Окончания - ly:


Некоторые наречия ничем не отличаются от прилагательных:

Fast, late, hard, early.

Badly, well, fast, late, hard, awfully and busily.

Early, quickly, little, much.

You can learn them EASILY!!!

4. T: Listen to the text and do the task.

Christmas Day.

It was Christmas Day. Ron woke up and QUICKLY ran to the window. The garden was full of snow and some more snow was SLOWLY and QUIETLY falling on the trees, the hedge and the lawn. In the snow Ron could see some footprints. “Aren’t I lucky again?” he thought. “They must be Father Christmas’s.” He looked at his bed. There was a long red stocking hanging on it. The stocking was full of presents. They were all NICELY wrapped in shining coloured paper. Ron started to unwrap them EXCITEDLY. There was a BEAUTIFULLY painted pencil box and a set of NEWLY designed Lego blocks that he wanted REALLYBADLY. The next thing he found inside the UNBELIEVABLY long stocking was a Norwegian style sweater BUSILY knitted by Ron’s grandmother. She was knitting every time Ron visited her (How did Father Christmas get it?). And last but not least there was a music box. He opened it and it started to play a WELL known tune. “Where do I know it from?” Ron tried to remember. He thought REALLY HARD. SUDDENLY he heard the same tune coming from the living room. Oh, yes, now he knew. It was a Christmas carol and mum was playing it on the piano. He ran downstairs as FAST as he could singing HAPPILY.


5. T: Fill the gaps with adverbs.

Beautifully, slowly, quietly, well, quickly, busily, suddenly, fast, happily, nicely.

1. Rone woke up ___ ran to the window.

2. Some more snow was ___ and ___ falling on the trees.

3. There was a ___ painted pencil box.

4. They were all ___ wrapped in shining colored paper.

5. Nowegian style sweater ___ knitted by Rone’s grandmother.

6. He opened it and it stated to play a well known tune.

7.____ he heard the same tune coming from the living room.

8. He ran downstairs as ___ as he could singing _____.

6. T: Now we’ll speak about traditional celebrations in the USA.

Read this information about the best known holidays in the English-speaking countries. Match the texts with the names of the holidays and the descriptions of how they are celebrated.

Thanksgiving Day, Independence Day, St. Valentine’s Day.

  1. This holiday began almost four hundred years ago. In 1620 the firs group of people from Europe arrived in America. Their first winter was very difficult. They had very little food for the colonists. They showed them other plants to grow, and how to hunt and fish. In the autumn of 1621, the people had wonderful crops of corn, barley, beans and pumpkins. The colonists were happy and celebrated that day giving their thanks for the good crops.

  2. Americans began to celebrate this day in 1776, when the American Congress adopted the Declaration of Independence.

  3. This is a day for sweethearts. It is day when you like him.

  1. You can send candy to someone you think is special. Or you can send roses, the flowers of love. Most people send a greeting card with some pleasant words written on it. It can be romantic, or it can be funny and friendly.

In schools children like to make valentines for their classmates and put them in a large decorated box. On February 14, the teacher opens the box and gives the valentines to each pupil. After the pupils read their valentines, they have a small party.

  1. Today Thanksgiving is a happy holiday which all American celebrate with big dinners. It’s a tradition to get together, and all member of the family gather at their parents’ house even if they live far away. All give thanks together for the good things that they have

  2. People now celebrate it all over the United States with parades, picnics, and fireworks at night. They decorate many buildings in colors of red, white and blue. These are the colors of the American Flag.

Every July fourth, Americans have a holiday from their work. Families have long-day picnics with favourable foods like hot dogs, hamburgers, and potato salad. In the streets they can listen to the music of school bands and watch baseball games, friendly pie-eating contests. In the evening, people in towns and cities gather to watch the fireworks.

6. T: Dear friends, it seems to me, you had a very good time today. I’d like to thank you for our lesson. You’ve worked very hard today. You have done many tasks, I liked your answers. Tell me please, what project was the best? What can you say about our lesson?

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