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Урок английского языка на тему "Служба спасения" (2 класс)

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hello_html_54e6f42.gifhello_html_m41b6f64f.gifhello_html_dd5169e.gifLesson plan.

Course - book: Enjoy English -2, Biboletova M.Z., Denisenko O.A., Trubaneva N.N.

Unit 3: Let`s read and speak English!

Lesson 35 Emergency service

Aim: By the end of the lesson the pupils will be able to use the phrase "Where do you live ?" in the dialogue and use the verb "live" in the third person singular.

Skills: vocabulary/ grammar structures (he/she/lives in the forest, in the house, in the zoo, on the farm.)/ listening

New language: the verb "live" in the third person singular/ Don`t cry.

Reversion: brown, bear, live, forest, zoo, elephant. Who are you? What is your name? How old are you? We can help you.




Teacher Does/Says:

Pupils Say/Do:

5 min

Warm up

-Good morning, children!

-Sit down, please. Look at the picture. What can you see on it?

The elephant is sad. He is lost. And we`ll help him. We must know some information about him.

-At first, let`s revise the poem about green frog.

-Good morning, good morning.

Good morning to you

Good morning, good morning

We are glad to see you!

-We can see the elephant and bear.

-Green frog, green frog

Where do you live?

I live in the forest,

I live in the zoo.

And what about you?

The poem may be chaneged.

10 min


-It`s time to open our textbooks, p. 61, ex.1.

Explains the meaning of the phrase "Don`t cry".

- Answer some questions after the first listening.

Who is he?

What is his name?

How old is he?

Where does he live?

-Listen to the dialogue again and repeat every phrases.

Open the textbooks. Listen to the dialogue for the first time.

Answer the questions.

He is an elephant.

His name is Philip.

He is one.

He lives in the zoo.

Repeat after the speaker.

Before the listening pupils should read the task and look through the picture.

Remind the pupils the model:

He/she lives in the zoo.

15 min

Acting out the dialogue

- It`s time to act out the dialogue.

Act out the dialogue.



-Who are you?

-I am a little elephant.

-What is your name?

-My name is Philip.

-How old are you?

-I am one.

-Where do you live?

-I live in the zoo.

- OK. Don`t cry. We can help you.

One pupil plays a little elephant, another pupil plays an operator of emergency service.

10 min

Making up the fairy-tale "Teremok"

-Read the task of ex.3, p.61

-Let`s remind the fairy-tale "Teremok". What will we ask?

Read the task.

-Who lives in the house?

- The fox lives in the house.

- The frog lives in the house.

- The mouse lives in the house.

Compare the picture with the well-known fairy-tale.

Remind the model


5 min


- That`s all for today. What was interesting at the lesson today?

-Your home task is to do ex.4, p. 31 in your workbooks.


Give the home task.

The lesson is based on developing on listening/speaking skills, teaching vocabulary/ grammar structures.

It is the second grade, the age of students is 7-8 years old. They are very active . They like to study English language, have inquiring attitude to English language learning. The material of the lesson goes with age distinction.

For listening I used the dialogue from the textbook. From this dialogue students remembered the questions: Who are you?/What is your name?/How old are you?/ and the main question: /Where do you live?/

At first we revised the poem. Then we listened the dialogue two times and then the students acted out the dialogue in pairs.

I used the decorations and attributes to interest the students. They didn`t have any difficulties in doing this task.

The next task for them was to make up the fairy-tale "Teremok" to secure the grammar skills.

I think, they liked the lesson. I saw their desire to answer. All of them wanted to act out the dialogue.

I am satisfied with the lesson.

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