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Урок английского языка на тему "Sport in Great Britain and Kazakhstan"


7 А сынып, ашық сабақ

Сабақтың тақырыбы; Ұлыбритания және қазақстандағы спорт.


1. Жаңа лексиканы жаттықтыру

2. Салауатты өмір салтың тәрбиелеу

3. Оқушылардың монолог және диалог түрінде сөйлеу дағдыларың дамыту. оқушылардың тындап түсіну дағдыларың дамыту.

Сабақтың барысы

I. Ұйымдастыру кезеңі

- Good afternoon, everybody!

- I’m glad to see you. (We are glad to see you, too. )

- Are you all well today? (We are fine ,thank you. How are you?)

- Fine, well. What’s the weather like today?

II Сабақтың мақсаттарымен таңыстыру

Today we are going to talk about popular sports and games in Britain and in our country. But first I'd like to check up your home task.. I will ask you questions to see how wll you understood the text. Then some of you will tell us about the most popular sport like football, cricket or other. (Карточкалар беріледі)

III. Үй жұмысын тексеру. Мәтіннің түсінгенің сұрақ арқылы тексеру.

IV. Монолог түрінде сөйлеу дағдыларың дамыту.

- Change the underlined words to make them true.

1) Golf national teams compete with each other every year.

2) The two best football teams play in the Cup Final at Wimbledon, near London.

3) People played football in England as early as 1550.

4) Cricket is a winter game and it is played in school, colleges and universities.

5) International cricket matches last for 5 weeks.

6) Golf began to develop in Wales.

7) Golf was first played in England in 1877.

8) Skiing, skating and sailing have always been popular in Britain.

(Keys: 1) football, 2) Wembley Stadium in London, 3) Cricket, 4) Summer, 5) Days, 6) Scotland, 7) Tennis, 8) Swimming, boating)

  • Lets listen to you classmates now. They will tell you about popular British sports. (Football, cricket, boxing, horseracing - Derby)

Оқушылар ұлыбританиядағы спорт туралы мағлұмат жасайды.

Мұғалім келесі сұрақты әңгімеулеуге үсініс жасайды.

  • Can you explain why the British are not very much interested in skiing and skating?

V. Тындап түсіну дағдыларың дамыту. Диалогпен жұмыс.

Lets get to know some words you will have in the dialogue.

Жаңа сөздер беріледі:

careful- абайлы

equipment - қару жарақ сайман

exciting - қоздыратын


depend on - байланысты

lead - жетек болу, озу

A. Listen to the text “ Favorite Sports and Games” and choose the right item.

1. One of Sophia's favorite sports is …

a) skiing b) rowing c) fencing(фехтование)

2. Patrick's favorite games are …

a) football and tennis b) volleyball and basketball c) football and volleyball

3. Sophia's is … at skiing.

a) very good b) rather poor c) not great

4. Sophia prefers to ski in the …

a) forest b) mountains c) valley(долина)

5. Patrick thinks skiing is very … .

a) dangerous b) cheap c) exciting (волнующе)

6. Patrick plays volleyball … .

a) in the summer b) in the winter c) all the year round (круглый год)

7. Patrick plays football … .

a) in the summer b) in the winter c) all the year round

8. Patrick is … at playing football.

a) very good b) rather poor c) very bad

9. Patrick plays football … .

a) only on the beach b) only at the sport centre c) in different places

Keys: 1)a, 2) c, 3) b, 4) b, 5) c, 6)a, 7) c, 8) a, 9) c

Берілген ситуацияларға сәйкес сұрақтарды құрастыру.

B. Imagine that you could meet Patrick or Sophia. Think of the questions you could ask them. Find out.

1. if Sophia goes in for indoor sports and what are they;

2. if she has ever taken part in a ski race;

3. if she does skiing regularly;

4. if she trains with a couch;

5. if she could cold herself a professional athlete;

6. if Patrick has ever played chess, with what result and when it was;

7. if Patrick likes to play any other games and what they are;

8. how many cities he has visited with his football team;

9. if he has any friends among his team-mates and who they are;

10. if his team has ever lost any matches and when it was.

VI. “Sport” жайында лексиканы қолдану

  • Now I' d like you to talk about sport in Kazakhstan. First lets read the text and fill in the words given below.

(Тақтада немесе карточкаларда мәтін беріледі)

Kazakh people have always paid much attention to sport. Sport keeps people fit and (1) and makes them better disciplined in their (2) life. Many kinds of sports, both winter and (3) are popular in Kazakhstan. Millions of people go in for sports and take part in (4). Physical training is a (5) at schools and universities. You can hardly find a school or a college without (6). At sports clubs people go in for aerobics, body – building, (7), skating and so on.

Subject, daily, summer, healthy, sports ground, competitions

(Жауаптар1) Healthy, 2) Daily, 3) Summer, 4) Competitions, 5) Subject, 6) Sports ground, 7) Swimming)

VI. “Sports and Games in Kazakhstan” жайында әнгімелеу

1) - Why is sport so important in our life?

2)- Do all people need exercises?

3) What sports are popular in Kazakhstan?

4) – How many summer sports and games can you name?

5) – How many winter sports and games can you name?

6) Do you know some indoor sports?

7) What are outdoor sports?

8) What sports or games can you call:

a) the most dangerous

b) the most beautiful

c)the most useful for health

d) the most interesting to watch

9)Are you good at any sports?

10) Have you ever taken part in sport competition?

Did you win?

11) Many people call themselves football fans, basketball fans or hockey fans. Can you help yourself a fan?

12) What Kazakhstan athletes do you know?

13) What foreign athletes do you know ?

VI. Сабақтың нәтижелері.

- All right then. I want you to have a rest. At home do ex , find the meaning of this words.


1. A game in which two teams of five players each try to score goals by throwing a large ball through a net fixed to a metal ring at each end of the court. The players bounce the ball while running, and pass to each other.

2. A game in which two teams hit a large ball with their hands, backwards and forwards over a high net. The ball is not allowed to bounce on the ground.

3. A game played between two teams of eleven players who kick a ball around a field trying you score a goal.

4. A game of two players who each start with 16 different playing pieces to move on a board. The aim is to move your pieces so that your opponents king will be taken.

5. A game in which the players use rackets to hit a small feathered object called a shuttlecock over a high net.

(1) basketball, 2) volleyball, 3) football, 4) chess)

Краткое описание документа:

Обучающей целью урока былозакрепление новой лексики, а также научить уч-ся говорить

о спорте в Казахстане и стране изучаемого языка

, воспитательной – формирование интереса к культуре страны изучаемого языка , а также воспитание

ЗОЖ, развивающей – развитие умения в диалогической речи и навыков аудирования .ТДЦ урока была реализована успешно.

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