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Урок английского языка на тему"Seasons"

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Поделитесь материалом с коллегами:

The theme: Seasons.

The aims:1 to enrich pupils knowledge, speaking abilities about seasons.

2 to develop pupil’s oral speech, learning skills, communication and

presentation skills, learning and thinking habits.

3 to bring up to love nature, to raise their interest to English language

The equipment of the lesson: balloons, slogans, pictures, costumes, music.

The procedure of the lesson

P1: He’s a year. Hello friends and guests! I’m glad to see you. You’re welcome to our lesson. I’m a year today we are going to speak, to sing songs about seasons. Dear my friends I have some questions listen and be able to answer. 1.How many seasons in a year? Children: There are four. 2.Right. What are they? Ch: Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter. 3.What season do you like and why? Ch: Summer because we have long holidays, we can go a to big cities with our parents. We like all seasons. P2: I like spring. (she shows her costume and pictures of spring from the board) March, April, May are spring months. In spring nature is wake from her long, winter sleep. The weather is cool or warm. There are flowers and green grasses, everywhere.

P3 I like summer best of all. June, July, August are summer months. In summer the weather is usually hot and fine. The days are long, nights are short. There are many red, white, blue yellow flowers in the fields and parks. In summer schoolchildren have long holidays and we like to go to swimming pool and beaches to swim. All children like summer very much. P4 I like autumn. September, October, November are autumn months. Sometimes it rains but days are fine. There are many fruits, vegetables, trees are red and yellow. All children are happy to go to school again. P5 I like winter. December, January, February are winter months. Days are short and nights are long. The weather is cold, streets, trees, fields are white with snow. Children are happy they make snowman, skiing and playing snowballs. P1 Thanks a lot it’s very nice. I like all seasons, there’s a proverb “ The nature doesn’t have bad weather” Do you know rhymes about seasons? Let’s listen!

1. The snow is falling, 4.What is white? I want to know,

The wind is blowing. Milk is white, And so is snow.

The ground is white, 5.Spring, summer, autumn fall

All day and all night. I like winter best of all.

2. Spring is green, 6. This is a season,

Summer is bright. When snowdrops bloom.

Autumn is yellow , When nobody likes,

Winter is white. To stay at home.

3. Rain, rain go away, 7. Spring is here, summer is near.

Come again another day. Grass is clean, so nice and clean.

Little children, want to play.

Song: I’m lying on the sun.

I’m lying on the sun, I’m looking at the sun.

I am lying and lying, I am looking at the sun.

Rhino-no is walking here, Crocodile is swimming near.

Only I’m still lying, And I’m looking at the sun.

8.Days are clear, Day after day.

When April is here, That leads to May.

9. Spring is dancing without rest,

In a beautiful green dress.

Flowers grow under her feet,

Singing birds her coming greet.

Song: Crocodile Gena’s song.

Song: Goodbye my friend, goodbye!

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