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Урок английского языка " World of wonders "

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Министерство образования и науки ЛНР

ГБОУ Стахановская специализированная школа I-III ступеней им. А. Стаханова


с использованием видео материала

по теме : “ A World of Wonders” для 7 класса

Учитель: Самртугина В.В.



Стаханов 2013-2014г

A World of Wonders” (video lesson)

Цель: - формировать лексические навыки употребления слов по теме; обучать осознанному чтению и восприятию информации на слух при просмотре видео; учить передавать краткое содержание увиденного и прочитанного; - развивать коммуникативные навыки, логическое мышление, память, монологическую речь; - воспитывать чувство прекрасного;

Оборудование: мультимедийная доска, проектор или компьютер для просмотра видео, картинки.



Teacher: What the weather like today? Is the weather better or worse than it was yesterday? Is it cold (wet, sunny, cloudy, foggy ) today? Is the weather good for travelling? Have you ever travelled abroad? What country did you visit? Did you have a guided tour or an excursion? What sightseeings did you see or visit?


1. Presenting the topic

Teacher: Do you remember the name of our new unit? (A World of Wonders) What does it mean? (There are a lot of famous and interesting places in the world ) Today we’ll have a great opportunity to enjoy a journey to the Wieliczka Salt mine in Cracow. This unique place is hidden from peoples’ eyes, it is underground. By the way, do you know where is Cracow? (in Poland ) What do you know about Poland?

2. Revision

Teacher: First of all let’s revise some words. Watch, listen and repeat. Words on the screen: solid, dig out, surface, carve, lump, injure, sculpture, enormous, carvings, lake, tunnel, cave. Explain these words.

Pre-listening activities

Task 1. Choose the correct answers.

1. A salt mine is a place … a) where salt is dug out from below the surface of the ground b) under a house where salt is kept

2. A chamber is …. a) a big flat b) a big room

3. A chapel is … a) a small tunnel b) a small church

4. A well is a hole in the ground from which we get …. a) water b) salt

5. A miner is someone who works underground ….. a) to construct chapels b) to get salt, coal, gold, etc.

6. People who are deeply religious …. a) only work in mines b) believe strongly in a god or gods

Task 2 Look at the pictures taken from the Wieliczka Salt Mine. Which picture shows:

1. statues carved from rock salt? (A) 2. an underground lake? (D) 3. a cave with huge salt crystals? (E) 4. miners carrying salt up to the surface? (B) 5. a chapel with beautiful carvings? (C)


3. Watching and listening

While-watching activity

Task 1. Read the statements and while watching mark them as T(true) or F(false).

1. Near Cracow, in northern Poland, is the Wieliczka Salt Mine. 2. A king called Blessed Kinga threw her ring into a salt mine. 3. The salt used to be dug out by hand. 4. A chapel was destroyed by fire in 1769. 5. A special attraction is the Chapel of the Blessed Kinga. Keys: 1. F (in southern Poland) 2. F ( a princess) 3. T 4. F (in 1697) 5.T Post –watching activities Video Quiz

Task 1. Complete the sentences.

1. The Wieliczka Salt mine is …. (under the surface) . 2. In 1697, the chapel was destroyed … (by a fire). 3. The greatest sight in town is the Wieliczka Salt …(mine). 4. There you can find 250 kilometres of tunnels and underground … (caves). 5. Nature has decorated these caves beautiful green … (lakes). 6. The people who once worked in the mines used the rock salt to carve …(sculptures). 7. They also built a beautiful … (chapel). 8. If you ever visit Wieliczka, you will go through enormous …(chambers). 9. The amazing thing is that these big rooms have been dug out of solid … (rock).

4. Reading

Teacher: Read the text and match the sentences (A-C) to the gaps (1-3). A. The walls and floor of the chapel, as well as the lovely statues it contains, have been carved from rock salt. B. There are also 250 kilometres of tunnels and underground caves with huge salt crystals in strange shapes. C. The salt used to be dug out by hand, and until 1620 it was carried up to the surface by the miners.


Teacher: Fill in the words from the list then the completed phrases find in the text .

dig, church, deeply, salt, solid, special, carve, lump, unforgettable

1. a …….. world 6. ………. crystals 2. ……… religious 7. a ……… attraction 3. ………. services 8. to ………….. sculptures 4. ……….. rock 9. to ………….. a well 5. a ………. of salt 10. …………… sights

Teacher: Answer the questions:

1. Where is the Wieliczka Salt Mine? 2. According to legend, what happened when Kinga’s servants dug a well at Wieliczka? 3. How was salt removed from the mine before 1620? 4. How did the constant danger affect the miners? 5. Why did the miners start to carve sculptures from the rock salt? 6. Where is the Chapel of the Blessed Kinga? 7. What can you see in the underground caves?

5. Writing

Teacher: Look at the headings below and match the words/phrases in the list to the appropriate heading. Write down in your exercise books the completed table.

Place/Location – Legend – History of the Place – Things to See/Do – Recommendation

Threw her ring, sights, near Cracow, chapel, dig a well, Poland, Blessed Kinga, Wieliczka Salt Mine, horses were used to carry salt out, enormous chambers missing ring was found, miner were killed or injured, chapel was destroyed by fire, caves with huge salt crystals, carve sculptures from rock salt, will be amazed, tunnels. Key answer:


6. Speaking

Teacher: And now using the table talk about the Wieliczka Salt Mine.


Teacher: Thank you for the lesson and your hard work. I’m very glad that you have done all the activities and tasks with excitement , interest and pleasure. Your marks for the lesson are …. .

Homework: Be ready to tell the class about the Wieliczka Salt Mine without your notes.

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