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Урок английского языка по теме Health

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Урок по английскому языку в 9 классе  

по теме «Healthy life style»

Цели и задачи: учить употреблять в речи ЛЕ, научить выражать свое мнение, продолжить формирование диалогической речи, интерактивно-коммуникативных способностей.

Ресурсы: Текст, карточки, ватман, фломастеры, схемы, листы оценивания.  

Ход урока:

Организационный момент. а) Good morning, my dear friends! I’m glad to see you at our lesson! I want you to stand in two chains and wish each other good wishes.

b) Сообщение  цели и задач урока.

Введение в тему: Look at the blackboard! There are some words and expressions on it. Read them and guess what the topic of our lesson is. Car, gold, family, computer, school, health, friends, cottage, job. Children, what thing is the most important for you? Yes, you are right. It is health, because «Health is better than wealth».

Pечевая разминка.Warming up. People are more health-conscious than they used to be. Today we’ll speak about our health and healthy food. But first of all we’ll divide into groups. And now I’ll give you assessment criteria (Прил.№1) and at the end of the lesson you’ll put marks for yourselves. Let’s combine the proverbs. Health is better Early to bed and early to rise Healthy mind An apple a day Live not to eat He who has health has hope, A change of activity Eat with pleasure than wealth. makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise. in a healthy body. keeps a doctor away. but eat to live. and he who has hope has everything. is the best rest.   drink with measure.    

  Работа в группах. Teacher: You have pieces of paper on your tables (Прил. №2), I want you to make some dialogues (Jigsaw), to discuss them and to make your own dialogues and to present them to your classmates.  

Презентация диалогов. Teacher: Do you like your friends’ work? Fill the table (Прил. №3). Give your marks to each group. Was it useful? Thank you.   Teacher:  What in your opinion does a healthy way of life consist of? (Children name them). Yes, they are healthy food, balanced diet, sport, correct working day. What things prevent us from keeping fit and being healthy? (children: bad, harmful habits) Let’s listen to Vlada. She has made presentation «Unhealthy food» (Прил. №4).

Устная речь. Грамматика. Косвеннаяречь. Teacher: Now, take this piece of paper. It is in front of you on the table. These are sentences you’ve made up at our previous lesson. You should change them into reported speech.

I want to buy some vegetables. Can you help me to choose useful food? Is he doing exercises at the moment? He has already been to the sports club. Don’t eat so much ice cream. Close the fridge, please. Give me my bag with fruits and vegetables. Do you read or watch TV when you eat? What activities burn calories? Juices are really good for me. Eat smaller portions. Pass me the salt, please. I always do exercises and don’t smoke or drink. Why did he put on excess weight so quickly? I will come to your birthday party. (Children change sentences one by one). Thank you.  

Работа с текстом. You have a text in front of you on the table (Прил.№5). Read it by yourselves and we’ll work with it. First of all fill the table (Прил.№6) The first group makes cluster. The second group makes cinquaine. The third group fills the table. Advantages and disadvantages of Vegetarians.   Questions: What is a vegetarian? Will they eat eggs and cheese that contain animal ingredients? Where does the word «vegetarian» come from? What are the reasons for people to be vegetarians?

Итоги урока: Teacher: Let’s sum up our today’s work. Was the lesson interesting for you? What useful things have you learnt from the lesson? Children: Interesting words: balanced diet, calories, excess weight, physical activity; Sport and regular exercises are important for us; A balanced diet is also useful for us; A correct working day is necessary too; I will never smoke. Teacher: Ok, that’s very nice of you. You have worked very hard today, learnt useful things. Give yourselves marks and write down reflection (Прил.№7). Write down your homework: 1) Make up a story about your friend’s diet.  

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