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Урок английского языка по теме "Информационные технологии"

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Открытый урок

по теме:

« Gadgets or New Technologies »

в 9 классе

Учитель английского языка

Винокурова И. А.

Открытый урок по английскому языку в 9 классе

«Компьютерные технологии»


совершенствование навыков употребления лексики, навыков говорения и аудирования.


Обучающие: активизация лексических навыков, употребление речевых оборотов и разговорных клише.

Развивающие: расширение кругозора, развитие навыков аудирования, устной речи.

Воспитательный аспект: формировать интерес учащихся к техническим новинкам, развивать способность к критическому мышлению.

Ресурсы: применение изученной лексики по теме «Технологии», модуль № 4 учебника «Spotlight 9», авторов В.Эванс, Д.Дули, О.Подоляко, презентация в PowerPoint Винокуровой И.А.

Вид урока: обобщающий.

Применяемые технологии: проектные, компьютерные, информационные.

Оборудование: медиа проектор, компьютер, компакт диск «Spotlight 9».

План урока

  1. Warming up!

  2. Students Points of view.

  3. Short Monologues.

  4. Short Discussion.

  5. Lexical test.

  6. Dialogue.

  7. Exercise 2 P.60.

  8. Listening.

  9. Discussion: positive and negative views points.

  10. Internet Slang.

  11. Conclusion.

Ход урока.

T. Good Morning boys and girls. Glad to see you. The theme of our lesson today is «Gadgets or new technologies in our life».(слайд2) You know that wonderful inventions are created in science and technologies. They are changing the lifestyle of millions of people all over the world. Modern inventions are used in everyday life and make it easier. What are gadgets? What are they for? Why does the modern man need them? This is what are we going to speak about at our lesson.

  1. But first of all let us remember the names of modern inventions that have changed our life. Look at the pictures on the screen. What modern inventions do people use?(слайд 4)

Students answers.

It goes without saying that we cannot live without computers today. Lets look at the mind map . Will you name the words related to the computers?

Сделать слайд по упр 1 стр60

Короткие ответы учеников.

T.That’s very nice. I see, boys and girls that you know a lot of words. But what gadget is the most popular among teenagers nowadays?

What is your favourite gadget?(слайд 4)

T. And yours Danil? Do you use your computer only for playing games?

T. So, I see that the most popular gadget is a personal computer. (слайд 8). The truth is that computers allow us to access the latest information really quickly. Interaction with the world is a great advantage of a computer. Large amounts of information become available through them. But sometimes we can have problems with computer. For example: (слайд 9)Ex.3,p60

1. Have a virus, lost some files etc. What are the solutions?

Please say and match the problems to the solutions.

T. Well done! And now let us listen to the dialogue between two boys who have faced the computer problems.ex.4a,p.60 (слайд 10,listening to the dialogue)And now let us complete the sentences of exercise 4b page 61(слайд 11)

T. Thank you, boys. Now open your textbooks on p.60 ex.2. Choose the correct word. Check in the wordlist. I am going to give you three minutes. Shall we get started? (читают вслух предложения с выбранным словом).

T. Now let us do the next bit.Ex.5a,p.61. Please, find words, phrases in the dialogue which mean:

1.What’s the matter? (What’s up? What is it?)

2.I will do my best. (I’ll try.)

3.What exactly is the problem? (What exactly happens?)

4.Any time. (You’re welcome.)

T. Now listen to five speakers talking about computers and match them to statements A till E. They are in ex. 9 P.61. So, fill in the table, please. (Ученики заполняют таблицу ).

T. One of the speakers said that computers could take up a lot of your time. What do you think: are teenagers completely hooked on technology today? (слайд 12).

Размышления учеников о позитивной стороне использования компьютера в повседневной жизни подростков.

T. Thank you. But on the other hand there are those who believe that technology has had a negative effect on todays

teenagers. They say that teens become antisocial. Do you agree with me?

T. Any other opinions?

Размышления учеников о негативном влиянии компьютера на подростков.

T. Yes. You are right. Some people become so dependent on computers that they don’t care about their everyday responsibilities. (слайд 13)

T. And now lets have fun. We need relaxing. When was the last time you used the Internet? I suppose it was very recently. And you probably send e-mails instead of letters. Young people today use the Internet slang, which is developing over the Internet. It can be useful and a lot of fun. Study the list of such expressions. Let us consider a few examples. (слайд 14)

Try to guess the meaning of these letters.(слайд 15)

Dear students if you want to be an up-to-date person you have to keep up with all the latest gadgets and if you want to learn about new technology or if you would like to know the best brand watch the «Gadget show» the website http:// fnd. five. Tv \gadget-show. Visit the website in the article on the page 69 ex.7. Ex.1 will help you. You are welcome to do it at home. So read the text and answer the questions ex. 2 and 3. (слайд 16)

So We are near the end now. You all get excellent marks today.

I want to say that you are brilliant. You have worked very hard. Did you like the lesson?

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