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Урок английского языка по теме "Профессия учителя" (Сингапурская методика преподавания)

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Тема урока: Профессия учителя Дата: 23.04.13

Преподаватель: Хаматгалиева Л.З.

Задачи урока:

Обучающий аспект:

- активировать употребление лексико-грамматических структур;

- формировать компетенцию речевого высказывания;

- проконтролировать и закрепить лексику по теме «Выбор профессии»

Развивающий аспект:

- развивать навыки аудирования и диалогической речи;

- развивать навыки устной и письменной речи

Воспитательный аспект:

- содействовать профориентации учащихся;

- развивать способность принимать самостоятельные решения в выборе профессии;

- учить правильной самооценке своих способностей и интересов;


Мультимедийное оборудование

Ауди, видео материал


Конц. Товары (ватман, стикер, маркеры и т. д.)




Знакомство с темой урока

Прослушивание песни о разных профессиях


Вопрос: Почему вы выбрали профессию учителя?

Контроль и закрепление лексики по теме

Mix – Pair – Share

Timed – Pair – Share




Вопрос: Что включает в себя профессия учителя?


Rally Robin

Round Robin



Создание проекта «Идеальный учитель 21 века»


Stand- N- Share

Theme: Teachers profession

Good afternoon students and guests!

You are ready for the lesson, so let’s start!

Today we go on working on one of the most essential topic “Choosing a carrier and teacher’s profession”

At first, for raising your mood, listen to the song about different professions.

(listen to the job’s song)

5 min.

We – you and me, chose the teacher’s profession, aren’t we? Let’s speak about this profession. But at the beginning I want to hold Teambuilding in our group.

Let’s do Mix- Pair – Share! Stand up, students! Go and dance

(Rhythmic music)

Pair! Ok!

And now you should tell to your partner: Why do you choose profession of teacher?

Every person have two minutes for expression his opinion. Start that student who has longer hair. So, let’s begin!

Well, your time is up. Thank you. Don’t forget to thank each other! And now make a square from 4 student. Good! Take your seats now.

5 min

The next task. You have to remember a whole vocabulary about professions which you learned and know. Let’s do AllWrite Round Robin!

There are sheets on your tables. Take it and write down one word about teachers profession. Write circle- wise one by one. Teams have 5 minutes of time for this task. Let’s start!

Your time is up. Finish your work.

Now, every team will read their words by turn and if you didn’t write some words, please add that words to your list.

Start table №3, read student 4.

10 min

You have remembered all words now and can fluently speak about teacher’s profession.

Now let’s do Round Robin

There is a text about teacher’s professions on your table

When young people choose the profession of a teacher, it is always necessary to bear in mind that teaching is a very difficult job. It implies great responsibility and a lot of activities of different kind both in class and at home. There are always a lot of copybook to be corrected plans to be written, and problems to be discussed. In fact there are no days off for a teacher: he or she is constantly occupied with thoughts about school, lessons and pupils. This is why it is often said that teacher’s job is very specific.
On the one hand a good teacher does not only give knowledge but also serves a model of behavior for his or her pupils, especially the young ones. He or she forms the pupils’ attitude to the subject. The manner in which he or she teaches mattes a lot.
On the other hand, a teacher mustn’t forget that he or she must study from the pupils. Studying is a constant process for a teacher. If one stops studying, learning smith, new every clay, both in the sphere of his or her professional interest and in people’s relations, this means that it is time to stop teaching. Otherwise, it will do no good for the teacher and the pupils.
The teacher’s task is not only to provide the pupils with information, but also to prepare them for everyday life, to make them good and responsible citizens of the society. While communication with children a teacher studies them. The teacher must know the pupils’ interest beyond the classrooms, share their concerns , and learn about their needs and abilities. He or she must be well aware of the pupils’ good and bad sides, too.
Classroom climate depends a lot of the relations between a teacher and a pupil. Mutual respect of the teacher and the pupils is necessary if one wants to create a good and fruitful atmosphere at the lessons. To achieve this, the teachers thinking should be on a higher level than that of the pupils.
It is the main aim of education to help children to live in the community and to prepare for real life situations school becomes a place for work and play, for living and learning. A teacher takes an active part in shaping a child’s character, fostering honesty, kindness and cooperation.
Teaching is a very difficult job but those who are well equipped for it will have a happy and interesting life.

You have 5 minutes for reading it and thinking. And then in the Round Robin you should answer the question: What kind of work is teaching in your opinion? Each of you have only 1 minute!

10 min

And the last task for today’s lesson will be making of project, named “An ideal teacher of 21st century”

Take a paper and markers. You have 10 minutes for creating. And at the end of your work you should present your teacher.

Start work!

Time is up! Begin table № 2! Then number 1, 3 and 4. Thank you students. It was very interesting to listen to you.

Our lesson is over for today! You worked very hard! Well done!

Let’s do the cheer firework all together! Dear guests you can join to us.


15 min

Общая информация

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