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Урок английского языка "Страноведение, Новая Зеландия"

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Form 10

The theme: New Zealand.

The aim:

Generalization of the accumulated knowledge on New Zealand, teach the pupils to deliver correctly built information about the country, to awake sympathy to the English speaking country, to its people, traditions and customs

Visual aids: New Zealand map, pictures of animals, a cinquain.

  1. Introductory words of the teacher about New Zealand, the aim of the lesson.

  2. Blackboard. Building of associated structure on the blackboard with the help of pupils.

  3. Pupils give each other questions in turn, and answer them according to the plan that is on the blackboard.

  4. Some pupils deliver information according to the topic ‘New Zealand’.

  5. Composing a cinquain. On the board the rule of composing a cinquain is.

A cinquain to the topic offered by the teacher.

  1. a country

  2. unusual exotic

  3. steams, quakes, boils

  4. country of long white clouds

  5. New Zealand

6. A game. Imagine that you are given one million dollar. You can use it to your own business. Besides you can visit New Zealand.

  1. Would you like to visit this country and why? (Pupils answer).

  2. What clothes will you take if you go to New Zealand on your winter holidays? (Pupils answer).

  1. Making conclusion of the lesson.

  2. Introductory moment to the next topic .

From geography lessons you have learnt a lot. What associations do you have when you hear the word ‘Australia’.

(Brain storm method).

Pupils begin to give their variants: Australia is a continent, a country, Pacific Ocean etc.The Teacher draws the scheme.

Thank you for the lesson.

The end.

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