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Урок английского языка "Travelling" 6 класс

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Урок английского языка по теме «Travelling», 6 класс

Цели урока: ввести новые лексические единицы, отработать их употребление в речи учащихся, развивать навыки коммуникативной компетенции, чтения, восприятия материала на слух, развивать вниманте и аналитическое мышление, формировать навыки различных видов речевой деятельности, учащихся, воспитывать уважение к мнению окружающих, к стране изучаемого языка



1.Сообщение темы и целей урока

Good morning, my dear! I am glad to see you at this lesson. I’m glad to greet you at our English lesson. I hope you are in a good mood today and you are ready for the lesson. Today we are going to speak about “Travelling.”  Modern people cannot live without traveling. Am I right? 

2.Введение в языковую атмосферу: речевая, фонетическая разминка

Listen to the poem and repeat after me. There is some advice for travelers.
If you want to be in a good mood,
You don’t go by car, you go on foot. 
If you want to have a restful trip,
You don’t go on foot, you go by ship. 
If you want to go far away, 
You don’t go by ship, you go by plane. 
If you want some close friends to gain, 
You don’t go by plane, you go by train. 
T: Is advice good for you?


  1. Актуализация опорных знаний

We travel every minute of our life: to school, to work and so on. Can you name the ways of travelling? (by sea, by plane, by car, by train…)


2. Подача нового материала. Организация тренировочных упражнений.

1) Look at the blackboard; you can see words and pictures connecting with our today’s theme. Let’s read them one by one, but pay attention on their pronunciation. Try to do the matching between words and definitions.

2) Complete the sentences using the words a travel, a journey, a voyage.

a) __ agencies are very useful: they plan our holidays.

b) My first __ from London to New York across the Atlantic was unforgettable.

c) The __ from Europe to America used to take many days.

d) Jules Verne wrote a novel about __ around the world in 80 days.

e) Our __ from Donetsk to Moscow took a long time.

f) Did you go to Paris during your __s?

g) The __ from England to Australia used to take several months.

Keys: a — travel, b — voyage, c — voyage, d — travel, e — journey, f — travels, g — voyage.

3). Look at the following list of words and say which of them would apply to the travelling

  • by plane

  • by ship

  • by train.

A dining-car, a stewardess , an airplane, seagulls, clouds, waves, a sleeper, to fly, a compartment, an illuminator, a boat, a sea, a railway station, a conductor, voyage.

3. Формирование навыков устной речевой деятельности

1) Why do you think people travel? Rate the reasons according to their importance and add your own reasons.

To my opinion people travel because …

  • They want to investigate the world.

  • They want to discover new places.

  • They travel because they want to find something different.

  • They want to develop economic relationships.

  • They travel because they want to have a break.

  • They want to meet new people and to know about their traditions.

  • They travel when they feel down or stressed out.

  • They have a sense of adventure.

  • They travel because they want to see the world.

  • They like extreme sport.

2) Answer the questions:

  • How do you prefer to travel - by air, by sea or by land - and why?

  • What is the most comfortable way of travelling?

  • What is the fastest way of travelling?

  • How do people usually travel when they go abroad? Why?

  • Do you prefer to travel with your parents or with your friends?

  • What are advantages of travelling by plane?

  • Do all people prefer travelling by plane?

  • Is it convenient to travel by car?

  • Which things can make your journey more pleasant?

  • What can spoil the impression of your journey?

4. Разминка

Look left, right

Look up, look down

Look around.

Look at your nose

Look at that rose

Close your eyes

Open, wink and smile.

Your eyes are happy again

5. Развитие навыков письменной речи


Every year a lot of people all over the world __________. It is very interesting to see ____________. They travel to enjoy_________. Many people like to travel ______. I prefer to travel by_____, because it is the______ way of travelling. I would like to visit_______.

6. Закрепление материала

1). “Is it true or lie?”

  • Travelling is very popular nowadays. (+)

  • Traveling by car is popular for pleasure. (+)

  • Travel sickness can spoil the impression of a journey(+)

  • Travelling by plane is slower than by plane, but it has its advantages. (+)

  • You can’t see the country when you take a train. (–).

  • Nobody likes to travel by car. (–)

  • Some people enjoy a sea voyage or a river trip. (+)

  • The fastest way of travelling is on foot. (–)

  • People take a train or a plane when they are travelling on business. (+)

2) Choose the correct word (a, b or c) to complete the sentences

1. I will stay__ my grandparents out in the country a. at b. in c. with

2. She is waiting for you ___ the bus stop. a. at b. on c. to

3. Have you got a ticket ___ London? a. for b. to c. at

4. She’s fond of travelling ___ train. a. on b. by c. at

5. He arrived___ Donetsk yesterday. a. in b. at c. to

6. She usually spends her holidays___ Seaside. a. on b. at c. in

7. I don’t like to travel __ foot. a. on b. At c. to

8. They have just arrived ___ the airport. a. at b. to c. in

9. They decided to go ___a journey. a. at b. On c. to

Keys 1.with, 2.at, 3 to, 4.by, 5.in, 6.at, 7.on, 8.at, 9.on.


  1. Выставление оценок

Now our lesson is over. Thank you for your active work. It was very pleasant to listen to your answers.

  1. Домашнее задание

Your home task is to tell about advantages and disadvantages of travelling by cars.

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