Инфоурок Другое КонспектыУрок английского языка в 9 классе по теме "Famous Streets"

Урок английского языка в 9 классе по теме "Famous Streets"

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Предлагаемый материал представляет собой разработку урока английского языка для IX класса по теме "Известные улицы". Данный урок составлен на основе учебника " Английский в фокусе" авторов Ю. Е. Ваулиной и В. Эванс.

Языковой и речевой материал учебника, а также структура УМК предполагают уделять на уроках внимание развитию речевой коммуникативной компетенции учащихся, продуцированию собственных высказываний. Урок раздела страноведения, как правило, творческий, что помогает в реализации воспитательного аспекта в преподавании, стимулирует использование новых информационных технологий.

Тема урока: "10 Downing Street"


· Образовательная – совершенствование лексических навыков; совершенствование навыков чтения с извлечением искомой информации; формировать умение говорения по тексту; совершенствовать умение аудирования.


· Развивающая – развитие памяти, мышления, языковой догадки, воображения; развитие кругозора учащихся; развитие   социокультурной компетенции.

· Воспитательная – развитие интереса к стране изучаемого языка; воспитание настойчивости в достижении цели, чувства ответственности, умения работать в группе.


· Практиковать учащихся в употреблении лексического материала по теме.

· Совершенствовать навыки чтения.

· Формировать умение говорения по теме.

Оборудование: учебник «Spotlight 9», рабочая тетрадь к учебнику, раздаточный материал для работы в группах, компьютер, мультимедиапроектор, экран, слайды, мультимедийные презентации.


Ход урока:


1. Organizing.

Teacher: Good morning, boys and girls! I am glad to see you. I hope you are fine today and we shall do our best working at the lesson. Sit down those who was born in October, who have done morning exercises, who have had breakfast, who like English, who is having English now. Who is on duty today? Is anybody away? Let’s start working. I’d like you to see some photos and guess what we'll do at the lesson today. Look at the screen, please. ( Учитель показывает слайды с изображением известных улиц Великобритании, Америки, России.) Now you'll listen to the texts about some streets you've just seen. What do they have in common? Ps… You are quite right. Can you guess what we’ll do at the lesson today? Ps…Yes. We are going to read, to speak about famous streets and to be more exact about 10 Downing Street.

2. Phonetic drill.

T: To make your work easier and not to make mistakes let's work with the words from the text. (Ученики работают в режиме TCl; P1P2P3; подчеркнутые слова произносят по буквам и объясняют правила чтения)

one of the most famous addresses in the world

the home of British prime ministers

very busy place

official functions

recognise the front of the building

other well – known politicians

make important announcements

had some alterations made

an ordinary terraced house from the outside

beautiful rooms with elegant décor

government ministers meet to discuss important issues

private rooms

often meets colleagues

receives important guests

 gives interviews

3. Vocabulary & Writing.

 Teacher: It would be interesting to learn what words come to your mind when you hear the words famous streets. Let's make a mindmap. (Учащиеся работают у доски. Выходят по очереди и пишут слова по-английски.) Check the spelling, please. Let's continue! 

4. Working on the text.

Teacher: I'd like you to listen to the text. Pay attention to the sounds and intonation and of course we should revise the vocabulary. (Listening & reading)

5.Teacher: I think it's time to check the words from the text and see how you know them. What is the English for?

дом британских премьер-министров

официальный приём

официальный обед

сразу узнают фасад здания

делать важные заявления

перед знаменитой черной дверью

сделал изменения в доме

обычный дом снаружи

частный дом премьер-министра

принимает важных гостей

6. Discussing the text.

 T: I’d like you to work in groups. Ask and answer the questions. (Вопросы для обсуждения даны на карточках)

1. What address in Great Britain is one of the most famous addresses  in the world?

2. It has been the home of British prime ministers since 1730, hasn’t it?

3. What kind of place is it?

4. Will people recognize the front of the building?

5. What is made in front of its big black door?

6. How does the house look like?

7. Where is the Prime Minister’s private home?

8. What does the Prime Minister do in his study?


7. Speaking.

 T: It's time to visit 10 Downing Street. I called the secretary of Prime Minister yesterday. The secretary was very kind and agreed to admit some small groups of Russian students. You will have an excursion but there is but. You have to be guides yourselves. We'll have two groups and we'll have two guides. Are you ready to go on the excursion? (Ученики проводят экскурсии, используя свои презентации)

8.Grammar. Infinitive, Infinitive Constructions.

I. Complete the sentences. Insert "to" where it is necessary.

1.     Nobody expected the ship … be so beautiful.

2.     We wouldn't like Nick … come to the party.

3.     I felt something … touch my leg.

4.     They didn't hear her … come into the classroom.

5.     The pupils were not allowed … speak loudly.

II. Put the words in the logical order.

1.     Kitty, they, at, to, a hotel, stay, expect.

2.     A pilot, father, to, want, doesn't, me, become.

3.     Tonight, Mike, late, will, us, let, back, come?

4.     Made, the, by, pupils, learn, heart, were, to, the poem.

5.     Notice, we, them, didn't, the river, swim, across.

6.     Football, the children, who, playing, watched?

III. Find the mistakes in the sentences and correct them.

1.     Let your daughter to put up her smart clothes.

2.     When I get excellent marks at school it makes me feels happy.

3.     He was made earn his living at the age of fifteen.

4.     Most of my friends are not allowed them to act as they like.

5.     We would the trade between our countries developing.

IV. Choose the correct answer.

1.     My parents always want… the washing up.

a) that I did   b) me to do  c) me  d) for me to do

         2. Our new teacher said he'd like … down everything he said.

            a) that we must write  b) us to write  c) us writing   d) us write

        3. We expected our friends… fast for a while.

a) to move   b) moved   c) will move   d) move

        4. I shall make … to the graveyard next week.

           a) they to go  b) they go   c) them go  d) them to go

        5. Her relatives will let … Spain.

           a) her to visit   b) her visiting  c) that she to visit  d) her visit

9. Quiz.

 T: Let's revise the material of the lesson. Which team is the best at it? We'll do the quiz. It's interesting to know who the winner today is.        

1. Home of British prime ministers

    Baker Street 221 B     Wall Street      10 Downing Street


2. The most famous thing of the building

    window             big black door           staircase


3. Things made in front of the big black door

announcements         exercises          mistakes


4. The house looks like

     palace      ordinary house      cottage


5. The form of the table in the Cabinet Room

     oval                round                        square


6. A street- a symbol of money and power in the USA

     Wall Street     Fleet Street               10 Downing Street


7. The most famous shopping street in the world

      Oxford Street   Piccadilly Street     Tverskay  Street


8. On the pavement outside Mann's Chinese Theatre there are

      cats & dogs      men & women          hand & footprints


10. Homework: Ex.6, p.37

11. Summing up. Reflection.

      What have we done at the lesson today? P1P2P3

T: Dear friends, I’d like to thank you for your work. You were really great! See you on Saturday.



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