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Урок английского языка в 10 классе по теме "Спорт"

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План урока английского языка

1.Мотивация к учебной деятельности (цель- выработка готовности выполнения нормативных требований учебной деятельности)

1.Good afternoon. My name is Larisa Aleksandrovna. Glad to see you. I’ll be your teacher for this lesson. How are you?

2. OK. Now look at the screen.(слайд с картинками) You can see two pictures. Answer my questions:

  • What do these pictures have in common? – Both pictures show how somebody climbing something.

  • What is the man’s purpose? – The man purpose is to have fan and relax.

  • What is the bear’s purpose? – The bear purpose is to get food.

  • Which is one is sport? – The first one.

  • Why do you think so? –

  • What we are going to talk about? – We are going to talk about sport.


2. Постановка учебной задачи (цель – подготовка мышления обучающихся, организация осознания ими потребности к построению учебных действий)

  • There are a lot of different kind of sports.

  • What are they? (уч-ся называют виды спорта)

  • And do you know these sports?

Diving – дайвинг

Wrestling – борьба

Gymnastics – гимнастика

downhill skiing – горные лыжи

swimming – плавание

water polo – водное поло

canoeing – гребля

racing – гонки

mountaineering – альпинизм

yachting – парусный спорт

As for me I go swimming.

And what about you?

What sports do you do? обучающиеся отвечают….

Why do you use verbs go\play\do? (Don’t you know?)

How do you think? What do you need to answer my question? – We need the rule.

OK. Can you tell me the purpose of our lesson? - The purpose of our lesson is to make the rule of using the verbs do/go/play with different kind of sports. And to use these rule in practice.

And I have one more purpose for you. By the end of the lesson try to answer my question:

What does sport give to you? ( вопрос написан на доске)

3. Первичное усвоение новых знаний («открытие» новых знаний) (цель –формирование умений применить новый способ действия)

Work in groups. You have a sheet of paper №1. Here you can see some sentences. Analise them and try to make the rule of using verbs play/do/go.

What is the same about the words that use play/go/do?

You have only 4 minutes.

Приложение 1


  • I hate playing water polo. – Я ненавижу играть в водное поло.

  • The old are not averse to play football. – Старые люди не прочь поиграть в футбол.

  • Playing tennis is good for you – Играть в теннис хорошо для тебя.

  • Will you play darts or badminton? – Ты будешь играть в дротики или в бадминтон?


  • Will you go skiing tomorrow at 6 o’clock? – Ты пойдешь кататься на лыжах завтра в 6 часов?

  • My heart aches for you! Don’t go swimming! – Я переживаю за тебя! Не плавай!

  • She likes going yachting when it’s hot – Ей нравится заниматься парусным спортом, когда на улице тепло.


  • All my friends do judo after work – Все мои друзья занимаются дзюдо после работы.

  • She adores doing archery, doesn’t she? – Она обожает заниматься стрельбой из лука, правда?

  • Do you do aerobics three times a week? – Ты делаешь аэробику три раза в неделю?

Are you ready? Who have an idea of using the verb play …….

One tries to win against another person or team

Will you play darts or badminton?

Who have an idea of using the verb go …….

to go + V ing

is not done professionally

Will you go skiing tomorrow at 6 o’clock?


to + V

is done professionally

Jack swims.

Who have an idea of using the verb do ……..

Is not a team sport/ more general meaning

All my friends do judo after work .

Well done. So we have the rule. And if we have the rule we can use it. Do you agree with me?

4. Первичное закрепление новых знаний с проговариванием во внешней речи (цель – усвоение учащимися нового способа действия)

На экране, дети читают вид спорта, выбирают глагол и объясняют его выбор.

Read and choose the right verb. Try to explane why do you use it.

  • Go swimming

  • Play water polo

  • Do judo

  • Go surfing

  • Do athletics

  • Play table tennis

  • Go yachting

  • Play badminton

  • Go skiing

  • Do gymnastics

Для глаз – гиперссылка

Let’s have a rest for your eyes. Follow the cat.

5. Самостоятельная работа с самопроверкой по эталону (цель- применение новых знаний в типовых заданиях, создание ситуации успеха у каждого ребенка)

I am sure you understand new rule. And the next exercise will be very easy for you.

Put the right verb to the sentences. Sheet №2

Приложение 2

  1. I hate ………play……… hockey.

  2. All my friends …do……….judo after work.

  3. Let’s……go……. yachting if you don’t mind.

  4. Do you ……do………. aerobics three times a week?

  5. Will you …play…….. darts or badminton?

  6. Will you …go…….. skiing tomorrow at 6 o’clock?

  7. She has never …play….. billiards.

  8. Don’t …go…… surfing!

  9. I …do…… athletics every day.

Let’s check. Read sentences one by one. Be attentive and check yourself.

( учащиеся читают предложения и проверяют свои)

Good work! Was it difficult for you?


6. Включение в систему знаний и повторений (цель- повторение и закрепление изученного материала, подготовка к следующим разделам курса)

And one more exercise for you. Sheet №3 Work in pairs. Read these texts and answer the questions:

1. What kind of sports each people do\play\go?

2. What does sport give to them?

Приложение № 3

  1. Jack, a handicapped basketball player – play basketball

Basketball has made me forget about my problems, I’m doing what other people are doing and it gives me a great pleasure. I’ve got a chance to acquire self-confidence as I don’t feel disabled any more. I am looking into the future with optimism.

  1. Fred, an amateur cyclist – go racing

Racing has allowed me to meet and make friends. I’ve developed a deeper appreciation of our beautiful planet. My fitness has increased, my weight has decreased. Racing has given me an increased sense of individuality.

  1. Tanya, swimmer – go swimming

For me sport means a lot. I spent my best years in sport and I have the best memories of those times. Sport is real hard. You train, train, and train. It takes all your time.

  1. Ivan, a champion in judo – do judo

Sport has become a part of my life, to be more exact, not a part, but the main concern of my whole life. My way to the top was difficult and thorny. But I don’t have any regrets. Thanks to sport my outlook on life has improved.

Ответы детей.

Well done.

And now can you answer my question: What does sport give to you?

7. Информация о домашнем задании, инструктаж по его выполнению

You are very good and clever students. I think your homework will be very easy for you.

Answer my questions?

What kind of sport do your members of family (or your friends) do, play, go?

What does sport give to them?

  • You may do it like a short composition or like a table. And send it to my


8. Рефлексия (цель- самооценка)

Какая была цель урока?

Достигли цели?

Где можете применить знания?

Оцените свою работу на уроке (слайд) светофор

I am so glad to see your cards. You are so talented and clever students.

Thank you for the lesson. Good by!

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