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Урок английского языка "В отеле"

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At the hotel


1 Warm-up

How important are the following hotel facilities and features to you? Can you think of any others?

An en-suite bathroom wireless Internet access comfortable beds Air conditioning room service a health centre warm and friendly staff cable/satellite TV

2 Hotel vocabulary

Explain the differences between the following terms:

1. A key and a keycard?

2. A lift and an elevator?

3. Checking in and checking out?

4. A bill and a receipt?

5. A double room and a twin-bedded room?

6. Full board and half board?

What are the following people responsible for in a hotel? Match the job titles with the responsibilities:

1. Receptionist a. cleaning and tidying bedrooms

2. Chambermaid b. cooking meals in the restaurant

3. Porter c. helping guests at the hotel entrance and with their luggage

4. Chef d. running the hotel

5. Waiter/waitress e. serving meals in the restaurant

6. General Manager f. welcoming and helping guests


3 Listening

Listen to five dialogues. Put the correct number next to the following dialogue topics:

Checking in: ................................................................................

Booking: ...................................................................................

Checking out: ..............................................................................

4 Booking, checking in, checking out

Listen again and complete the dialogues below:

Dialogue 1

Receptionist: Hello, Plaza Hotel. May I 1______ you?

Guest: Good morning, I’d like to 2______ a single room for two nights please.

Receptionist: When 3______, sir?

Guest: Next Monday, April 3rd.

Receptionist: Let me just 4______ ...Yes we have one single room 5______ .

Guest: Great. How much is the 6______ per night?

Receptionist: Seventy euros, sir.

Guest: OK, that’s fine.

Receptionist: Can I 7______ your name, please?

Guest: Yes, it’s Caulson. Robert Caulson. That’s C-A-U-L-S-O-N

Receptionist: OK, I’ve 8 ______that. What time will you be arriving?

Guest: Around 8pm.

Receptionist: Thank you and have a nice day.

Dialogue 2

Receptionist: Good morning sir, how may I help you?

Guest: Hello, I’ve booked a single for tonight. The name’s Caulson, C-A-U-L-S-O-N.

Receptionist: Yes, sir. Could you 9 ______in this form, please?

Dialogue 3

Receptionist: Hello, Plaza Hotel.

Guest: Hello, I’d like to book a single room for this Friday to Sunday, please.

Receptionist: I’m afraid the hotel is 10 ______booked on Saturday and Sunday. Would you like to 11 ______a room for Friday?

Dialogue 4

Receptionist: Here is your key. Your room number is 302. Just take the 12______ over there to the third floor.

Guest: Thank you. What time do I have to 13 ______out by tomorrow?

Receptionist: checkout time is 12pm.

Guest: And can you tell me what time breakfast is 14______?

Receptionist: Breakfast is served from 8 to 11am.

Dialogue 5

Guest: I’d like to checkout, please. My name is Caulson, room302. Here’s the 15______.

Receptionist: Just a moment, sir...Here’s your 16______ .

Guest: Can you tell me what this 17______ is for?

Receptionist: That’s for the drinks you ordered last night.

Guest: OK. Can I pay by credit card?

Receptionist: Yes, of course.

Guest: One more thing. I have a train to catch in a few hours. Can I 18______ my bags somewhere till then?

Receptionist: Certainly. You can leave them in the 19 ______over there.

Guest: Thank you. Goodbye.

5 Role play

Practise the following role plays using expressions from this lesson. Take turns to be receptionist and caller/guest.

Role play 1

Caller: Call a hotel to book a single room for a date of your choice. Ask about the price, give your name and time of arrival.

Receptionist: Rooms are available. Ask for the caller’s name and time of arrival.

Role play 2

Caller: Call a hotel to book a double room for a date of your choice.

Receptionist: Inform the caller that there are no available rooms.

Role play 3

Guest: Check into a hotel. Give your name, collect your key.

Receptionist: Welcome the guest. Give the guest his/her key, room number and directions to his/her room. Role play

Role play 4

Guest: Check out of a hotel. Give back your key and pay for your stay.

Receptionist: Give the guest his/her bill.

8 An idiom a day:

When It Rains, It Pours

Meaning: Something that doesn’t happen often is now happening a lot.

Example: We have not had visitors for a long time and now we have 5 visitors coming this weekend. When it rains, it pours.

9 A phrasal verb for you

Give up

Meaning: stop trying

Example: A: My maths homework was too difficult so I gave up.

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