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Урок английского языка "Великобритания"


Открытый урок « Что мы знаем о Великобритании?»

Цель урока: Развивать познавательные интересы учащихся путем привлечения страноведческого материала предложенного в презентации и улучшение усвоения учебного материала Продолжить развитие у студентов произношения, устной речи, перевода .Развить интерес к истории, традициям и нравам страны изучаемого языка. Развить стремление к изучению иностранного языка.

Ход урока:

Организационный момент

a) приветствие:Hello! Glad to see you.

b) диалог с дежурным: Who is on duty today?

Who is absent?

How many lessons today?

Основная тема урока:

Учитель: Today I don’t call the topic of our lesson. You have to guess youкselves. Now I’m reading an extract from the text.

( Учитель читает отрывок из текста) This country is an island state. It is made up of four parts. The total area is 244,000sq.km. The weather is very changeable. A fine morning can be changed into a wet afternoon. The most unpleasant aspect of weather is fog. People in this country are considered to be cold and reserved. Tere are many castles there. They are beautiful and mysterious.

Студенты должны догадаться о какой стране идет речь.

Учитель: You are right . It’ Great Britain. What’s the official name of the country?

Знакомство с презентацией: показ 1 слайда.

Учитель: Now, it’s time to watch the presentation “The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland”. Be attentive! After studying the presentation, you’ll answer my questions and then have a quiz.

I’ve said this country consists of 4 parts. What are they?

Студенты называют страны: ( England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland)

Показ 2 слайда с четырьмя странами.

Учитель: Who can tell us about the flag of Great Britain?

Студент рассказывает о флаге .The flag is called “Union Jack”. It consists of 3 crosses of patron


When the flag is up, it means the queen is at home, but if it is down the queen

is not at home.


. Let’s speak about Scotland. Name the capital, please. What can you say about the flag? What colour is

the flag? What is the national emblem?

Студент: The white diagonal cross is the cross of St. Andrew. He is the Patron Saint of Scotland. The thistle, the national emblem of Scotland, was chosen as such because it saved the country from the enemy.

Показ 3 слайда о Шотландии.

Учитель: (читает легенду о национальной эмблеме)This is what a legend says about it. In ancient times the Norsemen raided the east coast of Scotland intending to plunder it and settle in the country. The Scots took their stations behind the river Tay, the largest in Scotland .Not expecting the enemy before the next day and being weary and tired after a long march they pitched their camp and were resting. The Norsemen saw that no guards protected the camp so they crossed the river intending to take the Scots by surprise. On coming quite near they took off their shoes not to make noise. But one of the Norsemen stepped on a thistle and shrieked with pain. The alarm was given in the Scots camp and the Norsemen were put to flight. Scots, thankful for timely help, chose the thistle as their national emblem.

Учитель: Who can give short information about Scotland?

Студент: делает краткое сообщение о Шотландии.

Учитель: Now it’s Wales. What‘s about the flag and the national emblem?

Показ слайда об Уэльсе.

Учитель: Who can tell about Wales?

Студент: рассказывает об Уэльсе.

Учитель: The leek or daffodil is Welshmen’s national emblem. Welshmen all over the world celebrate (on March) St. David’s Day by wearing either leeks or daffodils. St. David is supposed to have lived for several years on bread and wild leeks, so the link between the leek and St. David is a strong one. The daffodil is also closely associated with St.David’s Day due to the belief that it flowers on that every day. It became an alternative to the leek as a Welsh emblem in the present century, because some thought the leek vulgar. The Welsh national flag is called Welsh dragon. It bears the red dragon on the white and green background.

Учитель: Northern Ireland. Please tell me about this country N.Ireland.

Студент: рассказывает о Северной Ирландии.

Показ слайда о Северной Ирландии.

Учитель: The shamrock, the national emblem of the Irish, is proudly worn on St. Patrick’s Day, March 17. It is worn in memory of Ireland’s patron saint, who when preaching the doctrine of the Trinity to the pagan Irish used the shamrock as an illustration of the mystery.

Учитель: and the last country is England. Who can tell about this country.

Студент: рассказывает об Англии.

Учитель: In the 15-th century there was a series of wars in England, which were called The Wars of the Roses. They were between the Dukes of Lancaster and the Dukes of York over who should be King. The emblem of Lancaster was the Red Rose and the emblem of York was the White Rose. The Dukes of Lancaster won, so the emblem of England is the Red rose.

Учитель: What do you imagine when you think of Great Britain?

Показ слайдов с достопримечательностями.

Учитель дает дополнительную информацию по каждой достопримечательности.

  1. You can hear the sound of Big Ben every hour in London. The clock got the name after Sir Benjamin Hall. He was a tall man, whose nickname was Big Ben.

  2. The centre of London is Trafalgar Square. There are two beautiful fountains in the square. And a monument to Admiral Nelson.

  3. The Tower was a fortress, a palace, a prison and King’s Zoo. Now it is the museum. There are always black ravens there. People believe that London will be rich while ravens live there.

  4. The House of Parliament .It consists of two chambers : the house of Lords and The house of Commons.

  5. One of the greatest English churches, ST. Paul’s Cathedral. The famous English architect Sir Christopher Wren built it in the 17th century after the Great Fire. It took him 35years.

Учитель : Do you know this educational establishments? What are they?

Студент : дает краткую информацию об университетах.

Последний слайд о школе Итон

Учитель: It is prestige private school. Many famous people studied there. It is school only for boys.

Проверочная работа на интерактивной доске.

Заключение: So, in conclusion I’d like to say you thank you very much for your working hard.

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