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  • Иностранные языки

Урок :Canada (10 класс)


The title of the lesson: Canada

Grade : 10 ‘B’

Aims : - Educational : to talk about Canada, to enlarge pupils’ knowledge about the Canada, , to find expression in any situation, to enrich vocabulary on the given theme;

-developing: to develop pupils’ memory, logical thought , to develop the abilities to speak English through group work;

-bringing up: children’s love to the language, love of country, bring up pupils’ interest and the feeling of international friendship, respect and love to foreign language.

Type of the Lesson: combined

The methods of the lesson: question-answer; group work, practical and illustrative work.

Visual aids: activeboard, map, pictures, posters.

The procedure of the lesson:

I. Organization moment.

Greeting. – Good morning!

Welcome to the lesson of the English language.

II. Brainstorming: divide these words. Use different colours.

Nouns – red.

Verbs –yellow.

Adjectives – blue.

Independent, consist, language, size, situate, state, speak, national, city, large, industry, live, main, become, beautiful, resource.

III. Presentation. Look at the active board. At first, I would like you to guess the theme of our today’s lesson.

  1. Let’s look the video . As you understood the theme of our lesson is “Canada.

We learn and revise important facts about Canada. Now let’s sing the song and I think you will be very active.

If you are ready we begging our lesson.

b) Now tell about Canada


c) Thank you very much now, I divide the class into three groups take your colors and sit down please.- I’d like to speak with you…

About Canada you hear a lot on TV, on news, about geographical position, about political systems maybe you study on your geography lesson. I hope you know this.

IV. Practice : 1.True or false and correct


2. Match the dates with the facts of Canada.

40, 330,000, 33, 1931, 2, 10,25.000

1. In the country there are ___330.000_ Indians and __25.000___ Eskimos,

who live mostly in the north.

2. Today more than _40___ per cent of the people of Canada came originally from Britain

3. The population of Canada is over __33____ million people.

4. There are ___10____ provinces and three territories in Canada

5. Canada is the ___2____ largest country in the world.

6. in ___1931___Canada became independent from Britain

V. Work with cards. Put the words in the right order

1. Canada is situated in North America and it is the second largest country in the world .

2. Ottawa is the capital of Canada and is located on the banks of the Ottawa river.

3 The red and white Canadian flag shows a leaf of the maple tree, which grows in North America.

Three students come to the blackboard , I’ll read you questions, you must answer it quickly. hello_html_m6b89626b.pnghello_html_705b877f.jpghello_html_m195307c3.jpg

VI. Relaxation “O Canada”

O Canada! Our home and native land!
True patriot love in all that sons command.
With glowing hearts we see thee rise,
The True North strong and free!
From far and wide,
O Canada! We stand on guard for thee.
God keep our land glorious and free!
O Canada! we stand on guard for thee

VI. Ratify : Read the text about the nature of Canada. Text with the pictureshello_html_4a4c46bd.pnghello_html_m7d980ae6.jpg

VII. Conclusion You are very active and clever in today’s lesson. Your home task was to prepare the posters about Canada.


VIII. Home task: be ready to write the test about «Canada»


Complete the chart.


1. is in situated

it America and Canada North is second in world the country the largest.

2. is of river Canada the on located Ottawa banks and is the of the Ottawa capital.

3 The red and white Canadian flag shows a leaf of the maple tree, which grows in North America.

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