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Урок "Crimean Tatar Culture and Traditions. Ramazan Bayram."

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Topic: Crimean Tatar Culture and Traditions. Ramazan Bayram.


1) Answer questions about time.

2) Review old vocabulary words.

3) Indentify new vocabulary words.

4) Ask each other “What is your favorite holiday”?

5) Read a text about American Easter traditions.

6) Read a text about Ukrainian Easter traditions.

7) Students will answer questions from the text.

8) Students will create Easter cards for their families.

Warm up:

1) Teacher will ask the class questions about the time: (3 mins)

1. What day is it today?

a. Today is…

2. What day was it yesterday?

a. Yesterday was…

3. What day will it be tomorrow?

a. Tomorrow will be…

4. What month is it now?

a. The month is…

5. What was last month?

a. Last month was…

6. What will be next month?

a. Next month will be…

2) What is today’s date? (2 mins)

1. Teacher will ask the class a question about the today’s date and the class will provide the answer:

Today is…

2. After the class answers the questions, the students will write the date from the black board.

3) Brainstorming Holidays (3 mins)

1. Teacher will ask students to brainstorm what certain holidays are in English.

2. Teacher will write the holidays in English on the black board. (New Year, Christmas, Easter, Ramazan Bayram, Trinity Day, Qurban Bayram, etc.)

4) Ball Toss: (5 mins)

1. PCV will throw a ball to a student and ask the question, “What is your favorite holiday?

2. Students will say, “My favorite holiday is…”.

3. After the student answer the question, the student will toss the ball to the next student and repeat the same question to that student.


1. New Vocabulary (3 mins)

1. Easter, baskets, to paint, eggs, church, ham, God, and songs.



Before class, write vocabulary words, leaving space between each letter, and cut the letters so each is separate. Be sure not to mix words, and put the letters for each word in a small plastic bag. During class, after reviewing the words, give a baggie to each student (or student pairs) and have them put the letters in order. This activity is rather time consuming and students may need to help each other.

Introduction: 24 mins

1. Text about Ramazan Bayram in Crimea

  1. Ramazan Bayram is an important religious holiday for Crimean Tatars.

  2. It is celebrated after one month lent for three days in Crimea.

  3. The first day of the Ramazan Bayram is the most important, with all members of family waking up early, and the men going to mosques for the special Bayram prayer.

  4. People visit their elders relatives first then others and friends all day.

  5. It is tradition for Crimean Tatars in this day to honor grandparents by kissing their right hand and placing it on one’s forehead while wishing them Bayram greetings.

  6. Common greeting during this holiday “Bayramnis hayirly olsun”, “Bayramnis mubarek olsun” or “May your Bayram be blessed.”

  7. Ramazan Bayram is mainly enjoyed by the kids in Crimea, as they mostly receive money as gift by every elder in the family and relatives when they visit their place.

  8. On Ramazan kids are allowed to spend their gift money as they want.

  9. Families have big dinner, enjoy sweet, spicy and flavorful delicacies like cakes, pahlava, etc.

  10. Share the joy of the Ramazan Bayram.

1) Students will read and translate the text.

2. Questions from the text (5 mins)

1) What do people make for Easter?

2) What do they cook?

3) Where do they go on Easter?

4) What do families do after church?

5) Do you like this holiday?


1. Create Easter cards (10 mins)

1. Students will create Easter cards for their families in Russian and in English.

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